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Whats The most frightening thing anyone’s ever said to you?

Redcupcoffee 7 Feb 17

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They can't find it anymore.


If you don't tell me where your brother is living I will knock your head right though that wall young lady!


"I am the storm" -- Donald J Trump

@Redcupcoffee In reality, I think it's a meme that his supporters have adopted / pushed, based on an inspirational post Hope Hicks supposedly had in her office at Trump Tower. However, it is apropos regardless because Trump's whole style is to engender chaos around him and feed off it. He pits his underlings against each other, he manipulates the media, his opponents, he knows where to press all their buttons. In the process he co-opts and corrupts and undermines everyone who comes into contact with him. To me he's borderline personality disorder writ large.


The first was when I was told my mom had cancer. I was 14, she was 44. She died at 45. It was 1972 she had ovarian cancer.

Several years later that the doctor saw a problem in the ultrasound. The first time I was pregnant the hospital had a new ultrasound and every expectant mother got at least one ultrasound. This was 1982, ultrasound was new. I was newly wed, and got pregnant really easily and quickly. Before I got pregnant I was taking Tagamet for ulcers, and that depleted my body of folic acid, which led to the baby having several neural tube defects, one of them definitely ruled out life outside the womb. We were at a military hospital and the defects were substantial enough that they suggested abortion, which I agreed to.


I'm not your father and your real father is dead [ a lie as it turned out]


I now pronounce you man and wife...


Let's make America Great Again!


Hi. I'm Special Agent____ from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and I'd like a moment of your time.....


I'm pregnant.



I know that you are the one for me because God sent you to me, and here is the engagement and wedding ring that I bought six days after we met. We will get married around Christmas, and we need to go see the pastor for the premarital counseling. I am not joking, this really happened to me.

Wow, congratulations, lmao.

@JimG I ran out of the door and never looked back.

@noworry28 hahaha


My daughter texted me awhile back while her uncle was driving her somewhere “😟 there was an accident.” Innocently referring to some vehicle accident they passed. I told her she can’t send me messages like that.

Marz Level 7 Feb 17, 2018

In a nightmare from driving for way too long , I heard voices that said that I would be forever deemed insincere . It was right before or after 911 . Devastating !

Dougy Level 7 Feb 17, 2018

"I love you." 🙂

Well, I was being humorous, but it CAN be frightening.

That's what I was going to say. 🙂

@LimeySteve when it means I want to control you and take over your life, yes , that's scary stuff.

Unfortunately, that's what it means for a lot of people. Unconditional love doesn't do that.


I was attacked by a man in my housing scheme afterwards - he said to my partner in front of me "Tell that bitch I'll wring her fucking neck I'll get her put out of here!


There isn't a problem with the planet and overpopulation.


"Your sons have to be delivered now, we can't take a chance any longer on Baby A's heart rate."

They were delivered 2 months premature (minimal time in NICU -Baby A stayed four more days than Baby B).


Are they OK now?

@HippieChick58 Yes they are, 16 years old, both Honor Roll, very bright, ambitious young men with their eyes on their future.


"We reviewed your MRI and the previous technician made a mistake; you have to be admitted after all."


"I voted for Hillary" lol, no. Right before I got shot that son of a bitch said, "you'd better run, cuz imma shoot ya." He did. He also didn't make it far after, until the cops came.


"If you don't accept jesus christ as your lord and saviour, you will burn in hell". Not because it's nonsense of course, but because my dear son, whom I raised to be a free-thinker, said it to me, and I can't understand how he can believe something like that.

I'm so glad I don't have children. That's the sort of left turn that I'm not sure I could handle. I'm all for letting people make their own decisions in life, but to be brought up without the dogma of religion and still turn fundamentalist/evangelical is so tragic. It's like they were inocculated and still contracted the disease. Ugh! I'd have a really hard time with that.

@resserts Yeah pat yourself on the back for having the good sense not to reproduce. It's HIGHLY over-rated, and GoldenDoll's post is one of the reasons why.

My step-daughter can be a real asshat sometimes, she is one of those people who, when frightened or insecure, reacts by getting really angry and acting out for no discernible reason. My step-son is a wonderful being in some ways, but a real self-absorbed turd when it comes to investing in / maintaining relationships. He's always too busy / focused on his own goals and needs. My daughter is also admirable to me in many respects, including that she saw through and rejected the religious BS even before I did. But ... she's quite narcissistic and I dread phoning her because she nearly always ends up blabbering on about herself and never asks after me; it's very unbalanced. My son -- while I miss him terribly since his death two years ago, his life was on a trajectory that I knew would not end well; I just didn't think it would happen THAT fast.

Nether my wife nor I raised our children to be as they are or set their expectations wrong -- they are just very different personalities from us and did not respect our input to the process.

So ... my direct and indirect children have not been the joy / comfort / delight people fantasize about, let's just say, and taking myself out of the equation, I don't enjoy bearing witness to their suffering either.

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