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Southern region question- Is it true that Dunkin Donuts builds near a Publix?

I've heard it said that DD builds near a Publix every chance they get. It is true in my immediate area and just wondered about other states.

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Lucy_Fehr 8 Feb 3

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Where I went to college they had no Publix, but there were a couple Dunkin donuts around.


Ours is near a Lowes....go figure! While on the subject of donuts, let me address an abiding mystery: why does the coffee at Dunkins taste so different than the coffee you make at home? I like their coffee but CANNOT duplicate it! I've bought their Original Dunkin brand coffee beans , tried filtered water/tap water/spring water....pfft! But it's not just me....I've not ANYONE who's been able to duplicate their famous Dunkin taste by any means. I'm thinking MAGIC! (Lol.)


Not in Thomasville, GA. The Publix and Dunkin' Donuts are about two miles apart.


I live in an area that has several of both of these and they’re not really close to each other.


This might be a rarity, there's a Wal-Mart across the street from our Dunkin Donuts and the nearest Publix is about four or maybe five miles away.

Gohan Level 7 Feb 3, 2018

There are Dunkin Donuts in my area but no Publix.

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