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LINK Left Behind by Trump’s Boom: The Rural Americans Who Elected Him

Times are tough all across rural America. Nationwide numbers paint a rosy picture of accelerating growth and near-full employment. Swaths of the countryside tell a different story, its protagonists barely scraping by as their jobs drain away in the downturns and don’t come back in the booms.

HippieChick58 9 Dec 26

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Neither party gives a damn about lower class Americans left behind. The reasons Repubs win votes from rural Americans is twofold: Repubs play to the fears of rural folks about minorities, immigrants, and gays, etc., in other words anybody who's not white and hetero. Second, unlike the Dems, Repubs actually acknowledge the anger of poor whites and give them someone to blame, which the Dems don't do at all. Dems at the national level shy away from anger in campaigns, it seems too uncivil or low class to them and might offend comfortable suburban voters.


They almost always vote against their own best interests. It is called stupid. A condition that is pervasive all around the country.


He's the biggest liar to ever be in the oval office. I still can't figure how a racist rich man got elected. When he offended a lot people before he got elected.


Parts of this country have become a developing country (but developing in the wrong direction).


people are loosing their jobs but we have people saying yahh stock market had a big increase one day after weeks of looses. The stack market does not create jobs jobs create the stock market which only make rich people rich.

Precisely. Most financial 'markets' are simply cannibalistic gatherings. They do not generate wealth. What is laughably called investing is merely gambling, often with cheating thrown in.
Real investing means venturing capital to create wealth from scratch, not by eating the wealth of others.


Wait until the next recession, which is arriving now. Don't let today's dead cat bounce fool you.


Trump's bumpkins, too stupid to realize how fucked they are.


They deserve everything they get hit with for being so goddamn stupid. It should've been obvious to anyone with an IQ higher than room temperature what a liar, cheat, con man and scumbag he is. I have no empathy for any of them.


I do not understand how they were so badly conned, or why they call themselves conservatives.
I grew up in a poor rural area in north Florida where most have always eked out a subsistence level existence or struggled to survive. It is still that way today. They vote again and again for the people and the parties who do not do a damned thing to really help them to create a better existence. I feel both disgusted with them and sorry for them.

mahh daddy, his daddy, and his daddy before him voted republican so we have a traditional of voting against being moral, humanity, and having any soul. The black people have soul so we don't want it LOL

@benhmiller Not quite accurate. The south was solidly Democratic until 1964 and the passage of the civil rights act. It was then that southerners flocked to the Republican Party in droves to punish the Democrats for passing the Civil Rights Act.

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