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Military Tribunals

Are you aware that Military Tribunals are in process of being set up to try members of the Cabal, the Deep State, the Shadow Government in the United States ? That Senator McCain was put before the first major one ? And what the result was ?

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AnokaShiva 3 Dec 21

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We need more choices--like we don't think any of this is real. & If the tribunals are still being set up, how did they manage to try McCain, who happens to be dead?

Carin Level 8 Dec 23, 2018

If there’s a shadow government.. could you please tell them to get rid of the pussy grabber in chief ruining America. We’d really appreciate it. Since you’re in the know and everything.



godef Level 7 Dec 22, 2018

WTH? Can you please change your profile picture?


Are you aware that you're full of shit???


Are you aware of mental hospitals and the first idiot ruining the U.S. military so that there will be no more fake military tribunals?

lerlo Level 8 Dec 21, 2018

Anyone with more than two active brain cells knows better than this. I think you might be processing too much San Pedro cactus there, mate.


It’s been too long since I’ve listened to coast to coast am and Alex Jones - I’m out of the loop:/

Well dog gone it, you just better start listening to ole Alex and get up to speed on the latest of what is really happening in the alt-reality universe.


Uhhhhhh. Too many people would need to maintain silence. I served in military intelligence and even there, where silence was golden and those who spoke up were shunned, many, if not most would refuse an illegal order and take it up the chain of command. At higher levels, that chain leaks like a sieve.


Did you know that you are full of bullshit?


Why is this a poll?


My grandfather has been going on about this for a year. His sources are conspiracy theorists on YouTube. Do you have a real source?

@Dave75 Oh, please no! Things are more than weird enough!

@phxbillcee Oh, it is the Masonic lodge's fault for the way, who is the Masonic lodge?

@creative51 Antifred, an amusing but twisted individual that was around here a while ago. Haven't seen him lately. Wasn't really a troll, just weird & mistaken.


Oh, what are those ornery lizard people up to now?

Deb57 Level 8 Dec 21, 2018

Conspiracy with the Pod People of course.

They've united with the Nazis.

You know...people say the lizard people are evil, but it occurred to me, how does nature adapt and evolve? One, there is just natural selection - where one species has an advantage and pushes out the other. The other means is by placing stresses on the population, and the population adapts and grows stronger. If they exist, maybe instead of evil slavers, they are just pushing us to evolve into something better - which wouldn't happen without stress. You could put it in the commonly used TV trope, where Pleadians are playing good cop role, Lizard aliens the bad cop role. Not saying I'm drinking the kool-aid next time a comet comes by...just a thought I had IF they do exist, or if we came across a possible intelligent race that needed a push to get to the next level, what would we do? Playing mommy and doing everything for them wouldn't be a catalyst for growth. Anyway...just some thoughts about the "what if's", taking biology/evolution and doing some out of the box thinking on the topics.


I honestly don't know.


Site your sources, and they'd better be legit.

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