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LINK Why Trump’s Unusual Leadership Style Isn’t Working in the White House

Who could ever have seen this coming?

As Doris Kearns Goodwin, the presidential historian and author of the recent book “Leadership: In Turbulent Times,” told me this week, Mr. Trump manifestly lacks a long list of traits associated with effective leadership: “humility, acknowledging errors, shouldering blame and learning from mistakes, empathy, resilience, collaboration, connecting with people and controlling unproductive emotions.”

HippieChick58 9 Jan 11

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He isn't a leader. He's a bully in a leadership position.


Trumps election shows us that the system is broken and maybe beyond repair for the country.


"Unusual"....if by "unusual" you mean "incompetent/frightening/ divorced from reality", yup!
But putting "leadership" and "skills" in a post about chump???? Really?


i'm sorry, does this imply that trump has a leadership style?



I would hardly call Trump's pathetic attempt at running this country as leadership. There is none, as he said that "the buck stops with everyone." Really? I think if Truman were alive today, he'd have something to say about that.


I have read Goodwin's book. the assertion above is absolutely correct.


Basically he lacks the traits of being a person sums it up pretty well.


His leadership style did not work in the business world either.


This is just so sad. My hope is that this is a wake up call for great change. I have to think that or it is just the US going down the toilet.

@Infoguy211 One can hope so, but there is a great disconnect with republican voters who bote for candidate base of what they say and then pay very little or no attention to what they are actually doing or actually do or what actually happens. That is the reason of how and why the "trickle down" con game has been going on for so long.

Of course in the U.S. voters on both sides of the aisle don't pay much attention to more than just the superficial. Generally though, Democrats pay more attention than republicans and are more willing to hold their elected representatives accountable, while republicans tend to just make excuses for theirs.

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