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Spring is here!! I don't care what the calendar says. The lizards have been out, sunning themselves, the bees are flying about, and I just had to turn on the a/c.

KKGator 9 Feb 16

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Enjoy your lizards


Lucky you, living so far south!

Well, I live in a tropical paradise myself, for now.


Heard the first chorus of Spring Peepers here (admittedly a bit half-heartedly) here in MD today. Usually I interpret that as one of the signs that Spring is almost here, as those guys/gals get an early start on their Frog breeding season.

The Peepers started up a few nights ago, along with the crickets.

@KKGator - And of course - it snowed here in MD today! Ha!


Last week...

skado Level 9 Feb 16, 2018



In South Florida the lizards are out all year long. We only have two seasons. Tolerable and Hot as Hell.


Spring. Oh, how I long for Spring. It snowed here today. Oh, how I long for Spring.

Betty Level 8 Feb 16, 2018

I am in north central Texas and it isn't quite here yet but it is fast approaching. Thank goodness.


Still cold here.

HAHAHA! well, that took me a sec or two. L 😀 L!!!


I have seen bees here and a mosquito last week


Grass is greening here, needed to AC the house, and my pet snakes are awake and hungry! Yep, Spring.

Zster Level 8 Feb 16, 2018

I spent the winter in Summerland key Florida was 80°F here today I dread going back north to Illinois, the end of the month I will make the trip if it isn't snowing. Do you like all reptiles? I like exotic animals especially insects. I was raising Blaberus giganteus,crickets and isopods

Yes!! I love my herps (almost made that "herpies", but realized a possible alternative connotation might result), both captive and wild. The snakes are housed in people's bedrooms. They get to know their human room mate and we get to know each snake's personality, which is unique for each.

The snakes and lizards out doors are a huge perk of living in this southern US geography!

If you share the fascination, you shoukd drop by the Critter Corner group. (:


You make me sick, or I am jealous🙂


It was 80 today and the damn grass is growing... what a bummer.


So did I. The pollen count was high today. It's spring, no doubt about it.

Gert Level 7 Feb 16, 2018
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