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Good, Good very Good. He is running out of moron followers and pretty soon many posts will remain empty. Increased pressure to fill them (and grow up) may send him into a massive heart attack or stroke (or hopefully, both).
For a sane person, like Obama, the job was very taxing. Imagine what it's like for a sub-monkey like tRump??

He doesn't work and he doesnt care. I don't think he will stroke out.

@Remowill These people eventually snap. He has already had some bizarre moments.


He should be cranky he has an immigrant making major decisions in the White House now ! Too late to close the border.


I agree with Amanda Marcotte, that journalists need to bite the bullet and boycott White House Press briefings until Trump and Huckabee either 1) learn some respect and treat others with dignity or 2) leave the White House forever. All Huckabee does is bait them and lie, so those briefings actually have little informational value to them anymore! Thanks hippie chick for turning me on to Amanda Marcotte!

@Gurahl how about if we take the "liberal" out of the phrase, and just acknowledge it as media? You know, that time honored 4th branch that keeps the govt accountable?

@Gurahl Well, Mr Gurahl (who doesn't have the stones to show your own face - and its ironic you post the picture you do, because you maybe need to have your eyes pinned open and forced to watch for hours on end the bullshit that your hero Crump has perpetrated on the American people and the world - but I digress) the benefit would be that the yard troll whom Crump has delivering his bullshit rhetoric would basically be out of a job. Another benefit would be the message sent to the Whitehouse that we don't believe a goddamn word the yard troll says, so just don't bother to try and pull the wool over our eyes, as it is clearly covering yours. I could go on and on, but I have to eat lunch now, and when you put your own picture up, and have some balls, I will continue conversing with you. Good day sir.

@Gurahl Ok Mr no-balls Garahl, I'll bite! Clearly the conservative media, who are in lockstep with President Crump, would not boycott it! But that's only because they have their heads buried just as deeply up their ass as Crump does! Does that answer your question Mister no balls? Like the good Amanda says the Republican party is no more now than a cult, to which you are obviously a member! So congratulations mr. No balls, you are a member of a cult! Now kindly fuck off!

@Gurahl what part of Fuck Off did you not understand?


He just now figured out how poorly the midterms went for the GOP. Sincerely. Im kind of impressed he caught on that quick.


Just like the spoiled childish brat he is, if he doesn't like something, he gets mad at it and throws a tantrum. Someone at the WH should give him a binky and a balloon.

I would have suggested spanking, but the existing data suggests he will enjoy it.


As screwed up as the last two years have been, I am deeply afraid it's going to get worse. As the comic Calvin and Hobbes said: 'That's the amazing thing about life. It's never so bad that it can't get worse '.

I saw a comment on DailyKos that bothers me. They speculated that someone might suggest a deal to the 'great dealmaker' -- that he resign in exchange for immunity from investigation and prosecution. And of course Pence would pardon him.
I'm afraid that the congressional powers could get so excited about the prospect of getting him off the seat before he drops another one that they might take that sort of deal.
Not only would that make my sense of justice go a few paces past outrage but that would also leave us with president Pence.

No matter how it goes, it's going to be a rough few years.

Well if he resigns , which I believe he will, he still faces the same charges in NY. Remember Mueller sent all case related matter to the Southern district of NY,
He may be pardoned for Federal stuff but his money laundering and mob association will not go away. And the nation hates this scum very much, NO way he will get away. Also mentioned is that he will have to forfeit all his property to pay for the back taxes he owes on the illegal russian and Saudi money. And I do think Pence will resign also , He is deeply in bed with godly shithead.


He's pissed because now he sees a balance that makes it all up hill for him and Mueller is closing in. He will find it hard to lie out of this for those around him or himself. I'm sure he was mulling over all this when he refused to go to the ceremony in France. He tried his normal tactics but Macron set him straight.


I predict a bombshell is on its way as Mueller gets closer to releasing his Russia findings. President Plump is about to implode and what will be left is a black hole where his ego once was.


Yeah, he's always pissed. Poor widdle spoiled rotten brat.


Good maybe he'll do something stupid and be removed from office


Hooray! If it is a real emotion. Maybe he'll do something crazy!


even tempered Pissed all the time

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