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So what's he gonna do about the harassment? Go in his corner and cry?


Trump being office is harassment to this whole country. Trump is more the "anti christ" type of person.


This type of threat is common among mob bosses! But they still get taken down.


That should pretty much guarantee a flood of new investigations. I love how Mueller is handing off all the local crimes he uncovers to the appropriate state jurisdictions. I'm hoping for nothing less than criminal charges and the collapse of the entire Trump empire.


Smoke and mirrors will not save him. And, the new progressive congressmen and I doubt they are intimidated by him or his cronies.


He'd be funny if he wasn't so dangerous.

Carin Level 8 Dec 30, 2018

He is afraid there is more? Get the popcorn.


So what if they are "harassing" him? There's nothing he can do about it. lol


Donald "grab them by the pussy" is getting desperate.

I love it when you talk dirty! 🙂


"Presidential Harassment" is NOT a crime.
I hope Pelosi and the democrats harass him so much, that it drives 45 to a fucking stroke.


How dare you stop him from helping the plutocrats.


I consider the fact of Trump as POTUS harassment. I didn't ask for any of this crap and he just won't stop. Fake "Reality TV America" POTUS.


Hillary had her fucking ass harassed off then.

This guy just doesn't have a fucking clue. Not one.


Freakin' widdle snowflake candyass......


the jokes just keep coming


Oh my, let us not harass that poor man! He has a very big job in undermining our democracy and must not be disturbed!

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