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Do your socks match? Always?

CallMeDave 8 Feb 9

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Reminds me of an old joke: A friend told me that my socks didn't match. I told him I that I have another pair just like them at home.



I only wear white work socks and black socks, hard to mismatch, but I did it one time after a hard overnight party.


Yes. Anything else is completely unacceptable to my OCD.


Just as a stopped clock shows the correct time twice a day, occasionally my socks must match. I have lots of pairs of socks, all of them black, I never check if they match when selecting them, so different textures, shape etc, but .... who would notice? Besides, I only wear shoes at work.

Good God, man! Aren't the chairs hard on your backside? "I only wear shoes at work." I know if I did that it'd make the adults feel all awkward and I am pretty sure it'd make the children cry.

I’ve got to have matching textures, but yeah, they’re all black

@Dick_Martin You got me, best come back I have had in some time, made me laugh out loud. I live at the beach and spend a lot of time in the water, tourists keep thinking I am Migaloo.

My feet, and therefore, my brain, would feel the different texture or weight and it would drive me BONKERS!!


no but they are clean


My socks always match. It is easy when you only wear soid green boot socks.


Racket-ball, I use to wear different color socks to screw with my opponent.

cava Level 7 Feb 9, 2018

Only because I'm poor and buy the cheap jumbo pack every time I need them. Though, I'm a simple person, not sure I'd buy anything else even if I had money.


I rarely wear socks. I wear closed toed sandals when outside and house slippers inside.


I am not even sure if i have any money says, if I do, they don't match!


99% yes. I have that two pairs which both have lost their partners, so I wear those two left overs together.

But I wear only ankle socks, so no one can tell one or another - until I take off my shoes.


What are socks?


Always! They even need to be the same wear and tear.

I agree!


Nope! Lol


Rarely. My life is complicated enough to worry about matching socks.


I have several that are in need of darning most are solid red so are hard to miss match I have kids being a single dad and tending to the kids I can tell you that their socks almost never match. Who has time so sort through socks when there are so many more important things to mind to.


<<<<< This girl never wears socks. They don't go with my flipflops 😉 And stockings go with high heels

Sacha Level 7 Feb 10, 2018

Yes. And funky or colorful knee-highs are my favorites to wear with long pants of any kind.

My daughter prefers unmatched socks.


Always. I'm slightly obsessive about certain things like that. To this day, my underwear gets folded after laundering the same way they made us do it in boot camp 50 years ago.

And when you make your bed, you have the nice 45 degree angle fold at the foot of the bed, right? What about your belt buckle? Center of the buckle on the snap/button, or the edge of the belt buckle on the snap/button?

@BlueWave the bed, not that tight. But, if I'm wearing a sportshirt, the button placket on the shirt and the zipper placket on the pants, and my buckle all need to align. Fortunately, I usually wear Tshirts.


My socks always match. They’re all black, every one. Now then, do they always match the brand and style? Yes. I have to treat my feet equally. Poor guys. Life’s hard on them, I can’t make one jealous of the other for the better, or just different feeling, sock.


They always match when I buy them, after that all bets are off & idc. 3😀

be free


Mostly. I tend to buy black socks so even if they don't they're close.

I have went out the door with mismatched running shoes though.


God like monsters often make a matching sock disappear. Is my only explanation


The only useful thing my first boss ever taught me (other than the warning signs of someone who doesn't know how to run a business): Buy lots of pairs of identical socks, then you'll never struggle to find a pair.

It works pretty well with white socks. Darker colours will fade depending on how many times they've been washed, and can end up colour mismatched over time. But broadly speaking, it's a good strategy.

I think I've worn odd socks once in the last 5 years. I wasn't going anywhere other than out to the car, and two white sports socks, but with different logos, were all I had to hand.

My son (about to turn 13) has worn odd socks for years. As long as he's got a sock on each foot, he's happy.


Yes, and yes.


yes, i bought all identical black socks so they always match and it doesn't even matter if I through one away.

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