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RedVines or Twizzlers? 🙂

LilAtheistLady 7 Feb 18

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Twizzlers, only because I've never had Red Vines.


Red Vines


Oh, wait, there's more to it than the title! Twizzlers. I love Fringe and Walter, but I can't do Redvines


I fail


I do not recall seeing redvines in this part of the Midwest. I like twizzlers, but really love the old fashioned black licorice. Another default vote for twizzlers


I have no idea what you are talking about ? Please explain . I,m thinking that they must be delicacies pertaining only to the colonies .


@DobbinPitch we have turkey twizzlers which I can shamedly say are similar to chicken nuggets . Red vines .... Not a clue

@MarcIveson ...what. the. Actual. Fuck? Turkey Twizzlers?! Where's the vomit emoji?!

@DobbinPitch Well, according to the producer in Norfolk .... They are bootiful . I must admit They are evidently popular with children . No wonder we lost the empire !

@MarcIveson seriously, how does one even go about making candy from turkey?! Are you in the U.K.? Is that why you have no idea what Twizzlers and Redvines are? Basically, what everyone here is talking about is strawberry flavoured licorice whips.

@MarcIveson ah, yup. Checked your profile. It's all making sense now lol

@DobbinPitch Ah Hah! I think they call them bootlaces here ...Redvines that is.
Both black and red. We don't really call things candy , just sweets or sweeties .
Candy floss is that whipped sugar on a stick , mostly sold at fairgrounds.

@MarcIveson I love discussing the differences in what things are called from one part of the world to the next. It's stuff like that that trips up imposters!


I'm an equal opportunity type person..... I enjoy them both.


What are RedVines?

Ok looked it up. They do not sell those around here.

Twizzlers by default.


Depends on the mood and movie at home or theatre.


Gotta go Twisler

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