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In a sincere effort to get to know more about this group, please tell me an interesting or odd fact about yourself.

I'll start...
I LOVE the feel of silk. I love it so much, that I carry a small piece with me to touch if I get stressed or irritated. (I work with children, it happens.)

Donotbelieve 9 Feb 11

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I recently learned that my imaginary girl friend has been cheating on me.

@Donotbelieve lol. Nice response. Well played

She wrote me an imaginary letter saying that was a lie.

@IntoTheMist lol. Don't believe her

I never had an imaginary girlfriend. She was just not interested.

What's her name? How does she look? Is the one who she is cheating with also imaginary? Would you sue her if you could? Do you like to watch when she cheats? Do you prefer to be part of a trio with both? I could think of a lot more questions that would interest me. But this is enough for now.

@Gert I thought it was a monogamous relationship. She looks like the Virgin Mary

@Rudy1962 Well, maybe she challenges you or even tempts you.


I once was the pretend girlfriend of a gay Turkish man. We traveled on his father's yacht from the French Riviera to Istanbul where I "disappeared and returned to Spain on a freighter. That is the most exiting thing I have ever done; and I shudder thinking about the risks I took.
OK, I should not exaggerate: it was more of a large fishing boat, not a yacht. But it had a head (toilet) and a galley ( kitchen)



My brain MRI is background art in the TV-show-trivia book "Behind the Scenes at 'ER'" because its publisher was too cheap to pay for medical illustrations, and so asked us employees to donate any.

I got two copies, one of which I gave to my mother, because you should always give to your mother a copy of a book you appear in.

Behold my glory

My brain has also been featured in my past online-dating profiles.


Funny post! I don't know if you can consider this "odd" but I love to smell and feel rocks. The smell of old Earth and the various textures seem to enhance my senses.

In Japan I had the great pleasure of making fabric dye from dirt


@josh_karpf Wow! Very cool! Thank you for sharing.


I love to wear black clothes, preferably tailored suits.

Gohan Level 7 Feb 11, 2018

I only wear black. I will mourn my son for my life.


I carry juggling balls in my purse.

Lauxa Level 5 Feb 11, 2018

I have a thing about blankets. Tactile sensations from crushed velvet, chamois/flannel sheets and soft cotton.


I’ve shown paintings several times at venues, my hobby is painting.

I paint surreal minimalism or minimalism animals @Donotbelieve


I love to sit in the same room as a running clothes dryer. It warms up the air with a dry heat, and the smell of warm lint and fabric is oddly satisfying.

I've liked that since I was a kid.


I don't know if it's technically odd...but I have a phobia of wearing shoes without socks. Can't do it, I think it's disgusting!

So, does that include flip-flops and/or pool shoes? Or are they in their own special category?

@IntoTheMist Lol, completely different category, although rarely wear either flip-flops, pool shoes, or sandals. I guess I would have to add the diversion to wearing any type of open toed shoes in public as well to odd behavior or habits lol. Not to mention wearing socks and sandals is square as the day is long!

I have a similar aversion to wearing open-toed shoes in public and am developing an aversion to flip-flops in general. (Both of these things for sanitation/safety reasons.) I'm a little more okay with the socks/sandals combo, but I don't necessarily think it looks the greatest, either. 😉

@IntoTheMist , Right, the sanitation thing! Especially in urban and city environments! The worst thing in the world is seeing a drunk girl kick off her heels and stumble down the sidewalk barefoot...gross lol! Or when people wear flip-flops and sandals into a restaurant. Obviously it's common for a woman to wear heels or strappy shoes out to dinner, but there need to be something substantial between your feet and the ground lol!


I snap the fingers of both my hands at the same time ( and whisper "Yes!" ) when the microwave dings. And when I can't because of embarrassment (when we have visitors or when I'm at others' homes), I imagine that I do.


I am green red colour blind which is why I never joined the airforce and why I became a math person/teacher instead.

Colour blindness also makes it tricky to climb some walls at the indoor climbing gym as some walls have two colours, a red and a green that are very similar in texture depending on which angle you see them and depends on how much chalk is on them (climbers use chalk on fingers to help grip)

The military intelligence units could had used you. Being color blind was of great value and use during WW2, you are not distracted by colors. Able to find camouflaged shapes. Great analysts. I salute you.


I cannot stand wooden spoons like you get with the little cheapy ice cream tubs. That type of wood, with a balsa texture, just feels so horrible against my teeth. No idea why that bothers me so much.

I've never gotten a splinter, the texture is what makes me cringe.

Word. @1atheist

Hmm, that's interesting. I always used to suck on those because I thought the wood tasted good. 😛


I am on the beautiful and trecherous path of becoming an Ayahuscera. I love this life, and I am falling in love with every life that I have lived and will live.


Does becoming Ayahuscera means a regular user of Ayahuasca? Explain how you walk your treacherous path and why?


Yes, and no. I'm becoming a facilitator for the medicine, learning to hold ceremonies and protect people during their trek into their own minds and beyond.

It's both beautiful and treacherous because, in my opinion, the ultimate bravery comes from looking directly at oneself and observing. Softly, gently, yet firmly, questioning your existence. To break down everything you think you know about WHO and WHAT you are, and seek to strip yourself of everything that is not your essence.

My goal is to do this for myself, of course, first.

Followed by anyone else brave enough to do the same.

Now that's interesting. Any shot you'd make a post about your experiences?

@Blindbird Not sure what anyone would want to read, honestly. If you have questions for me I could make a Q&A post? Just a thought.

@soundofthereign I think that would be Wonderful. It's sounds like a very interesting road you're traveling.

@Blindbird Private message me any questions you'd like answers to, I'm an open book 🙂


Snuck into the Vatican when I was a teenager on a Catholic youth trip.

Ooh! Ex-Catholic here! Mad props to you for that one! 😀


I'm infatuated with special effects and gore to the point I did my own Halloween make up prior to purchasing my costume to get a job as a make up artist next year.


I thought it posted before


Considering I'm about as odd as they get, this would be a very long list but I'll just name a couple for brevity. I'm a single dad. I play with and collect nerf guns. I haven't watched cable TV since 2009. I don't like sports, cars, or beer. And lastly for now, I hate using text speech. I would rather type out a paragraph.

@Donotbelieve I end up buying all of ours because people never know which ones we have since we have internet friends that can get us certain ones months before they come out.


On the minus side, I like the smell of gasoline and old white board markers. On the plus side, I'm really good at telling if milk or vegetable oil is bad. Other than that I pay surprisingly little attention to smells.


I don't like muskrats. They're really the only animals I actively dislike.


I had some creative expressive artwork published once in a book about therapeutic art and I was the first woman in England to be a plasterer trained on a Topps course.


I cannot stand the smell of crayons, but I love the smell of Windex.


A piece of music I wrote was once played at Glastonbury Festival. Also, art critic Brian Sewell once gave me 50p.

Jnei Level 8 Mar 2, 2018

I can't stand touching wet paper!


I was the first woman plasterer in the U.K to complete a Topps course training. At the time I was living in a commune and we could do all the building jobs ourselves except for plastering - so I decided to train- I was the only woman in a skillcentre of 400 men - Later a group of us set up Women in Manual trades and one of the women who joined us as a plumber was Phillipa Roe the sister of the woman who streaked naked across the pitch at Lords because the cricket was boring .


I'm an epileptic. I had an out of body experience during my first seizure (20 years ago) which I vividly remember to this day. I don't attach any spiritual or paranormal meaning to it but it still fascinates me.

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