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Reasons for attending church or mass

I’ve always suspected most of the religious attend church or mass more because of tradition than because they are true believers.
Do you believe the religious attend church or mass more becaus it’s the traditional thing to do or because they truly believe the religious nonsense?

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Trajan61 8 Feb 9

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Where i live in sheltered accommodation A lot of people go to church and mass as something to do - a reason to get out of the house and socialise with someone who they know from outside here. Its only my thinking but the familiarity of it must seem comfortable - When I am with old friends we slip into old ways of being and its comfortable, all the edges are known.

They are pretty few but there’s a few church goers who are fanatics especially the preachers as they will often spend a lot of time trying to get you come forward so they can save your soul. When I used to go to church I’d get pretty pissed of with some of those long winded Baptist ministers.


As a child, I attended because I was threatened with bodily harm.

Good reason for going!


The pole is missing a voting category. Because of the Social interactions.


Probably because it is a force of habit they got from being brought to church by their parents (at least for the majority).

Some are zealous devout believers however I think that indoctrinated habits are harder to break than zealous worship.

I’ve had some very religious friends who would force a woman to bear the child of a rapist in the name of religion. Also they refuse to change diapers or do housework because it’s womens work according to them and they say it’s in the bible that women should be Obedient to the men. Guess that’s where the words love honour and obey came from in a lot of the wedding vows. Hell my wife made the minister take those words out of our vows and replace them with the words “love honour and cherish”.

@Trajan61 Wow. I'm still young and I've only lived in 2 countries so far so I haven't seen many things like this. But I expected they would happen somewhere in the world.

I actually have a sad story I heard from a friend of my fathers.
They used to go to school with this guy (I forgot his name so I'll just say Neil) when he was a kid. Neil grew up, worked hard and paid his way through a university education. He went to Spain for a year to work and met a woman he fell in love with. They moved to the UK and had 2 kids. Neil was now working hard 5 days a week and when he came home he would cook dinner, do the laundry, clean the house on weekends and read stories to his kids. His wife just sat around the house all day drinking. As a result of this excessive workload, Neil died at the age of 42 and all his money went to his wife. She literally just drank it away and left the kids with her husbands parents.

I also know a close friend of mine who's mother did a similar thing but his dad is still working full time in a foreign country to pay for his kids university fees.

I'm not sexist, I just haven't seen or heard many bad things about husbands being abusive or dishonest. Mainly because my friends were raised by good parents I guess.

I do understand that there are bad husbands and bad wives in many relationships.


I would attend only to find a girlfriend. A lot of church girls are hot.

A good reason for going. There are more women than men in church so that makes it even better.

What if you got a religious zealot for a girlfriend? Would that be acceptable?

Gotta be honest, that's the same reason my friend gave me to go join the christian union. Because most girls at uni just go drinking and partying every weekend, I literally can't keep up with them. I'd much rather sit down, listen to music and someone reading stories out of a book.

That actually did happen to me. So it's a hit and miss with that one I guess. @Trajan61


I just wanted to say I went with my aunts and they are pretty up there in age- it didn't cost me anything to give them a good memory- my aunt cathy pulled me aside and said this was the day my unkle John passed a few years ago- so I looked at her as she had tears in her eyes and said this is for him to- it doesn't cost me anything if I do it once in awhile- as long as im not doing it every time lol


Brain damage.

Gohan Level 7 Feb 10, 2018

Unquestioning compliance to authority. I'm always amazed by how many people never realize that their parents didn't have a clue and were just pulling things outta their asses to get'em to shut up.


the singing , the camaraderie and the support are valuable attractions provided by the temples. if only we had an alternative to cold hard governance ?


BTW, good question!


I still go to church sometimes with my Catholic parents, and I think the key difference in the perception of church is the element of faith. Just about everything preached during a service hinges on a belief in god. To me as an atheist, there is no other reason to go but to appease my parents, as they's ostracise me if they thought I was "negatively" influencing their children with atheism.

However, I think that element of faith opens the believer to rushes of dopamine. I remember feeling that way when I was a kid. The music gave me goosebumps as it swelled, and the pastor's homilies would put me in awe of the supposed unbound love that god had for me.

The music can still have an effect on me, much of it was "inspired", tho not by a god, by sheer talent. & if you get one of those big organs going the bass line can get you physically.


mix of both, i have gone to midnight mass because of the show and incense

I've tried the incense, didn't like the "buzz"! LOL

@phxbillcee you don't snort it you just enjoy the wafting ambience

I know, but unlike Bill Clinton, I "inhaled"!!!


Now, I may be wrong, & the numbers may go the other way, but I think for many church attendance is more tradition, habit & a social event, not necessarily a whole-hearted involvement. Too many people know that too much of their holy-books is just myth, so I think "true" belief is the exception rather than the rule. That being said, even the "closet doubters" may vote along religious lines for many reasons, protective coloration being one of them.

I’ve known a few true believers who were so radical they wanted to force a woman to have the child of a rapist in the name of religion! Also they also said that according to the bible women were supposed to obey men! When I told my wife I’d go to church with her if she’d just obey me like it says in the bible she didn’t take me up on it.


I believe that most modern "Christians" attend church events as a form of social experience. They want to see and be seen. It's a part of their social identity that they want to cultivate. They want to be surrounded by people whose behavior they find predictable, and want to avoid people that are different. I think that most religious people are caught up in a social system.


Not part of that clan so... how would I know?


Because I love to make fun of gullible people.


It really doesn't matter what I believe, they do what they do for the reasons they do it and only they know what that reason is. I think that pretty much applies to everyone.

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