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Is intelligence or wisdom more useful?

Elvi 5 Feb 18

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Intelligence tells you that there is an electrical current running through the light socket.
Wisdom tells you not to stick a fork in it.

That's why intelligence is more important. Intelligence says, "Don't do that." Wisdom screams, "Don't do it AGAIN!" lol

@JimG Real wisdom tells you not to do it in the first place. 😉


Wisdom is applied intelligence, ergo more useful.

Intelligence is what you need to grow your wisdom. without intelligence you can NEVER EVER HAVE WISDOM. Intelligence allows wisdom to grow. You don't like it, don't read it or block me.

Bingo! Give the man a cigar.


Wisdom. I'm told I have a high IQ, but damn I do some dumb shit.


one and the same


The more intelligent you are the wiser you can get so I would go with intelligence

Wiser is about experience, the know-how that you know works while the intelligent will waste time trying to see how it works and how to improve it. We ain't got time for that shit. Wise will get there first... Wise is Knowledge... Proven Knowledge, not theory of the intelligent. Coming from what military use as intelligence... the military applies the intelligence received to gain Wisdom. The Wise owns the intelligence so... Give me the Wisdom that is intelligence that works applied. The Duck is already cooked ready to eat.

the old chicken or egg thing. very good concept.

@LeighShelton Yeah. Has to be the egg that was not laid by a chicken.

that's true it's just a bird that's nearly a chicken.


I believe wisdom to be more important. Because, even some genius' have been insane! My own schizophrenic, sister has a genius iq, (tested).

There was that movie "A Beautiful Mind" about a mathematician who won the Nobel Prize, for a theory he created while suffering from schizophrenic delusions. He was very highly functioning for someone with that diagnosis, but he did go through periods of dysfunctionality from his disease. Yet, eventually he also acquired some wisdom where he could differentiate between his delusions and reality. At least according to the movie.


Intelligence and wisdom walk hand and hand, to lack either, ensures and impossible man.


Probably wisdom


One of the main differences between intelligence and wisdom is that intelligence is the knowledge gained without making a mistake, whereas wisdom is the knowledge gained by making mistakes.
Wisdom generally comes with age


Intelligence hands down.


I know lots of wise stupid people and I bet if you checked them for their thoughts, they all work or voted for Trump.
strangest thing what a bunch of money will do in caring about wisdom or intelligence!


Both are useful. Intelligence is usually used to describe a younger person, while wisdom is usually used o describe older persons. I think they are just ways of describing a sinilar trait at different points in a person's life.


I am not sure, but you can't have wisdom without intelligence. Kinda the chicken-egg scenario


Yes! My nerd knowledge can come into play here! For me I believe that without wisdom one cannot properly use intelligence. Anyone can have intelligence but without proper understanding people just make mistakes.

wisdom is not a guarantee of intelligence. I rest my case..

@BettyColeman that is very true Betty, But a wise stupid person won't be able to as much harm as an Intelligent person with out the wisdom to use it right.


Depends what you want to do... in bed prostitute wisdom trumps intelligence every night of the week.


I'm definitely more on the intelligent side, less on wisdom.

I can compose a symphony, but i keep making the same mistakes over and over.


Intelligence, in my opinion, includes reasoning, problem-solving, and foresight. Wisdom is purely knowledge based on experience, not necessarily first-hand experience.
While both are important, I think wisdom is wasted without intelligence.

JimG Level 8 Feb 18, 2018

I say wisdom, because in order to be wise, one ought to also know how to make oneself happy.


I see intelligence as book smart and wisdom as street smart. The more useful of the two for me would be wisdom.


Now history proves that wrong. Hitler, Mussolini, Castro, Stalin, Lenin were not highly intelligent with lots of wisdom. You mix some greed in there, and boom! They all look smart but they are manipulative. That's a difference. You know, rofLMAO, you are like a bulldog. Can't we drop this? I'll call tie!


Both at the same time. I'm too young to be wise.


Intelligence plus experience equals wisdom. If you have both their use goes hand in hand. If you only have intelligence and not wisdom, it is a tool that serves well.

Gohan Level 7 Feb 18, 2018
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