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Would you consider having sex with a bearded man?

One mostly for the ladies.
Thoughts on beards? Like? Hate? Don't care?
I was out of home at 16, so a beard was easier to manage than shaving daily. I grew it again at 21 as my ex liked them. Each year, over the Easter break I would grow it and take it off on September 1st. Then when my son was born, I didn't shave for about 5 years, very long beard. I took it off one day and kids cried, so I grew it back for a few more. Finally it went white, so took it off until 2 years ago when my hair was turning grey. Then I entered into a contract not to get a haircut or beard trim for 6 months and the beard has stayed ever since. Most ladies I know prefer clean shaven, they tell me so, yet none have given me an ultimatum, just stated their preference. I am not much into kissing, so the beard helps there also, though I have had complaints about beard rash on other occasions. So generally ladies, if you don't mind, is a beard a deal breaker?

Rugglesby 8 Feb 9

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Depends on the man, and the beard.
Unless both are disgusting, I don't see the problem.

What if just one or the other is disgusting? πŸ˜›

@resserts Even one disgusting is enough to say "no, thank you".


I'd do me.

JimG Level 8 Feb 9, 2018

That's a good place to start.


@Rugglesby What is PML?

@Bluewave PML = pissing myself laughing, ROFPML = rolling on floor pissing muself laughing

That's a much better way of saying what I was thinking... "I do myself every night and I haven't had any problems with me having a beard"... TMI lol!


I've dated two guys who had beards; I liked them! I'm not particularly attracted to men who have super long or ill-kept beards, but I do like them in general.

And, on the topic of facial hair . . . I LOVE goatees for the most part; however, for some reason, I don't care at all for mustaches.

Pssh! My super-long beard is offended. πŸ˜‰

Aw, I almost β€œqualified” long by saying ZZ Top long! Is it THAT long? πŸ˜‰ @resserts

@orange_girl Well, my beard is between 10 and 15 inches (but 15 inches only if I pull the hair straight down, as it has a curly nature otherwise) measured from the tip of my chin. I don't think that's quite as long as ZZ Top's beards, but it must be getting close. This is about as long as my beard grows, though.

@resserts My deep tissue massage guy has a long beard and it suits him. I can't imagine what he'd look like without it. I think yours suits your face. πŸ™‚

I have always said that if I had been born a man, I'd probably have a beard!


Beards I think are different for everyone. I personally love them. I love seeing how guys adapt them to fit their needs or personalities and it's much like how us women do our hair. Some are more picky about how they do their beards and some don't care. I personally find that I do like them.


I don't mind a beard if it's clean, but probably wouldn't want to have sex with someone who's not much into kissing. A good kisser is one of my favorite things. Different strokes....

yeah, I never thought about kissing one way or another until I met a couple of ladies over the years who are obsessed. Kissing would drive them nuts, but it became a bit of a demand. A few ladies more recently are not into it either, makes me wonder re the beard.


like the beards

Cool. I have one!!!!

@Gatovicolo in a box or on your face (slaps self for being smart ass)

Would you like to find out?????@btroje

I call it a thigh tickler.


My wife preferred a beard over the four pm shadow. Said it was nice and soft, and didn't cause a rash. Have had a beard for more than 45 years, and several kids have never seen me without. Safe to say, will probably keep it. Won't try to speak for any other women.


Probably not, but I am flattered and I do appreciate you asking.

You sic 'em!

@AnneWimsey I hope he is OK and not let down or feeling less adorable...

@Dick_Martin oh, send him some flowers & chocolates, he'll be fine........


Don't be skeared. It's just a beard.


Personally, I really dig beards. I'm quite pleased with the hipster trend that has guys not shaving. πŸ™‚

Beards are cool, but those dudes are funny. When did 1890 come back in style?

The hipsters really annoyed me with their ironic affinity for beards, because it was shortly after I grew out my beard so it looked like I was following the trend. But I kept it anyway, hipsters be damned! πŸ™‚

@NothinnXpreVails shhhhhh. Don't ruin this for me.

@NothinnXpreVails dude, the 1890s have NEVER gone out of style! It just took a while for people to come back around to their senses

Hahahahaha @DobbinPitch

I too find myself annoyed by the hipsters. I've been wearing this moustache since before many of them were born, and sometimes I get called a hipster.


I prefer men with facial hair.


Actually, no. I’m interested in women only.

Would you consider having sex with a bearded woman?

Sure, as soon as she shaves. @DJVJ311


I like the look of some beards. It just really depends. I really like neat beards but I've seen a few wild ones that looked pretty good too.

I've never had sex with a bearded man (only mustaches) but I never say never and will usually try anything at least once. πŸ™‚

@Rugglesby This might worry me a little.... hehehe πŸ™‚


a hair in the soup/noodles?


I like beards, I like clean shaven. I like hair, but bald happens. I think people should do with their hair what they want to. I'm more interested in what kind of heart and brain is behind the beard or lack thereof. The caveat being cleanliness!! Sloppy is no good.

Bugger, thought I was doing well, I have a brain, and an unusual heart, almost twice the size of what my body needs, so I guess like me, it tends to be lazy, it doesn't need to work hard to meet my needs. But, I am a slob. Though I agree, the person is in the mind.


I was married to two men who had beards. My late significant other had a seasonal beard. I've dated guys with and without facial hair. It's definitely not a deal breaker. I do like them neatly trimmed.


I super hate neck beards and the duck dynasty trend. What on earth started it, even our lawn nazi neighbor is sporting one. The fact he has one makes me wonder if it isn't connected to red pill /anti fem/MRA mentality, a kind of "fuck you", or even a "I dare you to grow your bush 70's style to match".

Idk, it reminds me of the time I had super long hair and accidentally got Kozy Kitten cat food in it one morning leaving me wondering what the bad smell was all day long.

/a guy would have to love every single thing about me for it to be ok, then maybe

Short trimmed beards another story.


I have had sex with men with beards, and I even married one...I kind of like them unless they're way overgrown πŸ™‚


Not a deal breaker but I'm not fond of beard rash.


No, nor with a shaved one!

yeah same actually, some of my friends would say, "never say never" but is is NEVER.

I’m with you, I don’t want to have sex with either.


Sexy comes in all shapes and sizes. It's what's on the inside, that's where it comes from. But you have to be clean and brush your teeth daily, that's where I have to draw the line.


I like a well trimmed beard and mustatch, not the long out of conrol ones, usually only need trimming once a week to stay nice and smooth and full looking , men that have a weak chin and thin upper lip to me always look better with a short well trimmed beard and statch.


I love beards, or no beards. Not hung up on people's choices in this area.

ParkS Level 4 Feb 12, 2018

The only thing I really find a turn-off is scratchy stubble. The kind that goes hand in hand with a day or two of not shaving. Kissing that for any length of time starts to make my lips sore.

An established beard isn't remotely scratchy, in my experience. I quite like a sensible one. Full-on ZZ Top would be a deal breaker though.


Beards certainly aren't show stoppers, neatly trimmed being better than scraggly, but clean shaven is my personal preference.


Bearded since I could grow one, helps to fill out my thin face.
My beard is soft as a kitten's fur. (Not my words, but an ex-lover).

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