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Do you have a favorite outspoken atheist?

There are a growing number of atheist activists and having been to many conferences I have met and gotten to know a great many of them.
But be it Activist or Scientist or Podcaster or YouTuber... is there anyone you particularly admire or would like to meet?

ThomasLevi 6 Feb 13

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And he is a hell of a nice guy

Take the initiative. Organize a local talk. Invite him up. Be his host.

Do it.

@ScottAHurst I actually have talked to him about it, him and a bunch of other people to do something in Chicago but I'm not much of an organizer, I'm good for ideas but not so much for follow through, organizing these events is a lot of work.

I've arranged a trip for George Hrab to Texas, it wasn't that bad. But yeah, there is some leg work. It's not like doing a multi speaker conference. Just need to arrange a venue (often one in a couple towns over a few nights) and get the word out. Being the personal limousine service and host is a great perk.

Speaking of Hrab, he's a great time where ever he's performing.


No the best atheists are soft spoken and model good behavior.


Of course I love Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins. I would love to be able to do one of the dinners they have where you can meet them. I would also like to be able to speak as eloquently and calmly about religion as they do.

I love anyone who questions the delusional norm of the “man in the sky” but of all the voices of Atheisim, I think Christopher Hitchens is the most educated and well spoken. Dawkins, and I’m assuming now, I think would say that he is one of the people that inspired him to speak on this issue.


Because we have primarily the usual name listed here I created a POLL of some well known women that I'd like to get some input on.
Who would you like to see as a speaker


Hitch, always and forever!


Neil Degrasse Tyson.

Gohan Level 7 Feb 14, 2018
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