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Do you see the humor in life? Tell us a funny story.

Last night, I was trying to put saline drops into my eyes. My thick hair was in a bushy ponytail after curling the ends.

Each time I looked up, I thought a squirrel had landed on my upper back! I could feel its bushy tail. When I looked down, the squirrel vanished.

Puzzled, it took me a few times looking up to realize it was my ponytail brushing my back. I'm still laughing about it.

By LiterateHiker8
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True story: A couple months ago I was purchasing some cookies for my 90 year old dad. When the cashier rang them up, I began handing her the cash and said "here's your cookie dough". She looked at me confused, so I held up the cookies in one hand and said "cookie", then did the same with the cash and said "dough". She laughed a little then I said "It's a good thing I wasn't buying dill, huh?" Women were busting out laughing for three registers down.


What a great comeback! Love your sense of humor.

Well done...

@LiterateHiker , Thanks. I grew up on Monty Python so blame them. smile001.gif

Well done?

Yeah - that was a a great “quick-thinking” retort, great job! Thanks for sharing.

@Santanaman9 , thanks. All those perverted thoughts over the years come in handy at times.

That's an excellent one! Thanks for giving me some laughs at a time when I was feeling low smile001.gif

@MST3K sorry you're feeling low. Remember, feeling that way is a temp thing.

@chucklesIII Thanks. Yes, fortunately!! smile001.gif


Funniest I can think of at the moment....
I was at the gyn getting examined on a lunch break from work. I was wearing pearls. I dressed to the 9's at the job- requirement, Anyway... I am nude in the robe and Dr. is doing a breast exam and she says "OH WOW THOSE ARE LOVELY...ARE THEY REAL" I laughed and said "YOU KNOW THEY ARE" LOL SHe busted out laughing .... " The Pearls.".

Dandewine Level 7 Dec 11, 2018

that's FUNNY!!


A Little Grose but still hilarious

As background info my cat has a condition that causes him to take large poops

A few weeks ago, I am sitting on the couch in the living room watching TV, the cat goes by in front of my into the bathroom where his litter box is. After five or six minutes the cat streaks out of the bathroom pursued by a flying poop. The cat comes to a halt on the far side of the living room, at which point the poop catches the cat and hits it, thus scaring the cat and he takes off in the other direction, the poop, attached to the cat by a strand of hair imbedded in the poop and also still lodged up the cats ass, fly’s after the cat. At this point I am chasing the cat around the apartment with a role of TP in each hand.

The cleanup not funny

but the image of the cat being chased by his own giant poop still makes chuckle today

I am still laughing.
My poor old cat (almost 22) is losing the ability to poop normally. So now she "bumps" her belly flat on the floor repeatedly as she goes down the hallway towards her litter box.....leaving a trail of what looks like rabbit pellets behind her. Poor baby. smile003.gif My boss used to tell me that getting old was not for pussies. He was right. smile009.gifsmile009.gif


True story: When I was a Moron (oops, Mormon) missionary in Argentina, my companion and I went into a little family-owned shop to get a comb (Spanish peine). My companion tried to ask in his best Spanish, "Do you have a comb?" The lady at the counter turned beet red and ran into the back of the shop. Soon, her husband appeared, rolling up his sleeves and asking angrily what my companion wanted. At that point I had to jump in and explain that he asked if she had a peine (comb), but he mistakenly pronounced it pene (penis). Oh, my....

After it was all cleared up and the comb was purchased I would've asked that too then ran away lol


We were performing a rather intimate procedure on a sweet 85 yr old lady last week who coped with her humility with humor. She regaled us the entire time with the life story of her vagina in the third person. We were all laughing so hard (her included) that we could barely get through the procedure. Let me tell you, that lady lived a very full life.

Amzungu2 Level 7 Dec 11, 2018

Used to have this little terrier-dog. A Maltese/Fox terrier mix. He was always free with his "sugar". He'd walk up and lick you in the face if you were family. One Sunday I was laying in front of the space heater, reading the newspaper. He walked up and licked me in the face. Ugh. His breath was kickin'. Just awful.

After a bit, I got up to go to the bathroom. When I got there I noticed he had knocked the bathroom trash over and there was little tiny bits of ick scatter all over the floor. Remnants of used feminine products. My daughter had been warned repeatedly to dispose of such, other than that trash can, since our little friend just loved to do what he had just done, to sweeten his breath.

Later that day, during a trip to the grocery store I was walking down the dog food isle. Our friend was low on food. I read the labels as I walked. Beef flavor, chicken flavor, salmon flavor, etc. Then it hit me. They don't carry the flavor he likes best!



I was at work when my cell phone rang. Not on the desk, not on the table in back of my chair, not on the file cabinets. I had a reputation for leaving it in the break room, copy room or womans room and our receptionist calling (desk phone) to tell me it had been turned in. No luck this time and the ringing seemed closer to me than those areas. I asked my assistant to keep calling it so I could zero in on the location. Funny thing, every time I listened and turned toward the sound, the ringing location seemed to move also. Such a mystery - till I felt the back pocket of my slacks. That was the first time ever I carried it there. The embarrassment wasn't nearly as strong as the hilarity. Still makes me laugh.

Louiseann Level 6 Dec 11, 2018

I relieved a co-worker at the end of his shift. After he left, I noticed that he left his cell phone at work. I texted him about it. I got the message.

MrDMC Level 6 Dec 11, 2018

I can see myself doing something like that smile001.gif LOL


Funny story I read on Facebook a couple of years ago... one afternoon in a Sex Ed class, a student asked the (female) teacher "Is it true that semen tastes like almonds?" The teacher came back wiith "I don't know, I've never tasted almonds". lol smile001.gif

MST3K Level 8 Feb 8, 2019

Our band were on a break and I went to the rest room. This was an old pub in south of England. The room was very small, just enough for two people. A guy came in and faced up to the urinal. I turned to him and said “Tiny one isn’t it?” He turned to me and said “Its the best I can do mate!” We both fell around laughing. Needless to say the second half of our act had a different type of humorous banter!

Hilarious! smile002.gif


In FL there are these GIANT cockroaches, some try to pretend they're not cockroaches and call them palmetto bugs. Anyway I lay down poison for the little PITAs and once they eat it they, for some unknown reason, flip upside down and lay there looking dead. My newish puppy walked calmly over to a flipped over cockroach and stuck her nose on it for a sniff. Well that cockroach wasn't quite dead yet and grabbed onto her nose. FUNNY MUCH. It took a few shakes of her head to dislodge it, surprise!!


Where to start? This is one of my favorites:

I had a wonderful fifth grade teacher; she not only had an effect on me personally, but professionally (I am a teacher). Before I moved to Missouri 20 years ago, I used to see her occasionally in a nearby town. I saw her in Safeway one time after not seeing her for a few years. She was WAY up in her 70s, a frail woman who had shrunk over the years (or did I get taller?). We hugged and I held her tight until she whispered, "Let's not hug too long or people will think we're lesbians."


image is everthing

@BBJong Indeed.


On humor . . . it is been interesting to see what people consider humorous and why. When my five year old grandson was three, we would pull up to a stoplight and I would say, "The light is red." He would respond, "No, it's green!" and laugh uproariously. When it turned green, I would announce as much and he would say, "No, it's red now." He did not know t know why it was funny to contradict me (and he knew colors), but it was.


I once spent about ten minutes trying to determine the elusive source of the cat pee smell in my apartment. Turned out it was the shirt I was wearing. Cats 1, Doug 0.

Druvius Level 7 Dec 11, 2018

Had my neck busted in a bad car accident & was paralyzed from the neck down. Lying in bed for a few days, not being able to move, was real frightening, but I somehow managed to accept it. Didn't find it funny, but I didn't feel sorry for myself or worry about the future. Anyway, finally had surgery which corrected the problem (along with four months of rehab, I'm now able to walk & feed again). I certainly take everything in life a whole lot less seriously now than I did before the accident.

Lucky57 Level 4 Jan 17, 2019


How wonderful that surgery worked. What a relief!

yeah ,I'm 58 .mom died when I
was 9 ,only permanate things give me jitters.
I find chit chat very boring...


All my hair related issues ended long ago.

Me too! I remember in a college yearbook photo of our chess club, there was quite a glare from the top of my head as the photo was taken smile001.gif


I don't think so, there is a squirrel somewhere. You just have to find it.


Disclaimer: if you are a parent or an adult, you may not find this amusing. I do, though, so I'll share it.

When I was a youngster, while camping with my family, my older brother and I were out in the woods playing. I saw there was a steep cliff, with a drop of around thirty feet, and I got the brilliant idea to play a trick on my brother. So, I climbed down the cliff and laid down at the bottom as if I had fallen off the cliff. Well, my brother called for me and I didn't answer, acting like I was out cold. Next thing I heard was my brother yelling for my parents as he ran back to the camp site. I thought, "Uh oh!", so I climbed back up the cliff and started calmly walking towards the camp site. On the way back, my mother and father were running towards me with looks of horror on their faces and I tried to act as if nothing was wrong and as if I had no idea why they were so concerned. To make a short story long, when my parents saw me and realized what I had done, they didn't say a word, they walked calmly back to the camp site, packed up everything and drove home, not speaking to me the whole way. I don't remember how long it was before they said a word to me after this.

sfvpool Level 7 Dec 11, 2018

All of life is a joke. Don't be afraid to laugh at it.

Right on?


I have a ton of stories when teaching teenagers in high school. Here's one that I walked right into....

When planning a foods lab of White Chicken Chili, I asked the lab groups to let me know how much chicken they wanted in their recipe. So the day before the lab, in class, I verbally stated "Let me know how many breasts you want." (I'm sure you can see where this is going).

The lab group consisting of the football players hands immediately shot into the air, and in unison they stated,

"We prefer two breasts!"

And here's another...The community was building a new high school on to the existing high school. After moving into the new part of the building, we were experiencing some strange things. One morning I walked into the classroom only to find a huge sack of flour split down the middle and flour spilled all over the table and floor. Under my breath I cussed out the immaturity of teenagers while I poured the remaining flour still in the sack into the bin as we had a full day's baking going on the foods lab that day.

A couple days later I came in and there were bits of ceiling tile all over the floor, and I looked up and saw a portion of a ceiling tile missing. I called maintenance. The culinary teacher and I were in the classroom talking when the maintenance worker came in, took one look at the ceiling, and stated, "This was done by a raccoon." We were shocked. He proceeded to tell us a family of raccoons nested between the walls as the building was constructed. He said there were daily sightings, and stated, "I'm sure they're in the foods lab every night looking for food."

The other teacher and I looked at each other and thought about the flour mess and all the baked products that were made with it. She said, "I won't tell if you won't tell." I said, "Done!"

linxminx Level 7 Dec 12, 2018

Years ago a friend of mine was traveling by car to an athletic event he was going to be in that was held in Mexico. He was tired and running late but had to stay awake. Sometimes he would stop the car and do pushups. On one such stop a local man with a burro walked by and laughed at him. He said "Oh, senor, she is gone."

DenoPenno Level 8 Mar 16, 2019

the only logical conclusion is that squirrels come out,of eyedropper bottles


Quoting a world famous 1960's philosopher "life is but a joke"; I laugh at myself and others all the time.

Bobby9 Level 7 Feb 6, 2019

Funny story. My friend and I seen my husband truck parted outside a lumber store. And I had his extra keys. So as a joke I drove his truck to the other side of the parking lot, thinking I’ll wait about ten minutes then call him and confess. Funny huh. But I forgot, one hour later I got this call from my husband who said “ I’m real mad at you right now!” Go figure, anyway when he told me his story about his missing truck we both laughed.

Debbera Level 4 Jan 15, 2019

I call my friend, doctor to complain about my photophobia and asking recommendations for proper glasses to alleviate problems. He replied me with set of prescription meds they usually use for that
It’s life humor

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