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QUESTION 11 Mormon employees quit after first female mayor elected in Utah town - --

Religion: still oppressing (willing) women well into the 21st century.

dsimms9 4 Feb 12

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Bring on women mayors who encourage fundamentalists to resign. Separation of church and state!


I love it when the trash takes itself out! πŸ˜‰

very nice


heh heh... women elected in Mormon country. I can not wait for November! This is going to be a gully washer of wonderful women winning widely.


There is hope, just that she was elected in that deep mormn stronghold is a victory! Hope more quit so she can hire non religious people.


Dumb! I think we need more women at all levels of office. Including President. We are long overdue for that.

I don't think the bible belt of America is ready for a women president ohhhh nono. Black sure but not a women, cricky! Imagine a black women running for president. Don't know if they could handle it! lol

@Sacha Reason #12 we need to get rid of the electoral college that gives a disproportionate # of delegates to low population states. Clinton won the popular vote.

I wholeheartedly agree. @shockwaverider

I don't care about their race or gender. I want the best person for the job.

@shockwaverider This country is more sexist than racist...

@Sacha go michelle go . she would be dynamic


I noted the evangelicals praying for Trump to bring on the apocalypse. He is seen as the anti-christ who portends the end of the world. Imagine a heaven full of these nutballs. Not a place a sane person would want to go.

It 's a huge godforsaken suicide cult. But they would take the rest of the world down with them. Damn them!

@ZebZaman So much for love thy neighbor as thyself. Every thing they once preached is gone and it's only because of fear.


Now, maybe the city clerks in Kentucky will quit.

Actually, the gay man who was refused a marriage license by Kim Davis has announced he will be running against her this year for her job. Kim Davis was a deputy for 26 years, under her mother, who was county clerk for 40 years..the entire time I lived in Morehead, KY (1983-2010).

Gay man to run against Kentucky clerk who denied him marriage license []


Sounds good to me.


Having grown up ~100 mi. east of the strip country... and as much as I detest the LDS(Mormon) church... I would seriously avoid using the term Mormon for the people of Hildale and Colorado City.
They are a strange isolated cult all their own.

It kind of surprises me that the mainstream LDS church would still allow them to use the name. Or, maybe they have no control over that?

Are they more cult like?

Honestly, I only ever had second hand contact with them. I still have family in the area -- I was born in Kanab, UT east of Colorado City. But other than descriptions of casual conversations, especially recently I've had very little contact.
When I was growing up in the 60's and 70's they were pretty secretive. You could usually recognize them on the rare occasions they came to town by the girls short, conservative hair and floor-length dresses and the way they kept in a group. Everything I ever heard spoke of a strict, secretive lifestyle.
But I never spent much time with them. Although I am somewhat distantly related to a few.

Added: LDS members I know speak firmly -- they are not affiliated with the LDS church except historically.


Good riddance to bad rubbish?


A lot of those fundamentalist religions, Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses included still have very archaic ideas of what's acceptable. Recently there was a major thing about Mormons banning gays from their temples.

@xamountofstars I'm glad you escaped from that cult.

Sounds horrible.


That’s just ridiculous. Women just can’t seem to have a break from all this mess.

No, this is good news. To paraphrase another reply here: this really is a case of the trash taking itself out. That's 11 misogynistic, prejudiced wackjobs who will no longer be involved in government. I consider it a win.

@JimG lol oh ok. I misunderstood. Too much Taquilla Rose.

2 least they aren't being hypocrites... I suppose.


Good for them... now they are free to hurry up and go to hell.


Well that is good news. The US need more folks of all persuasions to stand for office and if it annoys religious sects well so be it.


what's that ;moron employees ?


Yea. Make that state American again.


Bye, Bye, you poor little Mormons, So sad, Too Bad, I'm Glad now go suck eggs you misled, misguided, deluded little Dip-shits.



This is a fringe group of a ...well, never mind. I was glad to read this.


Wonderful, next time more and then more and then intelligence prevails

EMC2 Level 8 Feb 12, 2018

Good....and the City Hall won't even have to pay them unemployment.


Yes, go sisters (I am from Manchester and Emmeline Pankhurst is a hero to boys as well as girls).
The mormons (I refuse to captialise their name), are a disgusting orginisation where profit and fear rules not morals.
Any defeat for them, and triumph for the free, is good with me!
To paraphrase my cities sister DEEDS NOT WORDS
Use whatever means πŸ˜‰

typo bugging me city's not cities sorry!


It's always nice to see progress happening.


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