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Why can’t religious people understand that atheism isn’t a religion?

It’s so annoying when they try to argue with you and say otherwise. I keep getting stupid theist on atheist YouTube channels leaving comments about how atheism is just another religion, trying to debate atheist and agostics. I don’t understand why they just can’t stay away from atheist channels, anyway. Like what are they doing here.

EmeraldJewel 7 Feb 14

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They can't help themselves. It's part of their mental illness. And yes, I absolutely believe that religious faith is an intentional mental illness.

Indeed it is.
It's a contagious mental illness.
Hell, look at the characters in the Bible.
Let's see...
Talking burning bush...
Attempted murder (sacrifice) of a son.
Climb a mountain to hear "God"

That's just a small handful of what I can remember right off the bat.
Sounds a lot like schizophrenia to me.

Not to mention that their gods sound like they have some sort of personality disorder like D.I.D

Lmfao!!! I like that you called it mental illness.

@EmeraldJewel I've been calling it a mental illness for a number of years now. I've also caught an awful lot of flack for doing that. My rationale is that religious faith is rooted in delusion. Delusion is a symptom of mental illness. Hence, religious faith is a mental illness.

@NeoXerops Their god has a whole host of character flaws. Let's see, serial genocide, extortion, passive/aggressive behavior, child abuse, and explosive anger issues. Gee, what's not to love?

@KKGator OR their Hebrew god is really only a copied version of "Anu" the blood-thirsty alien leader who came to earth to mine gold and genetically engineered humans by mixing their DNA with human apes, as told about in the Sumerian texts. They were written 2000 years before the Bible, and obviously copied, since the stories parallel the Bible ones, even with similar names.

The origins of human beings according to ancient Sumerian texts []?

@KKGator it deserves to be called just that. Anybody that claim god is talking to them in their head has a problem.

@KKGator you nailed it

@KKGator you nailed it

@NeoXerops a illness for sure lol. The man attempting to murder his son was too much for me.

@EmeraldJewel Haha, absolutely.
But hey... I guess if the voices in your head tell you to do something...
Imagine if someone tried pulling this shit nowadays. That person would be in an asylum.

Let's not forget about the whole cutting of the dick skin thing...
That's definitely up there in terms of worst of the lot.


For the same reason they don't understand Atheists don't worship Satan, that we are for the most part very moral people. Ignorance of the willful variety.

Bad alleged gawds good alleged gotts magical thinking is mental illness when acted out upon Atheists or other cult victims


Because the virtue of faith has been so deeply brainwashed into them, they can't believe that everyone doesn't live by it.


I get annoyed with Government surveys that ask your religion and list Atheism as one of them. Thankfully we mostly now have the option of "No religion"


Why can’t religious people understand that there is no god(s)?

I tink Bill Maher calls it "religiously insane." Even if he doesn't, I still like the term.

@SaintStephen accuracy!


Two main things: 1) they think in terms of belief so everything is a belief and 2) much of the point of religion is for tribal identity, not tenets. Religious people don't get that "none of the above" isn't simply another flavor of the same stuff they do and they don't get that atheists aren't this band of people that have meetings on how not to believe in God.


I totally, completely, absolutely, fully, comprehensively and overwhelmingly agree with you! If there is one thing that really blows wind up my skirt it is that comment from religionists. It shows that they understand neither religion nor atheism. And it's a put down that I have heard from religious people far too often.


What is annoying is when they are given a proper definition and simply ignore it. They are sometimes simply incredulous, however many are simply purposely misleading. More specifically this is the apologetics group.

Yes, that’s very annoying.


They are so invested in their religion and have such low self esteem, because they only equate their self worth in terms of 'God loves me even though I'm unworthy."they cannot grasp that people can function without religion.

JimG Level 8 Feb 15, 2018

Low self esteem is an understatement. ...cult victims believe they deserve eternal burning of their flesh painfully and accept any version of the heaven bribes to mitigate such zero self worth


If one is all about religion, then "leaving" or not believing must just be because of another religion. They can't imagine no religion. They must blame Satan or something. Just can't see that no gods means no magical beings at all--at least no deities.

Satan: the imagery invisible enemy adults blame when things are bad, just like children when they get in trouble.


I suppose at least partially they have no other frame of reference.


It's much easier to say that they are opposit sides of the same coin, but they are not connected. With faith you follow your beliefs no matter what the evidence. With rationalism you change your beliefs based on the evidence.


It is for the exact same reason they don't see that their religion is an alternate reality.


Religious leaders have convinced them so

Cult perpetrators


They're trolling.



Don't the religious people kinda make a religion out of a lot of things? It just comes natural to them!

Whenever something big pops, somebody wants to make it into a religion, as in "Stranger In A Strange Land." Or a wack person like Ken Hamm making up his own, out of his own head. And we know many who have done that. The shame is the needy people drawn to those wackos.


It is insane to try to make sense of the insane. is absurd to call their hairstyles equal to OUR BALDNESS. ...believers are unwilling to reason they are 99% Atheists and we are 100% Atheists. ...we have zero beliefs that Thor or YHWH exist what xian keeps Jehohvah on the same brain cell as Thor? Perhaps the paranoid thinking thunderbolts are magic ?

That is way to have been reading again!


Thank you.


Most I think believe atheism is paganism. Cause some people have asked why I would believe in Satan and we surprised when I told them that that was a myth just like their religion.


because they are religious!


I stopped arguing with theists. It truly has become a no win scenario with them.


Because fuck learning definitions yo. Lack of belief isn't a belief, but they don't always seem to understand that sadly. It's more annoying when they tell you that being an atheist requires as much faith as any it does not.

Lol your comment is priceless!!!


Because the dogma if their religion dictates their entire life, religious people have no concept of the ability to think for themselves. So they have to have a religion.


Because ignorance....


Group think is a big part of Religion. They go to church and act as a community. There are rules that they enforce on anyone that wants to be part of that community. It is completely alien to them that we could agree on one thing and act as a community without everyone having to follow the same set of rules. The amount of questions I here that start with, 'Do atheist believe', is ridiculous. Some of them honestly believe that there is a sacred text we all follow. That we actual follow scientist in the same way they follow preachers. It's the way their world works and they are unable to comprehend the idea that we don't need all those rules.

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