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Okay single folks, how are you spending Valentine's day? Or as I call it, "Single Awareness Day"? Don't give me shit for calling it Valentine's day either........"saint" or not, I like the candy!! I think I'm dressing up, and taking my single happy ass to the Phoenix Art Museum. There is supposed to be some fun for all happening there!

AzVixen52 7 Feb 12

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Putting on a nice suit, a romantic walk downtown, gourmet dinner, an amusing night of trivia and karaoke, cab ride home, then bed πŸ˜‰

By the way, I'm recently divorced, single, and live in Wisconsin. I'll be doing all these things by myself, in below freezing weather the whole time.
That "romantic walk downtown" is going to be cold. And by "cab", I mean Uber. In Wisconsin, which after 11pm is basically just a drunk shuttle.

It's going to be fabulous.


Just another day. I do miss the old days. But...
One of my Christian Extremist friends is trying to hook me up with a woman who he swears is not a Christian, but I really doubt that is true. I have told him I will never waste my time with another Christian woman.


I haven’t done Valentine’s Day since I was in my 20s, I’m 47 now. But I love chocolate, maybe I’ll treat myself this year πŸ™‚


I like "singles awareness day" !

For the big day...I rented a movie yesterday, so I could save it for the 14th. I have cats, so they'll be in my lap. And I have some little boxes of Junior Mints left over from Halloween. Sounds like the perfect Singles Awareness Day celebration: movie, cats, leftover Halloween candy.


I am hosting Soup Night for my over-55 Singles Social Club. I make a big vt of soup, supply bread/rolls & condiments, they bring sandwich fillings or desserts. Anyone near SE Connecticut, email me, you are welcome!

Wish I was close by I'd totally go to that. Enjoy.

So cool, Anne!!

I used to live close enough to join you, but now I'm way too far! Bummer!

What kind of soup, by the way?

@carlyhorton I save turkey bones from Thanksgiving & Xmas ham, throw in a few beef rib bones, browned onions, and boil...then add different kinds of beans and lots of vegies, garlic, parmesan, tomato paste...comes out the same only different every year, sort of like minestrone.


"Single Awareness Day"


I'll be dining out and then plan to hang out with my friends here and there.
Enjoy the art museum.

Thank you!


I might go on a date with myself. Where will I go? I'll have to surprise myself. I mustn't forget the reservation.

Gohan Level 7 Feb 13, 2018

I'm going to hang out with a friend and we're going to go to an atheist Meetup. Should be fun it's at a bar. I don't drink but maybe I should start LOL.

Taking a couple shots won’t kill you, it hardly gives me an inkling of a buzz. I highly recommend tequila.

That's awesome! Have fun!

@Funandfondles couple of lines of cocaine won't kill you but you should try that. I like giving out bad advice. I don't know which medications you're on and I don't know how you react to cocaine but I'm going to tell you to do just a couple of lines because that's smart.

@SonderOpia One nibble on a brownie "edible" maybe. A very small nibble. Just sayin'.

@SonderOpia it’s a common/innocent assumption, if you have complications I’m unaware of, that’s why you’re aware of them.

@Funandfondles You're*

@Funandfondles thank you for editing that.

@SonderOpia I aim to please (eyes rolling)


I'll be spending it working for twelve hours. At least I won't be tempted to go out to eat, and get stuck eating crappy fast-food so I don't half to deal with the horses of lovesick clowns at every decent eatery, lol.

JimG Level 8 Feb 12, 2018

I'll be working since it's right in the middle of my work week. Then I'll come home, fix dinner and help my kids with homework, do house work till ten or so then lay in bed for a couple hours before I can get any sleep. Same as most days I guess since I've been aware of being single since my divorce a few years ago.


As far as I know, there's nothing to do where I am. So I'll probably spend the day alone.



Lettsee..I'll get up at 5 AM and look at the Southern Cross and Alpha/Beta Centauri from my balcony.
I'll take a long walk at sunrise to take bird photos.
I'll eat spicy Thai food.
I'll watch Carbon on Netflix, also Queer Eye, stand up comedians, and any other show that catches my eye, etc.
I'll read a Kindle book and eat cashew nuts.
I'll teach ESL online
I'll hang out on this forum to see if any cool conversations are going down.


Going grocery shopping with a friend who has a singularly unromantic husband. We'll probably go out to dinner as well.

Lol... A singularly unromantic husband. Sounds dreamy.

@MrLink He does love her a lot - I was friends with him long before her. But he is parsimonious in the extreme.

@RavenCT Hold on -- looking for my dictionary. Sounds like a cool word though. πŸ™‚

Oh!!! I know people like that! And, they are usually the ones that have LOTS of extra money they could spend!

@BlueWave Their 50th Wedding Anniversary is coming up this year. She's planning a trip to the Cape. He has been informed. πŸ˜‰

@RavenCT LOL!!! Good for her!! πŸ™‚


I'll be teaching 2-D Design class and Advanced ceramics.


I will be working. I will have dinner with my kids on Thursday, not because of V day, but because we do every other Thursdays. V day will be just another day, but I think my manager might be planning some treats. Seriously, my office hands out more food than anyplace I've ever been before.


Single Awareness Day, I love it. It's not too difficult ignore. I did not care for it much when I was married.


I'll be working. It both makes me forget I'm single on V-Day and ensures I'm single on V-Day.


Hibernation... ok, not really as I have to work. I am not doing a thing for V Day.


I'm actually pals with an ex who has given up on relationships. She's making dinner, and we'll drink wine and commiserate. Will actually be a nice evening with no expectations hanging out with someone I'm really comfortable with.




Doing kid stuff. My son's a Valentine's day baby. So we'll be partying kid style.


All these "Days", mother's day, father's day, etc have totally lost their original meaning and have become days when folks are encrouaged to spend on cards, flowers, candies, meals etc.

Being an miserable oldie I ignore them.


I think I will buy myself some Godiva and get sushi for dinner πŸ™‚ After all someone has to treat me well... who should it be but me?? πŸ˜›

Enjoy your night out!


Start work early, try and finish early, and plan my weekend.


Leaving work early, going to the podiatrist then having a hot oil massage - and relax

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