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LINK Trump rejects shutdown deal Republicans negotiated with Republicans | MSNBC

He won't even work with his own party. NOT MY PRESIDENT!

HippieChick58 9 Jan 11

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Wow! Now maybe, we get the change in oval office that this country real needs. You can't run a country without support from the "little people".


he has too many chips in on this wall to fold, or more importantly save face. he may not be able to cover his bets on this one.


A distraction from Mueller


And yet everyone is overlooking the fact that trump's shutdown, by definition, is extortion. Isn't that against the law?


Had about all I can stand of these bastards.


Great so they must decide is their allegiance to the country or TRump once and for all!


MORON to say the least IMPEACH NOW!!!!!!!

Impeachment won't accomplish anything. Unless and until the Senate votes to convict and remove, impeachment means nothing. The current Senate, as it stands right now, will not convict him. It would be a waste of time and money.
Maybe, after Mueller's report, just maybe, the Senate might be open to the possibility. But not until then. Maybe not even then.


He remains a simple bully.It is my way or no way.


Im glad. This is going to his downfall. But, I feel bad for those not getting paid. F*ing orange clown.


He just wants to declare a national emergency. It's a new toy, like revoking press credentials was, like revoking security clearances was, like shutting the government down itself was. He doesn't have a party, he wants it to be all him even when people agree with him.

@slydr68 I certainly think he's gonna try. I don't think it will work, but yeah, he's gonna give it a shot.


Not MY president!

Not mine either, never has been, never could be.

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