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Open minded?

Discussion time...
What does it mean to you to be “Open minded?”

This question was asked in a FB group that I am in... my response is below...

Do you agree, disagree, have something to add or to take away? Or do you have another perspective, concept?

“To me... it means to not pass judgment or come to a conclusion; without understanding all angles & possibilities first. To give something a fresh perspective of freethinking, that might in the short term & long term be rewarding &/or enjoyable to myself & others.”

By WeaZ7
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I hate this term. Yet another on my list of intellectual buzzwords (logical, rational, nuanced) of which is almost universally misunderstood when used as a label. In a nutshell, these things are demonstrated only in practice, PERIOD. A few would NEVER use such terms as a label because they know it's not true, and everyone else doesn't know what the hell they are talking about.

Open minded. Its one of those terms which has a differing definition depending on who you ask.
For me, my interpretation of the term could be labeled open ended skeptism. The big question marks in life (god, prayers, etc) get a simple "I don't know". It starts off with "that does seem an asinine proposition", but since it can't be concluded to my satisfactory, the problem remains open ended and I move on.

This is in stark contrast to what "open minded" tends to mean in the wild. One is almost always starting at a conclusion, and fitting the "evidence" they accept around this endpoint. A problem of particular potency today with the mass inability to discern intellect from charisma in the online realm. It just takes one knowledge ignorant camera friendly jackass on YouTube painting a narrative under the guise of "asking questions" to hook people in. A disease that infects the mind far beyond the often benign topics of which they originate (conspiracy theories generally). If you question the official 9/11 story, what's to stop you from questioning climate science?

This term, at best, is annoying. At worst, it's part of the disease that is slowly rotting away all we have been conditioned to take for granted.

Mb_Man Level 6 Dec 18, 2018

"To always remain willing to reevaluate what you believe, no matter how certain you feel about it."

MLinoge Level 7 Dec 18, 2018

The ability to entertain an opposing viewpoint.


If you're referring to arts/entertainment I agree whole-heartedly. For any other venue, I have the knee jerk reaction of 'just what is it you're trying to sell?'. Most other times I've encountered this or a similar statement it's being used as a defense after facts contradicting an assertion are presented.


It should express a willingness to discuss the idea.

JanGarber Level 7 Nov 20, 2018

One of the great quotes from Princess Bride, "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means." While the rest of us can probably agree that it means able to delay judgment until all the facts are in, there are also those who will likely inaccurately describe themselves as such, in much the same way as some say they have a sense of humor or can take bad news when experience and history indicate otherwise.


That the speaker has self delusions of grandeur. They can’t be bothered to consider the issue but are too self conscious to admit it.
They don’t understand the issue and too self absorbed to ask more about it


Open minded = willingness to change your mind based on new evidence


I think it means being aware of what you think, and especially about what you 'believe', and being willing to challenge those beliefs any time new information comes to light...

Benthoven Level 8 Nov 20, 2018

Being non judgemental and respecting the fact that someone else may have an opinion which differs from yours ...even although you secretly know that they are completely delusional!!!!!???

Jaydee123 Level 5 Nov 20, 2018

Seriously... I literally laughed out loud HARD, when I read the word delusional. Hahahaha


To me it means listening to a person's argument and engaging with them in dialogue.

jondspen Level 7 Nov 20, 2018
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