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So on NPR today (02-12-201๐Ÿค“, they had a story about a study which shows tha smart phones have people conditioned/trained like Pavlov's dogs.

I myself recognized how people were constantly lettign theri phones disrupt their lives. So, on my phone, I don't' do Facebook, Twitter, or even email. I use it as a "phone" and sometimes may text, but my life is not centered aroudn my phone or any other technology.

snytiger6 9 Feb 12

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I have to admit, I feel too attached to my phone! Reading the news, emails and texting some and hardly making any calls, but I check it more than I ever did before and I feel a low level anger over it! I may have to go cold turkey! I have a life...

On the NPR report, they suggested people turn off all notifications, or at least make them silent. Personally, it would drive me nuts to be interrupted every few minutes with notifications. I like to focus heavily on a single task, and interruptions distract me from whatever I am doing.

@snytiger6 at least I do not wear my phone, like some people I know! Winter, when we must stay in a lot, does not help!

@Freedompath Maybe because for most of my life i didn't have a cell phone, it is easier for me to not make it central to my life. I did not get one until I needed it for the work i was doing. I only got a smart phone for the GPS directions and apps that let me download audio books.

With each app, I have to ask myself if this really improves mylife or just makes my life busier or more complicated. Thus, I don't have Facebook, or any social network apps on my phone. I enjoy solitude without interruptions and I choose apps and use my smart phone accordingly. Mos things, liek social networks and email can wait until I use my big computer. Phone apps tend to use up more time than they save.


One of the many reasons I rarely use mine - except for occasional GPS !


I will admit that I am addicted to my phone, but it is an easy way to connect with loved ones and a useful tool for research, etc. I find myself reading a lot of articles and posts. Also, I watch a ton of independent news videos on YouTube.


Game theory, man. Points and rewards means acceptance and that's what drive humanity.

I don't think we covered "game theory" when I studied sociology, but from your remarks I can see how well it applies from i do know.

@snytiger6 that's the essence of it. It's the applications that I find most interesting.

@snytiger6 most are in a daze if you pay close attention. Not sure if it's drugs, phones, life? Nobody is paying attention to anything. I live at a 4 way stop, I love to watch people. Most just slow and go, not even seeing the other car.

@fantasticalice I've seen my nephew and a friend sitting on a couch right next to each other and they were texting each other rather than talking to each other. I think technology isn't really increasing communication but rather preventing personal interactions. I'd expect it leave more people feeling lonely.


call me phido or wifido.


Same here. I also, however, use it as my timepiece if I happen to want to know what time it is and there are no other chronometers around. Also use the calendar function for appointments; doctor, vet, etc. It can be pretty handy for those things, but no social media of any kind.

Yeah, to me it is better to use the phone as a tool rather than to be used by the tool.

@snytiger6 absolutely. Occasionally I forget it when going out on errands, and by the time I realize, I'm like, oh well, I'm not gonna die without it.

@Condor5 I charge my cell phone right next to where i put my keys and wallet. So, I seldom leave the house without my phone. However it all is upstairs and I often dont' hear calls when they come in. They are mostly sales calls anyway.


We've been Pavlov Dogs to phones since the advent of the switchboard. I hate phones!! But an unfortunate necessary evil. I usually let most of my calls go to voicemail, even if I'm just reading a post on this site. Fuck the damn things.


Thatโ€™s good. Government and BIG CORP want to track you and sell you shit all the time.


I do not own a smart phone. I use a flip cell phone for emergencies. Computer act9ivities are done on my lap top at home.


I love restaurants, it's amusing to see obvious couple that are somewhat awkward, presumably on a first date ignoring each other paying more attention to their phone. I often wonder if and how they would ever accomplish sex. The musings of an old man that has been married since cell phone were a new idea... do they text each other from the other side of the table when they get in the mood? How do you hold your phone while touching parts? Do they "just stop" to look at the funny puppy meme?


People are developing neck issues from being locked into the viewing position.
I do not use my cell phone in this manner. I use it for calls and to rarely text with people who I might otherwise be interrupting if I phoned. Oh and Google something if my mind isn't giving me the answer and I'm out and about.
It amazed me at a recent family gathering when all the phones came out after dinner - at the dinner table? I mean sure grab it to Google an answer - but then put it down and engage with the people around you.

I have seen one of my nephews sitting on the couch with a friend right next to each other texting each other instead of talking. Which is an example of how technology is actually separatign us more than it is connecting us.


Anyone feel theyโ€™re addicted? Itโ€™s by design. You can turn on grayscale in the settings to make it look more boring. I donโ€™t have a mobile

That was actually suggested on the NPR program.

My criteria generally is if I can do it on the computer at home with the big easy to read screen, I don't really need to do it on the phone.


Anyone feel theyโ€™re addicted? Itโ€™s by design. You can turn on grayscale in the settings to make it look more boring. I donโ€™t have a mobile

Changing to grey scale was a suggestion on the program. Addiction was only lightly addressed. I think the concern ws more that interpersonal interactions were beign reduced, due to phone interactions. "Virtual interactions" is not as fulfilling and a lot more people get depressed and feel lonely.


I think the cell phone may be the worst, most dangerous piece of technology invented for societal use. Give it all the beneficial compliments you can. Outside of that it is both a physical and mental destroyer. As a truck driver, I can't fathom how my day would go without our company phone and scrap runner. On the other hand. I've lost count of those young women with babies in a child's seat in the back seat that have wavered into my lane while texting as they attempt to pass me. There's nothing more frightening to me than to look down beside me and see a child moving within inches from the steps on my truck, while weighing anywhere from 16 to over 40 tons, and no place to go. Trucks tend to rip doors off and people out! Please! You don't want to get stuck to a tractor! I have only a couple options! That include if someone is beside me, running them off the road. Is there also children in that vehicle!?! I can't see over there! Slamming on my brakes. Does the vehicle tailgating me also have children in it!?! Believe me, it's going to be tailgating me. They almost always are. They're going to eat my DOT bumper. If I'm pulling a dump trailer, that's even going to be uglier! Horn!!! I would argue well over 90% of the people that pass me have a god dam phone in their hand. And well into 50% are texting. And quite a few are texting with both hands driving with their knee if anything on the wheel. The other half have the phone stuck to the side of their head paying no attention to what's going on around them. We ride weather permitting. Anyone know the number of bikers ran over from the back because of texting each year? it's insane. Or the number of bikers hit head on because someone went left of center? Ok, bikes are harder to see than a vehicle, but seriously. We hear these stories all riding season long. Sorry, you women are the worst. The younger the worse. Especially when it comes to texting for the younger women. Constantly! Men, they aren't far off! I can break this down to race also. Young black women do considerably better. Older black women slightly better. Black men, they're up there at the top. I see a number of white men that will actually put the god dam thing down on the passenger seat. It's not enough, but at least a few put the god dam thing down. Asians, I hardly ever see an Asian working a phone. Some of the younger women, but they're better. Muslim women, again rarely. Their men, please! Reminds me of the Star Trek episode where they all got hooked on the game. I wish they'd just plant a device in every new born head and get it over with! Or pass a law for anyone unable to put a phone down, at least while driving, to get an implant to communicate. Bad subject for me, rant over ๐Ÿ™‚

I hate to see people staring at their phone while crossing the street.

@JanGarber they braver than me!


I never understand anti-phone stories. The phone is merely a TOOL I use to connect with actual humans beings. I LOVE being connected!

Inter actions on the phone is nhto the same as human interactions.

As an example, I have witnessed several times my nephew sitting on the couch texting a friend who was sitting right next to him. I think communication would have been better if they actually looked at each other and talked, heard the tone of voice and saw facial expressions that went with the words.

More interactions does not necessarily mean more or better communication.

@snytiger6 Most of my friends live far away...I don't know I just don't get the anti-phone thing. I would die without my FB friends! Sorry.


I guess that means I am trained. lol! You are probably right. I don't avoid Facebook. It's actually been useful to me for spreading news about my novels. Two fanpages for that purpose. I spend time on facebook looking for the funny stuff. But having said that, it's really just a tool. I probably do use it too much though. Twitter, I have a Twitter account. But it's also for the purpose of selling my novels. Other than that I am not a fan of Twitter. I don't like emails, because I get to dang many of them. If I read every email that came in, I would spend the entire day reading emails. I don't have that kind of time.

I think one issue is that when people feel lonely, they go to their phones instead of choosing actual human interactions. They get a kind of fulfillment, but they remain lonely just the same.

People, in general, have yet to learn that interactions via technology does not make a good substitute for actually beign social in real life with real people.

Perhaps you are right. Iโ€™m not really all that interested in a debate. But for me I can be full of people and still be lonely. With or without the phone. For me, I donโ€™t deal well with people in general. @snytiger6


I don't have much of a social life outside of work so I am constantly using my phone for Facebook. I find myself checking it quite often.


I never had a smartphone, I still use a flip-phone and haven't had a desire to get a smartphone. I guess I don't want to be bothered by one, also if out to dinner or such I won't have my nose in my phone.

I am partially blind, and read booiks via an audio book library. I primarily have a smart phone for directions when navigating and bor an app that lets me listen to books when traveling. I don't eve plan touse my phone to purchase anything... ever.


I love my phone. It would suck to go without it.


So how often are you on your PC then? ๐Ÿ™‚ But yes time is valuable and everything is fighting for a piece of it. You just need to figure out what makes you happy, if content makes you happy, nothing wrong with being on your phone. The important lesson is not to miss out on life because of too much down time.

For me, time on the phone isn't really the big deal. I am very single task minded and like to be focused on a single thing, and to be interrupted every few minutes is just annoying as it break my concentration on whatever else i am doing.


I have never had a smart phone up until a week ago. I didn't do social media either, not on a personal level anyway. any and all social media presence of mine was strictly for promoting my music and that's pretty much it. whenever I've expressed an opinion I have been blocked by people, refused access to my account because of what I said, or because masses of people flagged me.

I have a phone now. galaxy s8 plus. I can't afford it, but I need a phone for finding work and being constantly available for job offers... lol. haven't worked since I was 17, I'm 27 now, I think today or in a couple of days it will literally be a 10 year anniversary of me quitting my first and last job. I'm desperate, financially, socially and physically.

I've finally joined the circles of people who have front doors sitting in their pockets. just annoying gateways into your life where anybody and everybody can knock on your door and plea for your attention. if you want just a "phone" got for a 90's nokia. early 2000's if you must. the reason phones are constantly in our lives is because they do everything and ask very little in return. they do music, internet access, social media, "traditional" phone stuff, it's a mini laptop with addictive games to keep reminding you that your phone must be on you at all times.

if we didn't have phones as they are now, we'd all be walking around with laptop bags. I know this because that's what most people did before phones, music, entertainment and social matters could be rolled into a single package ready to go from the moment it arrives. I enjoy watching people get hit by cars and fall down cliffs because of their phones. it reminds me that I'm not one of them. if I'm looking at my phone, it's to pick a song, answer a call, but never to pass the time while I walk wherever I'm going.

I say let the idiots swipe their way out of existence. this is how nature selects the best of us to survive. we change the rules, nature slaps us harder and says "hmmm, that isn't working out for you, wanna try again?" and so now we're inventing devices located on our eyes. gesture related commands, voice commands, things which shouldn't impair our species but nature will find a way to kill us because that's how we got smarter. that's how we got here. enjoy your intelligent choices, laugh at idiots who panic when their phone is dying. in the end, it's the smartest of us who will produce the next best human being. while the morons will die out and kill themselves. take the piss out of people who constantly tap and swipe instead of talking to you, being anti-social in favour of "social" media. prod and poke them for their idiocy and let them know they're bad people for it.

if you (the person reading) are someone who can't live without your phone, I highly recommend you literally ignore it. like any addiction, any apparent need for something so you can live your life, is only conquered when you can just let it go and remind yourself, "it's just a thing baby". I like my weed. when I get money, I start planning for my weed budget. I smoke everything I can get as fast as possible and get as high as possible and do as much as possible while I'm high. for about 4 days every month, I have an endless supply and when it's gone, I get to enjoy it all over again when I next get some money. your phone should be something to look forward to, not something which makes you look bad or feel bad because you "need" to use it. the internet isn't going to just die.your friends aren't going to hate you if you don't reply for a few days. your mind is just as important to use as your phone is. tonight, I have a competition which is going to take about 10 hours to complete, that's 10 hours straight. once I've finished, I'm probably not using my phone for a day or two for that same competition.

you will benefit more from using your phone momentarily than you would if you used it constantly.

obviously this doesn't apply when reading E-books or listening to music, because it's just a portable MP3 player or CD player. being on your phone just scrolling through endless posts, is why you're not satisfied enough to just put it down. my phone has been off charge for about 4 hours. it's 98%. that's how often I touch it. soon, with that competition, the battery will die in about 3 hours because I will be constantly on it doing a plethora of activities. if you can exhibit the same control, you'll be happier when you do use your phone.

there's a demonstration which shows a correlation between doing something and feeling a sense of satisfaction. this satisfaction is reduced the more you do the same thing. each time, you do it even more just to get the same level of satisfaction and the result gets ever farther away. it's the long corridor dream except you're choosing to make it longer every time. this applies to everything from eating, to sex. eat too much and you'll just be eating for the sake of eating. sex addicts are looking for that level of satisfaction they can't get anymore and as a result become even more infatuated with sex, reducing their overall enjoyment despite their enthusiasm.

just, ignore your phone. use it rarely. you will thank me, and eventually you will thank yourself for having the ability to not get attached to something with no excessive value. it's up to you. I encourage everybody to stop using their tech so often. in the end, it falls on you to do it. nobody else. good luck.

@Fanburger so, what you're saying is, my situation depends on your ability to accept what i say?

your passive aggressive insult only goes to show your own flaws pal. one day you'll grow up, and i'll be here to listen. if all it takes is someone to have everything you have for you to consider their advice, then you are highly mistaken. wisdom and insight is what i have, if you're judging me for my situation, then i pity you tremendously. i might not have much but it's a hell of a lot better than being you.

@Fanburger this is my nice response to you. carry on and i will not be so generous.


Take the house, the kids and the dog but don't touch the phone or computer!

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