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I Bought Me A Bike Today!

So I have 30 more pounds to lose before I reach my goal.

I am currently 280 and my goal is 250.
I usually walk 5 miles a day. I guess now I can ride 10 miles...

twshield 8 Feb 18

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I used to commute to work by bike. Great fun.

@twshield My commute was 15 miles.


I bought my bike just to be able to ride in the Portland World Naked Bike Ride each year.


Nice wheels! I picked up a Diamondback from Dick's sporting goods at the end of the season for about 60% off. First bike I've had in probably 10 years. I'm still pretty nervous on it lol, but it's fun. Good for you!

@twshield DAY-um, dude! Thats awesome! Youve gotten rid of an entire human-worth of weight. That is a major achievement. I'm proud of you!

@twshield I'm glad you stuck with it. So many people want instant results and give up before they even get started.


I've been where you are and biking was a big part of my program; commute to work by bike and then do long trips on weekends. If you can work yourself up to 70 mile days a couple of times a week, you can lose any desired amount of weight, especially if you do that in the summer.


280 and 250 are pounds?
In which case I am 314 and my goal is about 210.
I think I just need to decide to do it.
In 1999 I went from 343 to 202, in about 5 months.
I began walking, after work, every night, once I hit 5 klms (say 3 miles) things began to improve and I doubled it. Then I bought my first ever in my life bike. I was 40. I began slowly, rode much further than I ever walked, within a month I was riding 30 klms, (18 miles) before work, eventually it was 80 klms, - 50 miles the or 4 times a week, still walking and swimming then I took up roller blading. As the weight drops it gets easier to exercise. I kept the weight off completely for about 8 years, then gradually put it back on, the past 5 years have been bad. My best tips are, start your trip riding into the wind, makes an easier trip back, and every calorie you don't eat, is one less you have to burn off.
I would start my rides on empty forcing my body to consume fat, stay hydrated, and withing 20 minutes of finishing a long ride, consume some lean protein, even an egg white in a glass of milk, so you have something to repair strained muscles with. You will do it.

@twshield losing 120 over that time is pretty amazing, I would also hit walls, so frustrating, and I admit to being a bit silly about it. I would change my routine, add an extra walk at night, alter my diet a little, always less calories, never more, steamed vegetables which I hate were a daily event for me, my problem is double, I like food and I hate exercise. No calorie jelly helped fill gaps at times, something I haven't been able to get since was a very low calorie chocolate flavoured mousse, it was delicious and I had that after a big exercise session. Seriously, you have done so well, the bike will help lots.


How fun...the sun and wind will be on your face and something about bikes, gives me the feeling of more freedom! I hope it does for you as well! Good luck with your weight loss, too!


Awesome... Enjoy riding!


I bought a bike like 3 or 4 years ago. I've used it about maybe 3 times lol

@twshield I'm sure you will make better use of yours than I did mine lol. As soon as you get into the swing, it will become normal to ride it.




Ride that bike everyday, at least 2 miles per day. You will see results in under a week. And your legs are going to be a bit sore for a few don't give up!


Yay! Welcome to the cycling fold!

PS: I bet you can do much more than ten miles. Bikes are seriously efficient machines (massively more so than cars) and cycling is a whole load of fun - most people who take up cycling find they do more miles than they thought they could for these reasons 🙂

Jnei Level 8 Feb 18, 2018

@twshield My bike - "Marianne". She'd be fast if she belonged to someone who wasn't a lazy cyclist like me 🙂


Best thing you could have ever done for your health. I used to jog until I hurt my knee. I love "cardio" and took up biking. I even have a stationary at home. I have never felt more healthy and challened. Congrats! 🙂


Good for you! Keep it up.




Sweet! Keep up the good work!


Sooo... what's the basket for?

@twshield Get a Snoozer handlebar pack. Ride around with a dog in a basket and you could get more b*****s than Cesar Milan. 😉


awe, I wish we lived near each other, I have a bike and no one to go riding with!!

Bunch of deadbeats huh? 😉


Excellent ! You may find it's so much fun, you'll find every reason to ride around ! Enjoy !


Stick a basket or trailer in the back for groceries and use it for other chores too

I do that.


perfect. go pop some wheelies.

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