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In my entire life I received only one gift for Valentine's Day from a man so this year I am requesting a class B motor-home as compensation. If you want to be my sweetheart you know what I want lol the BEST! <3

Dida 7 Feb 10

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Will a toy size replica of the motor-home do the trick. If yes I can be your Valentine's day sweetheart.


that's one more than me. not even a single card ever.

thanks for the thought but I'm not really bothered lol x


Boy! You know what you want and don't hedge around about it! Goo-od luck, if you don't ask, how would you ever know...if it has been out there waiting for you all along?


I could do one of those..

I feel a Roooad Triiip coming!


I love you dear, but don't hold your breath.

@Dida that I could/would do if only proximity weren't afoul of the notion.

@Dida ????


Why a class B? Do you have a mfg. choice?


i am rooting for you! cheerleader outfit and all!

@Dida i wouldn't dare! lol


If I was your sweetheart and paid your price I couldn't afford the gas.

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