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Once again, I offer the safety of my credit union accounts (member since 1973) for you departees to stash your cash in case you need it later! I promise, it will be right there waiting for youu!


LOL, that has been the teaching, doctrine and thought of that organization from the very beginning of it.


The time travelers all say Trump will serve 2 terms.

Do not even Think that! Unless you Want me to move to Canada?!?

@AnneWimsey Canada has real nice Caribou.


I'll believe it when I see it. There been other claims that world is coming to the end and nothing happened.


LOL, looks like he's been watching the movie 2012 a bit too much lately, his description comes STRAIGHT from the script.


And the year 2000. I will come to the party!


People have been predicting it for many centuries. Why should they stop now?


Just like the world ended on December 21, 2012.

Yeah, funny that it ended on my 59th birthday, yet I celebrated my 65th birthday last month, did I miss out AGAIN.

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