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What's your talent(s)?

What sort of talents do you posess?

jayneonacobb 7 Feb 7

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I can find/sense living things. I can walk along a beach, stick my hand in the sand or under a rock and pull out a live animal, yesterday I was called to a home across from where I work because the old lady had seen a snake in her house, found where it got in within minutes, 20 minutes later the snake.9 years ago completed studies in animal tracking, I don't find them any more easily now, but can tell what animal left what sings behind.


I am good at carpentry,plumbing and electrical work and can repair almost anything around the house,and if parts are not available I can usually fabricate them in my workshop.I also cook pretty good.I am good at drawing profiles of people’s faces


I can sing "Love Me Tender" and you will think it is Elvis....but then my throat hurts for a day or more.


Only ‘talent’ I seem to have is rolling blunts.




Writing and editing. That's the whole list.


Photographer, trained Carpenter and hell of a cook.


I can draw a bit, write reasonably well, I'm a convincing speaker and I kill it in the gym. 🙂




Im persistant. I keep plodding on 🙂


think outside the box
earth building
artistic talent

@Donotbelieve I built a tiny cob house with a rocket stove. I felt warm there when it was -30 and everyone else was out of fuel. I built a second 800 square foot passive solar/hydronic solar heated floor. part straw bale part rammed earth. If the sun is out my windows are open as it can get to 100 degrees during the day. I like fresh air

@Donotbelieve I hope you made a stem wall. that eliminates most water issues.Be careful not to build to fast to avoid the wall slumping. BUry pieces of wood in the wall at intervals. You will be glad later that you have something to fasten a hanger to. Ask me questions and I will answer


Am I gonna be taxed? Because if I am... I got no talent of any kind whatsoever.

good play. I couldnt come up with anything

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