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LINK Trump Literally Did Not Understand What a Shutdown Would Do

The Trump administration’s shutdown of the federal government over the last two weeks is a synecdoche for the way it has run the federal government over the last two years. They blundered into it almost by accident, without any understanding of what they are doing nor any plan for success.

Just as Trump did not expect to win the election and neglected to plan for his transition, he shut down the government on a whim, after right-wing media complained about his plan to approve a government funding bill. Nobody in the administration had a clear understanding of just what a shutdown would entail. Two devastating reports in the Washington Post over the weekend detail the horrifying scope of their ignorance. The administration did not realize that 38 million Americans lose their food stamps under a shutdown, nor did it know that thousands of tenants would face eviction without assistance from the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

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d tru mp " They always do" he could care less $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


He isn't a politician he isn't even a man he is a skunk!


He stated they will make due they always find a way! He has no idea how it may be to live paycheck to paycheck and have no savings.

This a ''man'' who said he is self-made but got a loan for one-million dollars,and when the interviewer said don't you think that for most people think a million dollars is a lot responded ''but I had to pay it back.''In French they say ''Son père est né avant lui''.It means his father was born before him,meaning the family money came before him.


Your slum lord president really doesn't care about people on food stamps and for evictions,I think that was his job.I say your because I am from Kanuckistan (Canada) and your tangerine-in-chief said he would practice shooting his nukes at us (and California) before attacking N.Korea and that we were America's helmet.If we are the helmet he is the dick.LOL .


Is thee anything he understands that doesn't involve his pocket.


Nooooo...he didn't understand? I am Shocked!


Trump is kind of amazing for all the wrong reasons. He's enjoyed a life of fame, wealth, power and privilege while literally having no talent or skill at anything. He's not only ignorant, he's flat-out stupid and is incapable of learning. He knows nothing and has no interest in finding out anything and he listens to no one. He also has no virtues as a human being. He's a pathological liar, a serial cheat, and a career con man. He's a corrupt, narcissistic, amoral, greedy, hateful scumbag. If it weren't for the dumb luck of being the son of a wealthy man, he'd never even have risen to the level of a shift manager at a Burger King in Queens.

He's living proof that it's better to be lucky than talented.

Well said!


He has a 3rd grade mentality compromised by his dementia so there's that.


He is most clueless president we have had in my life time. It is sad that there is number of people who thought he was the solution to this country problems. I think he has made some things worse and may not be fixable.


When ignorance, hubris, cruelty, and lack of empathy coalesce, it looks like this.


even if he understood I don't think he would care

Was gonna say the same thing. Caring is sort of a prerequisite for whether knowing would matter. The tragic part is that his ignorance is such a better excuse than the truth of his cruelty.


45 is not the brightest bulb on the tree.
Never has been.

I've said it before, if he hasn't been the recipient of his daddy's money, he'd be just another fat, balding, con man from Queens. Standing around with the other losers, talking about how their wives don't know about their girlfriends (they do), and what
piss-ant scam they're running.
He probably would have done time for a running a 3-card Monte scam.

He really needs to be removed. I don't care how it's accomplished.


The administration is totally incompetent.


The incompetence of this administration knows no bounds. Combined with the mendacity and corruption, the bar has been reset to subterranean levels.
We can be appalled, we can be outraged, we must organise for the future.
However, we can no longer be surprised.


Name something Trump actually understands the long term consequences of. Knowing how to inflame a crowd doesn't count.

You have a very good point.


The truth is even of the was aware,he has proved repeatedly that he has no concern for anybody outside of his family


Trump literally doesn't understand what playing Russian Roulette with six cartridges loaded would do.


He is an idiot...

Beat me to it

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