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Are any of you other old-timers out there having trouble keeping up with the youngsters (esp. 20-40 yr olds) on the site? First, they identify an extraordinarily large number of interesting, intriguing, and funny material or ask an excellent question. Then, just when you're getting familiar with their little picture thingy, they go and change it and I think its a totally different person.

astrochuck 6 Feb 7

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This is a hazard anytime, anywhere. The first time I heard of Drake, I thought . . . Drake's Cakes? The first time someone at my office, half my age, said "BRB," I had to look it up as soon as her back was turned. . . .

Neither of which has stopped me from discovering and enjoying the likes of Drake. Or snappy chat-friendly abbreviations (which have even an ancient heritage preceding the invention of "OK," see [] ) and emojis ([] ).


Man, you're doing better than I am. Whatever it is you're talking about, I absolutely did not notice it.


I’ll keep mine pretty constant. My horns are usually how people recognize me, hard to blend in to the crowd, and all...


Lol the "picture thingy" is called an avatar on a site like this. Where its a public forum. On a site like Facebook, it would be a profile picture. Bless old people, y'all are cute.


Wisdom ( okay, maybe not actual wisdom...more like accumulated experiences) and cunning over whippersnappers every time!


I'm not an oldtimer quite yet, but I have learned to pay more attention people's monikers more than their avatars.

@astrochuck I think it might be! Moniker, nickname, screen name...whatever anyone wants to call it. 🙂

Ps. New pictures tend to throw me off too. 😉

I like the avatar changes, even when it confuses. In offline life, we don't see people wearing the same clothes every day.


I have a couple of facebook friends who are always updating their image. I would but I'm just not creative in that way. If I had a smart phone for picture taking it would be very easy.


I tend to change my avatar a lot.

@astrochuck Idk? I thought I'd chime in. Lol.


I don't worry about keeping up with anybody these days...I'm retired.


Picture thingy, what picture thingy?


I hardly ever look at the avatars. I have enough trouble reading the text, even with the enhancement program. Then again, I'm blind as a bat.


I do not attend to age, but to the issue in the post and to the quality of thought expressed.


the picture thingy is called an avatar just fyi. The language is challenging to me. I have to look things up on Google often times. What a fast paced changing world.

It is and thank cheese us for google.


For me, it's a matter of ignoring the silly, frivolous stuff and only taking part in conversations and polls that are interesting to me. I'll sometimes be a bit of a ham just for fun, but I wouldn't worry about maintaining comprehension of every single thread... There's a lot of fluff I don't pay attention to.


No, am not in the race. Just trying to find interesting topics, and review the answers, and see what I might use.


Well my brother... I have key forum members I know in here. I follow them. Some follow me. I generally stay within my age group. I'm not fussing... I'm saying this is me. I may have a few younger members but I respect them. I haven't had an issue.

@AMGT. I am honored...... thankyou.


Nah, I do not analyze anyone for any reason, just enjoy what I read and respond if the mood strikes me. Of course, I'm no Astro-Physist and I do admire you. What is your opinion of NDT.

@astrochuck NDT ... Neil DeGrass Tyson

@jlynn37 that cracked me up. I have a background in Quality Assurance, and the first thing I thought, also when you asked about NDT was non-destructive testing. And I'm also familiar with, and very much like, Neil De Grasse Tyson.

@astrochuck I am a great admirer of NDT and enjoy his videos and talks on YouTube.


Adaptation to change is a very valuable trait - for all ages.

What if you just try going with the flow - instead of trying to "keep up".
Go at your own comfy pace !

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