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Who gave you the 'birds and bees' lecture~

My mother tried really hard but she just made a joke of it. But my Daddy talked to me about love, commitment and how to make good choices. Eventhough he's gone now, I love him so much. Its good that they teach the mechanics in school, but there's nothing like having a sincere conversation with a father that loves you so much. How about you?

stomato 6 Feb 18

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No one gave me the "birds and bees" lecture. I learned from my fellow teen-agers, from observing animals , and later from college biology classes. That is why, in 1966, as a high school biology teacher, I introduced a united on sex education (against the principal's wishes -- "if there is any problem, it's your ass." Not a single parent or student complained.


Eddie Murphy


Actually, that was a pretty funny day for me, when my mom took me and my younger sister to a park in the summer. She laid the blanket out, spread out the picnic lunch and with a very serious face told us that she was going to tell us things we should know about boys and sex. We both looked at her and cracked up laughing. I was twelve and my sister was eleven. My mom in wonderment wanted to know what was so funny? With a huge grin on my face I said to her.." Ok, mom what would you like to know, as we probably already know more than you." She just gasped. I learned everything from my older brother and I was the one who told my younger sister. Thank you for bringing that day's memory back.

I couldn't tell my sisters anything like that. But the 2 older ones taught me how to dress up to attract girls and gave me the confidence I needed to approach girls and for that... I am most appreciated.

That was awesome!


My father, it was short and sharp and totally useless, he was so proud of himself he went and told my mother he had had the talk with me, and I will repeat it word for word to you, I was 11.

"You know how sharks and dolphins breed, well it is the same for people, and if you get a girl pregnant I will cut your legs off".

Haha haha! Excellent.


Older brothers. Didn't learn about tampons until my sister turned 14, and I saw her hiding them one day. She caught me while I was reading the instructions. After she ripped the box from my hands, she looked at me and said, "Now you know"


Nearly every day, at lunch, in home room, a guy named Paul would get up and tell everybody in the class all the intimate details of his sexual encounters.

gearl Level 7 Feb 18, 2018

Believe it or not, I learned from magazines. I managed to get my hands on Playboy and Penthouse in Jr high and high school, and that taught me how men and women go at it. As a gay man, I had to guess about that stuff, but I was able to put a brief snapshot together.

WOW! You had to transpose all the man to woman information into man to man. I can see there would be a lot of similarities, but the differences must have been mind blowing!!

Let's just say I feel really sorry for the first guy I ever dated. It was weird.


I may have posted this before, if so my apologies.
Little Johnny has just turned 12 and his father called him aside and says he is going to tell him where babies come from.
Little johnny begins to sob, then cry a little louder and finally is wailing inconsolably.
His father asks him what is wrong.
Johnny replied,
"First you told me there was no tooth fairy"
"Then you said there was no Easter Bunny"
"Last month you said Santa wasn't real"
"and now you are going to tell me that adults don't really have sex, I have nothing to live for!"


No one. I pretty much have it all figured out now, though. Mostly. 😉

I did spend specific time with each of my kids discussing human sexuality and all the emotional and complicated aspects. We had some "ew" talks but they quickly found it was good and safe to ask questions and tell me what they already understood, etc. During high school it was discussions on gender norms, sex shaming, etc with them initiating discussions.

That sounds a lot better than the lack of info most kids get! Good for you!


Never got thay talk. Parents never said much about It, except it was for married people. School taught abstinence only, for about 30 minutes. Other than that I learned from peers and, later, the internet. I was really confused about a lot of things for a while though.

Elsy Level 4 Feb 19, 2018

No one but the standard teachings, and only half of that because unless you finished your homework you only learned the half about your own body. So, have a comprehension problem, learn only enough to keep your head above water.

Small town living in a red state.


Someone I used to know once told me that everything he knew about sex, he's "learned from porn."

I had to ask if that's why he'd been single for ten years.

Jnei Level 8 Feb 18, 2018

My father. It was short and "sweet". "Don't play with it, you'll go crazy". (1956)


My best friends Mom. There's a lot more to this story but I answered the question.


One of my girlfriends in the 5th grade.


My son was pretty young - I think six or so. He'd asked me about sex and I put him off. Later that week he asked me again. I was prepared. I pulled over the car and cautiously proceeded, trying to gauge just how much he wanted to know. Gave him a truthful but not too specific version. When I was done he sat there a moment, then said, "I'm never going to do that." He's 16 now. I am pretty sure he's changed his mind.


My best friend in 6th grade. Her older brother told her. I tried to discuss it with my mother, but she pretended not to hear me.


I’m not sure I ever had one. Learned in biology class.


My mom, the very first time that I asked! (age five, I think). Her explanation was very clinical, complete with diagrams from a how-to sex book, and pictures from a Hustler magazine!

I got in all kinds of trouble (so did she) when I told other kids about it. I never understood why, when I was telling the truth and that their stork-delivery parents were flat out lying.

Zster Level 8 Feb 19, 2018

Great question! I have a great answer.
My mom was very depressed and repressed and wouldn't even talk about any of that. In fact, when I started my period she had the nerve to ask me if I knew what was going snarky response was "yeah mom...from my friends, with no thanks to you.."
My dad took me aside after all this and have me these pearls of wisdom...
"Guys operate on the 4 F rule: Find 'em, Feel 'em, Fuck 'em, Forget 'em...remember that when they come sniffin around"....I've never forgotten it.


Bob Guccione

godef Level 7 Feb 18, 2018

My friends. I do remember my son candidly telling me he crawled out of his mother's mouth and that was how he was born. He was too young for birds/bees.


nobody hence I was still a virgin at 23


My parents chickened out. They left it up to the schools and the church to tell us what was what.


1) The vicar - no, seriously

2) My first Spanish prostitute. (Hey, I gotta a reputation to maintain here).

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