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The tax dodging mentioned in this article is a family trick. Fred Trump sold DT property undervalued as well, so yes, like father like son.


I think the NY state Attorney General was investigating the Trump Foundation and let’s not forget his broken promises to donate to various veterans organizations. When Bill Maher refers to them as a “crime family” he’s not exaggerating.

I think (and hope) that the various state courts will get what they need to prosecute tRump and his kids for some of the illegal stuff they've gotten away with for years. I don't think Mueller's findings are going to do the trick - too much wiggle room - but like I always say. ...they got Al Capone on tax here's hoping!!


I am shocked and appalled. Not.


Was this ever resolved? It is from July 2017

They filed it under Donnie's tax records.


So, what else is new?


This is old news.

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