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Dating "Types"

I've seen a lot of posts about people not being attractive to the people they are attracted to and vice versa.

So what is your "type" and what is the "type" you tend to attract?

Crimson67 8 Feb 7

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I got in trouble on the last one of these for saying "she has to be breathing", so I guess I will add breathing on her own . . . but that's not a total deal breaker.

oh independent types?

@btroje I spit my soda laughing.


I like redheads from Kentucky šŸ˜›

more to the point: I can't honestly say what it is that makes a woman attractive to me. it's some magical mix of personality, looks, smarts, mannerisms, her smile or laugh, the way she cries and on and on... perhaps there's no type for me, lol...very discouraging.

I think you keep saying that

I like clouds from New Mexico too. is that wrong?

@witchymom I know i do, and truthfully it's a bit of a relief. i much prefer simple. another Crush to put in the collection.

do you like hair on the redhead? she must be a perfect match and stick thin.

yes hair is preferred. not stick thin tho.


Woody Allen made this observation in "Annie Hall" in regard to dating (quoting an old, old joke attributed to Groucho Marx): "I would never want to belong to any club that would have someone like me for a member."

Groucho is awesome, plus I share his birthday, while my ex shares Woody Allen's birthday. Hmmmm i think i need a beer to contemplate what that means


I have but 4 conditions for a relationship. She lives close to me so we can at least meet, She is attractive, She is desirable, She is willing.
None of these conditions apply for friendship.


I literally couldn't declare a "type" if I wanted to: I'm just not built that way.

Tall, short, thick, thin, cowboy, gamer, preppy, hippy, redneck... None of that factors into what I appreciate about a person.

I have to get to know someone pretty well before I know if they're my "type."

I think I attract all "types", but I'm really not sure. I've rarely been approached.

None of what I typed was a "type", they were conditions.


Does he make me laugh, and laugh at my jokes? Does he like to dance? Like Karaoke a plus but not mandatory. Oh, and breathing...must breath regularly!


On the physical side, my conscious answer would be a woman who's shorter than me (I'm 6'1" so not much of a thing) like 5'2" to 6' but generally the shorter the more I'll notice. I have a thing for pale skin. And last, and I'm curious if anyone else notices this or feels this way, the sound of a woman's voice. I can't even really quantify it, some voices I find distracting and some I find mesmerizing. That said, I've been attracted to many women who meet none of these criteria. Which leads to another point. I've been very attracted to a woman and as I've gotten to know her it just evaporates. And the opposite is true, I've been around a woman who I wasn't particularly attracted to and as I got to know her it changed drastically. As far as the type I attract I have no fucking idea. I put the "o" in oblivious on this point. Almost every woman I've been with they've, in some fashion, clearly communicated that they were interested in me. It's not that I don't put myself out there, I'm pretty confident, I have (most) of my shit together but I don't seem to ask the right women. I've said this in other threads but I'm grateful for the fact that there's no accounting for taste. I recently had a flattering shock when a lovely young woman (to young, twentysix) that I've known for a couple of years flat out said to me that she was curious what it would be like to be with me. If I believed in god I'd thank him for creating women who behave intentionally.
I'll add I love a nerdy girl. Glasses, and tattoos are a plus. I have two tickets to see the Suicide Girls: Blackheart Burlesque next month. I'm still looking for someone to go with šŸ™‚


Tend to attract? Good question.

Attracted too? Female, mature, intelligent, sensual, single


I don't think I have a "type" other than someone I've started speaking with and we make a connection such as similar interests or experiences, etc.


I don't have a type.
I've dated all.
I don't care if she is white, black, Asian, Hispanic, Latina, Indian, etc. Hell, I would date an Inuit. Makes no difference to me.
Sizewise doesn't matter if she's big, skinny, short or tall.

My only catch is intelligence.
If she can't hold a conversation, that's a problem.
I don't expect genius levels of intelligence. I just expect her to hold her own and be willing to learn new stuff.

Soooo... I guess you could say that my "type" is smart.


I am a bit shy and also very careful about not making a woman feel uncomfortable, so women I have been with have approached me. I could say the type of woman I am attracted to is one that is attracted to me? My preference is generally long hair, I have found sex is best with women 5-8 to 5-10, yet the very best is only 5-2.
At 6tft2 I would have said shorter than me but have one friend who ticks all the boxes, never married, no kids, wealthy, healthy libido and extremely healthy (turns out we are both on a medical research data base of people who don't get sick). but totally nuts, one hell of a stalker and is 6ft 6.

The type of women I attract, single mums, usually with violent ex partners and troubled children. of course I don't know about this at the beginning, but the pattern is so strong. A couple of weekends a month there will be a bunch of kids here, all get on great, stay in close contact common interests. The one thing in common is I have dated their mums at some point which really makes for weird conversations. I tend to lose the women but somehow end up with their kids.


Hmmm. Well, my "type" tends to show it in his eyes. They're intelligent, mischievous, paying attention, ready to laugh, respectful, thinking. And not narcissistic, which these days seems to be more and more rare for Group 6. Physical looks aren't what get me in the long run. I can moon over Colin Firth and Sam Heughen all I like, but that doesn't get me anywhere in real life.


The sexiest woman I ever met was at a Highland Games. She was in a kilt and knee stockings with a tartan cuff, garters, and a small knife in the cuff.

I carry a pocket knife! It is about 2.5 inches long. It saves wear and tear on the manicure.


I tend to attract the man-organ haters. Just being honest. And more honesty: there isn't much man-organ to hate. Keep them laughing I'd say (shrugs).


When I was first divorced I stated I would date ANY male šŸ™‚ After a few dates I realized good hygiene would be nice...then I realized it would be nice it they had an income... healthy would really help.... My standards now also include intelligent, compassionate and have a sense of humor. While I have been willing to date any physical type there definitely has been very specific male types that are or not attracted to me. I am 5', normal weight, blonde...have a good middle class income....own my own home. I have never been approached by a tall fellow, a large fellow, a wealthy fellow and very few outside my ethnicity...even though I have been part of their social circles.


My type is intelligent and open minded. Far and away the most attractive traits. After that is a kind heart and warped sense of humor. Physically, I prefer a rounder figure with some padding but not obese. Soft natural features and not afraid to show her age.


If you read my Bio here , you'll see that I like women of all color , age , & size . Just please be Atheist , & available . This place is such a wellspring of such potentials ! I'm on here everyday , all day !

Dougy Level 7 Feb 8, 2018

It depends what mood I'm in. šŸ˜›


I like what I like really across colour, race and origin.

and age within reason too


Iā€™m partial to auburn/red hair women from Kentucky that have a nice smile. šŸ™‚

balou Level 8 Feb 7, 2018

I don't have a type, and I've dated many different types. I care about who they are and whether their demons play well with mine. They do need to be close to Omaha.


I have gone out with almost every ethnic group, body type, hair type (bald, short, long, blonde, red and brunette women). Height range from 4'11"' to 5'10" being the tallest. So I don't have a physical type. I think I just have to enjoy their company. I said in another post, laughter first, communication second. And someone responded how do I have laughter without communication. I generally meet people in non-one-on-one environments, so I can find them delightful without yet having any meaningful communication.


I'm attracted to nerdy, creative guys and a sardonic sense of humor is a big plus. I attract older men(in their 60s usually) and guys who are completely inappropriate for me.


I get along best with women that don't like women.


Interesting post and comments! I don't specifically lean towards fit and lean men. I like the average looking gentleman. A few pounds will not turn me off. I tend to think that witty, analytical, brainy men, are sexy; especially if they enjoy good banter. Although I tend to attract intelligent men, they tend to lack the ability to hold my interest if they are not science minded. To me a good date should end with a telescope aimed at the nearest star or planet or a breathtaking sunset that takes both our breaths away. If a man can talk to me about the three types of rocks and even identify a few and then discuss why global warming is impacting the shores of the Pacific coast, then he might be able to hold my interest.

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