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QUESTION Single Americans are hurting economically this Valentine’s Day - MarketWatch

One of the core reasons why I detest the social norms regarding marriage ... perpetuates discrimination against those who are not legally married (including couples who cohabitate). This article discusses the economic ramifications of singlism.

evestrat 8 Feb 14

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The funny thing is my ex-husband and his wife shop churches for handouts and collect government assistance while I travel frequently and live on a cash-only economy.


That is totally unfair, and since the powerful pick on the meek and silent, time for singles to speak up, and vote for change.


good! i want the economy to be just as miserable as i am on valentines day!

@evestrat lol thanks! i am only kidding valentines day doesnt affect me in the slightest


"The real problem is that there are many instances in which our society and laws punish single individuals and reward married individuals. For example, married individuals can contribute to their IRA even when they have no taxable income and benefit from lower insurance rates, while single workers are the only ones that can be taxed into poverty.

Additionally, economic studies have shown that people view men as more employable once they are married — but the opposite is true for married women."

@evestrat I know the feeling.


I am single, have been for 50 years and not hurting in any way, shape, form or fashion. Life is good.

@NerdyOkieDude Anything can happen at any given moment.

@NerdyOkieDude It was in response to your stating: "BTW, those advantages may well be gutted in the next few months". Nothing more.

@NerdyOkieDude flying pigs produce low fat delicious bacon.

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