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So what are you going to be for Halloween? I'm asking early because the party I'm going to Friday night is scheduled before Halloween..So your party might be early too...

By UrsiMajor8
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I'm taking off my human mask and letting my beautiful blueness shine! LOL


Wrap myself in aluminum foil and be a baked potato.

jorj Level 8 Oct 25, 2018

Sounds uncomfortable.

@Flyingsaucesir comfort is second to style!!!!


I think I'll have a nap😴


Middle-aged, atheist female in the Deep South.

KKGator Level 9 Oct 24, 2018

That all works for me - minus the red state. So sorry about the red situation.

@UrsiMajor It's all good. The more of us that show up, the more change is made. smile001.gif


A math teacher


I will be at a masked ball as a well dressed "Frankenstein" creation.

moonmaid Level 8 Oct 25, 2018

I will be dressing up in my suit, just because it will be so out of character.


Some variation of Harley Quinn

You look amazing! Love it!

@UrsiMajor thanks!


Me: Poison Ivy. My dog: Batman


A few years ago my granddaughter dressed as a "lawyer."

She told me, "Nothing is scarier than a lawyer."

Jacar Level 8 Oct 25, 2018

My favorite costume is a white trash bag with holes for the head and arms. Then I get a marker and put the words "White Trash" so far It hasn't gotten me the girls????

That reminds me of my second favorite Eminem song.: "White Trash Party.."

@UrsiMajor Maybe I should dress up as a Scientist and scare the hell out of Fundamentiast everywere!


My usual costume is as an 'old white man'. This year it will be a hospital gown. The surgeon gets to wear the mask. ?

It's good that you can laugh about it. Good luck!

@Flyingsaucesir Thanks, even better for me when others can. smile001.gif


I will be headed to Seattle to catch a flight to San Francisco for the FFRF convention. Maybe we'll see some monsters outside the convention protesting our "attack" on Christianity (this has happened).


One of the chorus from Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I love RHPS!


I was thinking of using a pillow and a thick blanket and dressing as Me In Bed.

Holysocks Level 7 Oct 24, 2018

Cheap and effective.


I think I'll be in a chocolate coma most of the evening. The Mrs usually buys about ten pounds of chocolate candy and usually about 3 kids show up. Hey, someone has to eat it!

Yogisan Level 7 Oct 24, 2018

Closest thing to a party here is being wrapped up on the couch on a rainy Saturday.

I haven't dressed up since the 90's. Perhaps next year.


I'm doing a punk rocker costume. I mean, the clothes are coming out of my everyday closet, but just in a different configuration than normal. And I'm actually going to style my mohawk. And put on makeup. So, me, only with effort.

Minta79 Level 7 Oct 26, 2018

Please post pics.


I'm a gypsy every year. I bought a gypsy skirt a few years ago just for fun and that's what I wear every Halloween.

Please post pics.

@UrsiMajor I will if I put it on in the next day or two. I wasn't planning to wear it until Halloween.


I think I will just be myself and keep my porch light off. Why not? I live here alone.

DenoPenno Level 8 Oct 24, 2018

That's what I usually do these days. I don't particularly want to encourage people to knock on my door. Especially not after dark.



That looks like an Adam Sandler movie! Love it!

@UrsiMajor 30 Rock. That's the guy from friends.

@weelittleone I caught a few episodes of 30 Rock. Love Tina Fey and Alce Baldwin.


I may dust off my Mad Hatter outfit and use it again. It was my favorite and won a prize or two.

BudFrank Level 7 Oct 27, 2018

Makes me want to put on an Alice in Wonderland costume and have a tea party.. Or watch that Tom Petty video- "Don't Come Around Here No more...."

@UrsiMajor let me know when the teaparty is. ?


I can be a cowboy in just the time it takes to get dressed. I don't put on any fake blood and there is nothing scary about my outfit except that my hat is covered in "spiders."


I don't believe in Halloween. Every day should be a party.

rmveazey Level 2 Oct 26, 2018

You know, I was waiting for the right opportunity to sneak this one in... Thanks for giving me the moment...


Stig of the dump.

Hanksie Level 5 Oct 24, 2018
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