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What food did you dislike when you were young that you learned to like later?

I used to dislike onions, banana peppers, and tea. I love all of those things now. You?

silvereyes 8 Feb 18

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When I first moved to this country at age eleven, the first time that I ate pizza, it taste so bad, like cardboard that I did not want to try it again for years. until someone took me to a real pizza parlor and made me try a New York slice of pizza.


I just thought menudo was the boy band until I went to Oregon and saw it for myself.......I couldn't do it.

And it's still gross.

I had to look it up. Yeah, I won't be trying that. Ha!

For me, it's not always the combo of foods in a dish, it's the seasonings always used. Wish they'd sell them unseasoned, then I could use what I like.

I can't get past the smell of menudo, also the contents of it are disgusting to me.

@SonderOpia Hahaha! Yes it is!

My grandfather made menudo... Hated it as a kid but add some red chili and it is pretty good.


I didn't like raw onions, sharp cheddar cheese, raw green bell peppers, mushrooms, and cream of mushroom soup, but I like those now.

Me too, on all of those! But I have to ask about the cream of mushroom soup... do you make it like soup or just use it in recipes? I like to make things with it, but I can't imagine eating it like soup.

@carlyhorton I like it both ways. It's not my favorite soup, but it's pretty okay. The trick for me is to whisk it really well to smooth it out. I think that was half of my objection when I was a kid.

I still don’t like raw onions. They’ve gotta be well disguised if they’re in my food.
Mushrooms either. Fungus. Yuck. Can’t get over the mental hurdle.


Asparagus and'em both now..

Cruciferous and root vegetables have so many ways to prepare. Some are good raw.


Olives I absolutely love them now..

I'm not big on green or black olives, though I can eat them, but kalamata olives are really delicious. When a friend and I eat at a Greek restaurant, he'll say to the waiter to hold the olives and I'll chime in to put them in a separate dish and give them to me.


My mother did tell me that after coming out of my coma that I would eat things at age 6 things I wouldn't before and vice versa. Anything I've disliked since then and retried has only re-iterated my dislike though I'm not sure why I keep subjecting myself to these cruel tests.

Every now and then I think, "I should be an adult and eat beets." And then I'll try them again, and rediscover why I don't eat them. (Canned beets in particular are just awful, but I've determined I really don't care for them fresh, either.)


Brussels Sprouts. When I was young, my mother used to boil the crap out of them, and they were disgusting. But these days, I have had them at fancy restaurants and made them myself, there are so many ways of making them beautiful. nomnom.
Other than that i was easy to feed, I love all food, except I still cannot do rice pudding and porridge (Oatmeal I think you call it)

Sacha Level 7 Feb 18, 2018

Yeah, rice pudding isn't appealing to me, either, but I'm good with oatmeal/porridge. How do you do Brussels sprouts? I didn't like them as a kid, and I've had no exposure to them as an adult, but I know a lot of people love them. I've heard they're good roasted?

Sacha, how can you not like rice pudding?

I used to think oatmeal was the most boring food ever. Now I stir in a generous amount of cinnamon and top with chopped banana, raspberries and or blueberries. I now find it pretty yummy.

@El-loco I guess it is the texture, I also can't do Asian rice porridge (Congee) which is the same texture, same thing just a main meal. The Indonesian version Bubur ayam is doable as you add fried chicken thick sweet soy and chilli sauce, deep fried shallots and other stuff, which I can eat just. But I can't do the European sweet version.

@resserts Chopped up, roasted with balsamic,garlic, bacon and Parmesan cheese

@Sacha I can't believe I came on an agnostic site to argue about rice pudding with a woman.

I love all pudding, tapioca, rice..... Great to have when you're sick.


I don't like tomatoes. I still don't. Something about them grosses me out, and I can't explain it. This was worse as a kid. But...I loved the smell of pizza. I wouldn't ever EAT it though, because I was so wigged out about tomatoes. So as a teen (19) I applied for a job at a pizza restaurant, thinking "this is great, I won't be tempted to pig out at work." But I love the smell of the place! So I started making myself little personal pizzas with no sauce. Then just a hint of sauce. I still order pizza light on the sauce, but it still befuddles me that I reached the age of 19 before ever trying PIZZA!

When I moved to Naples, Italy at the age of 24, I fell in love with pizza with a whole new passion. Just thinking about it as I write and I'm salivating. πŸ˜€

@silvereyes I can't either, now! I still don't eat spaghetti with the traditional red sauce, or any other dish like that. No lasagna, or chicken parm. There are a very few things with tomatoes that I'll eat. And raw tomatoes? NO WAY!

Fresh garden tomatoes are great. Store tomatoes are tasteless. But I like good canned tomatoes/paste, or diced in goulash, etc. Also, there are seasonings I don't like--the sharp, weird ones like some Greek and in spicy tomato sauces.

I only started tolerating tomatoes recently, like on a burger, in a salad etc. but I’ve always been a huge fan of pizza and Italian in general, as well as ketchup. I was always able to compartmentalize those, luckily.


Onions and mushrooms.


For me it was spinach. I use to hate it but now I really like it (except for boiled spinach).

I used to hate spinach too! As a kid, the only kind I'd ever had was frozen in a box, then boiled into a smelly slimy mess. Now, wilt some in a shallow pan with a little olive oil and garlic, and I'm all over it!

Boiled spinach with apple cider vinegar was something I really liked as a kid. I think I just wanted to be Popeye. πŸ™‚

So many things are great fresh, like spinach. In the eating out of cans and freezers age, people couldn't cook. Now you can get those good "rabbit" foods without knowing cooking methods. And, as I said, root vegetables are good roasted. Don't boil everything.

@carlyhorton Omg one of my favourite things other than Olives.


Orange juice: from ick to yum
Mushrooms: from disgust to lust
Dark chocolate: from despise to cherish


I'm trying to think of something, but all I keep thinking about is what I still dislike that I disliked as a kid. πŸ˜€


Haha! still thinking then?

@Tiffanny The only thing I can think of right now is squash. I love acorn squash. Not so much as a kid.

@Paul628 I have never heard of acorn squash will have to google.


I've always had a pretty strong aversion to seafood. I went vegetarian at 18, and it took me until i was 21 to get the guts to try sushi. Now, avocado rolls, cucmber rolls, sweet potato rolls, veggie tempura rolls... staples of my diet.




Broccoli is probably the biggest. Of course, I haven't tasted brussel sprouts or lima beans in ages, nor do I plan to in the future.

godef Level 7 Feb 18, 2018

We had Brussels sprouts last night. πŸ˜‰

@Paul628 Ack!

@godef I didn't say I liked them, only that we had them. I can eat a few, but if I eat too many I'll turn into a giant gas bomb.

Try brussel sprouts! Grilled with lots of olive oil, lemon and garlic! I hated them as a kid too and didn't try the again til it was 40. They are amazing.

@Roadster You're probably right. My mother never fed me spinach when I was a kid, but she did to two of my sisters as part of a diet, and the horrid look on their faces convinced me I'd probably hate the stuff. Of course, that spinach came from a can; I've learned to love spinach prepared properly in various Florentine dishes, in quiche, and even raw in a salad.

@godef I had the same experience with spinach, I still don't like simple cooked spinach but mixed fresh or cooked into any number of dishes, it is excellent.
Good call on the Lima beans though. I don't think there is any way to redeem them. I try every now and then. Never has worked out.


Sprouts.. or know here as Brussels sprouts. My mums family is British, a very traditional veg and they were served at just about every meal. My nan would boil them to death. Gross. My mum started roasting them and I fell in love. Now as an adult, I eat them at every opportunity!


Blue cheese.
I love the stuff now.

Blue cheese is awesome


Cole slaw and stuffed peppers


Sweet potatoes

Rocco Level 2 Feb 18, 2018

Oatmeal. I still don’t love it, but I can do cold overnight oats now. Cheesecake. I wouldn’t even try it when I was a kid. Now I love it!


Tapioca pudding! or frogs spawn as it was called in my school days


Pretty much any vegetable. I hated them when I was really little. Started to get used to them in my teens, and now, I am a vegetarian


My worst was mushy vegetables. Any peas and boiled okra. One day at a friend's, I was so hungry I ate black-eyed peas and liked them. It took longer for green peas, but I just came to like food when it's cooked properly. Then I discovered fried okra. Now I can eat any vegetable if it's fried or roasted. My family just didn't know how to cook.

What about mushy cabbage, carrots, spuds and savoury mince. With gravy. I used to live on this when I worked in Bridlington. And for a tiny groat more you could get sponge cake with custard and a cup of tea. Can't believe I got paid for eating my lunch.

I now like cabbage crisp or cooked. Love sweet/sour homemade slaw. Most fast-food slaw is barely passable.


I didn't used to like Brussel sprouts but now I do.

Do Americans know what Bubble 'n Squeek is?

Only thing I could never eat was sheep's brains. My sister used to like them but it was the thought of eating something's thoughts that bothered me.

Alert. Much British food sounds yuk to me. Maybe it's the lack of seasoning.

@GoldenMean Not if you've got a sachet of Gambian Adja it's not.


Most things, but then my mother was an appallingly bad cook. Started eating different food as soon as I was the one doing the cooking.

Kimba Level 7 Feb 18, 2018

Liver. Then, I learned that it was the organ that stores the most toxic substances, making it like eating a cesspool. I don't eat now.

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