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Equality or not

Does anyone on here have an opinion on wether or not the vast majority of the population of earth can ever just accept that people have the rights to choose there gender, sexual orientation or there preference to have or not have a family wether they be single married or otherwise. Has freedom to choose been tainted by the old fashioned values that some cling to so tightly that society has stagnated and is in esense regressing as apposed to progressing.?

darien75 7 Dec 3

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I also cling to the old fashioned value that one should not rape, torture and kill children. And that is a good thing, don't YOU THINK? Sorry, BUT YOU DO NOT GET TO CHOSE YOUR GENDER. END Of STORY FOLKS. ? You may want to dress up and act like the opposite sex and that is fine, but it does not change your gender you were born with. Get the fuck over it. Let me ask you this. If you get a guy that says he identifies as a women, and gets busted raping women and gets sentenced to prison, do you think he should go to a women's prison? FUCK NO HE DOESN'T!!!

@darien75 First off, you are welcome to be offended by a cuss word if you are that sensitive, it doesn't bother me. I don't remember any rule one couldn't cuss on here. Second, I never said l had an issue with gender equality, sexual orientation or if you have kids in or out of wedlock or not for that matter. I plainly said if you want to dress up as, and act as the opposite sex you were born, that's perfectly fine. Surely you understand the difference. What l said there is not based on attitude or belief, it is just plain science. Either you have a Y chromosome or you don't. So how about you just answer my question. Would you send a cross dressing rapist into a women's prison? And by the way, you telling me to take my comment down was pretty arrogant, and rather damn funny to boot. This is a public page, not your private group. Thanks for the chuckle all the same. ?

@darien75 Typical left wing liberal idiot comment!

@darien75 Your the scum!


It is a slow process but it will eventually happen, and is in fact already happening. Our very polarization is evidence of that.


I doubt it is possible, but that does nto mean it isn't something to strive for.


Many people are frightened by change and adhere to what they were taught. Fear and hatred are frequently linked. We are what we are and nobody has the right to tell us what we are but these fears and hatreds manifest in egregiously brutal ways. Gender itself is a fluid category as are all the other identities.


We should ALL MIND OUR OWN BUSINESS! The world would be a far better place!

@darien75 creating ideas indeed ...."there is nothing new under the sun", just rehash and different window dressing, unless it is new science.

@darien75 well, then, tell me something you think is new......


Sexual preference / no having a family is ok... But a man will never have ovaries nor a woman will ever have a prostate

@darien75 That's ludicrous. What's to keep every person on the earth from making up their own specific gender to describe how they perceive themselves? 7.7 billion genders b/c everyone wants to force others to recognize them as a snowflake is what you are supporting essentially.

@darien75 Any way you want to twist the issue....a person may shoot blanks / be infertile but this is not the key if your original question.
I guess you only want comments that agree with yours.

@darien75 You just proved my previews words.


It will happen but it will take a long while. There was a time when black or natives were not seen a human. This has changed even though the remnants remain in discrimination.


If the Alt-right get their way, then no. I had a long conversation during a night shift about this. Trying to enlighten a fellow worker as to the reasons behind 'gender-bending' (not my words). I tried to use science and reason. I think I made positive progress, but it will take more words. It did with me, but it worked and I'm better now.
Gender dysphoria is a medical fact (DSM-5 p451-459). There are several types of dysphoria. Some of which have been recognised outwith the Christian view on the world by many different cultures for thousands of years.
Basically, Gender is a Social construct. There are many Psycho-sociological studies to support this.
Sex is Biological and there are four of those! In order Female (we all start out as female), Male, Pseudo Hermaphrodite (usually presents as female changing to male during puberty) and Hermaphrodite (extremely rare).

@darien75 well said and unfortunately too true.

@darien75 The times those words come up in my studies is rather scary.

@darien75 NAZIs and authoritarian viewpoints. People will easily follow immoral orders for a plethora of reasons. Experiments by Stanley Milgram & Zimbardo support this. The masses mainly just want to get on with the life presented to them without thought or change. Tell them what to do, act and think and they'll be happy. Questions produce doubt and uncertainty then fear. Frightened people en-masse do stupid things in great quantity. Studies in the new year will be about gender issues across psychology and sociology


You can't choose your gender, that is something you are born with. You can and should be able to chose how you present yourself to the world. If you are a man and want to wear skirts and makeup, I don't care. If you're a man and want to compete in women's Olympic sports, then there is obviously some problems with that IMO.

@darien75 If you split hairs and differentiate gender from sex, then ok (gender being how your present your sex to the world, sex being chromosomes you are born with). I did not differentiate b/w, so gender = sex. Back to my point though, if you are born with XY chromosomes (male), I don't care how you identify personally, but expecting to play women's sports, or held to physical requirements for military service, or using it to garner special treatment in criminal or family law courts is not cool. I would add on that last part that sexism in the court system shouldn't exist to begin with, but it does.

@darien75 According to this, and I am no medical professional nor can discern the exact definitions used to come up with statistics, it ranges from 0.05% (ambiguous genitalia) of the population, to 1.7% (many variations combined, but no definition of the variants) of the population (equal to redheads). I assume this second statistic includes those that are born one sex, but identify with the cultural norms of another.

So in your opinion, college campuses, summer camps, and every business with bathrooms should create separate housing and bathroom facilities for 0.05% of the population that are born hermaphrodite? What about those that just want to identify as something different. Instead of the reasonable request they accommodate with the Men/Women definition we have today, you want to force women on college campuses to live with a man - all b/c he/she/it says they 'feel' like a women. Sorry, I don't care about your feelings, I care about your facts - and the fact is forcing 50-100 women to be uncomfortable with living with a man just b/c he wants to is unreasonable. Having the campus build a separate housing area for them, or only for red-heads, is also unreasonable. And allowing a man to compete and dominate sporting events where every other participant is working within the confines of a woman's body (physical strength, endurance, etc) is again unreasonable.

Your little tirade about how insensitive and backwards I am is all fine, but you have yet provided any reasonable argument or solution to the real world problems such pandering would create. Care to step up and give an intelligent argument, not just an emotional one with personal attacks against me? But wait, that might include science...which you called 'garbage' I believe. I don't think that position is going to win you many supports, since most people on here accept science over religious 'feelings', be it supernatural or genitalia based religion.


@jondspen A hermaphrodite self identifies as female gets a beard at puberty. Or self identifies as a boy gets breasts.
What then?
Is the brain or the body right?


Trans people are the victims of assault and murder way too often.

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