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Your favorite music CD

If you were on a deserted island and can only have one CD with you, what would it be? ( assume you have a CD player with a speaker and batteries that never die LOL)

Stilltrying1964 7 Nov 14

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I would have to choose my favorite album of all time:


Ozzy Osbourne... Bark At The Moon


Institute - Distort Yourself

GwenC Level 7 Nov 14, 2018

I wouldn't bring a CD, I would bring my guitar.
Then I could hear anything I want.


First on my list would have to be the album "Help Yourself" by Julian Lennon.


Are you sitting comfortably - Moody Blues


Anderson .Paak - Malibu (for a nice beachy vibe)

Fav tracks:
Heart Dont Stand a Chance
Put me through
Room in here
Silicon valley

I listened for a few! Never heard of him before but it's smooth!

@Stilltrying1964 yeah silky! Check out his tiny desk concert on youtube too hes one of the suavest cats alive. Plays drums solid as a rock with a pimpin suit and a cheshire grin on while rappin and singin hes the man.

@Wurlitzer that's how I feel about Donald Fagen! Everything he does is gold! Never wrote a bad song in 40 years!


Lyle Lovett ---Release Me


Toughie. A few come to mind:
-- Appetite For Destruction (GnR)
-- Southern Harmony & Musical Companion (Black Crowes)
-- The Wall (Pink Floyd)
-- Led Zeppelin II (Led Zeppelin)


It would have to be one that I burned from a playlist, since those are the only CDs I've ever used in over a decade.


Ride the Lighting by Metallica. The songs within just seem to connect with my spirt.


The wall-Pink Floyd

Yanya Level 7 Nov 14, 2018

Well, I prefer the old vinyl records. All my Black Sabbath, Nightfall of Candlemass, Fly By Night of Rush, Under Jolly Roger of Running Wild... The list is huge!!! CD'S, Murder Ballads of Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds, Tales of the sands of Myrath (a fantastic Prog Metal band from Tunisia), Mob Rules of Black Sabbath... I better stop, the list would be like gigantic.


Just one?

Greatest Hits - Earth, Wind & Fire

Hysteria - Def Leppard

Best of Sade - Sade

1989 - Taylor Swift

Have you heard Ryan Adams' cover of 1989? He did the whole album and its fantastic:

Tried to link the whole album but playlist links don't work but theres a gem for ya jem 🙂

@Wurlitzer thanks a lot for sharing this 🙂 I was not aware of Ryan Adams' cover of the entire 1989 album before. I'm quite enjoying it to be honest. Cheers 🙂

I like all of these. I would only exchange with Taylor Swift's Red album.

Listening to Sade makes me swoon! Her voice is smoking hot. Her music was made to share special time with that special someone. 😉

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