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Never make eye contact while eating a banana

Brianhnnicek44 3 Feb 11

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Haha I don't even like bananas. Next time I go shopping I'm gonna buy some though. I'm going to make eye contact with every person I eat one in front of so I can see how they react.


My friend says the only way she can eat a banana is with the second hand pushing the back of her head. Lol


I would so make eye contact with Ray Comfort while eating a banana.

Dav87 Level 6 Feb 11, 2018

That might work coz I often call myself the 250 lb. gorilla.


Corn dogs also tend toward a strategy of consumption. Furtively avoiding eye contact would indicate that one actually is hungry, whilst wide eyes and a cheeky glance would suggest that one is hungry for something else.


But it's way fun to be eating one slowly, when you know someone in a neighboring vehicle is watching you, while stopped at a traffic light ! (grin)


Bananas don't have eyes.


Is the banana without skin, or circumsized.

EMC2 Level 8 Feb 11, 2018

Or anything on a stick.


I’m the kind of person that if someone were to stare at me while over sexualizing the consumption of a banana, I would stare at them back. It’s funny when people try to make you uncomfortable, and find themselves to be the one who’s uncomfortable. I got a prank call from someone that tried to creep me out, but I played along so well he hung up on me.

I'd add a little wink

@SherryMartin and smile like they are doing you a dirty favor.


Does the rule apply for eating multiple bananas whilst eating yogurt?


Ha,ha,ha. That is one of my favorite ploys to intimidate an aggressive male, like obnoxious creeps in the supermarket. By the second, hard bite they have turned away.

ouch be gentle lol

@LeighShelton No,no,no that just turns them on.

Coincidentally, theft or unsaleable damage of food from retail is called “shrinkage.”

@Spinliesel true perhaps I'm biased or it sounds painful lol


Depends on whether the banana is held between your lips when contact is made. If not, beware of ramming it up your nose, ear or eye.


Make and maintain eye contact. Establish dominance.

Makes it less awkward and feels more accepted when there is eye contact. Coincidentally, the 4 women that have tried, couldn’t get me off using this method, it can’t be impossible, maybe they just suck at it.

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