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Bad choice. Don't be taken in by the comments and cheap shot appearances she makes to be popular. Look at her voting record and deep seated religious convictions against liberal lifestyles and other conservative agendas she hides pretending to be a democrat. She is not who she presents to the easily swayed by photo ops and attention getting glib chatter. She is a publicity whore, not someone with the best interests of the citizens of this country at heart. Those easily taken in by Trump, will also be easily taken in by Tulsi. Cut from similar cloth. Not to be trusted.


Well whaddya know, there is a god after all! This is just excellent news!!

skado Level 8 Jan 11, 2019

Finally, a real candidate.


Yes! I've been thinking about her and hoping she'd run for the past two years. A really good looking, young Bernie with no 'likeability' concerns!


Oh no. A three-ring circus is about to commence and the results are gonna be a repeat of Trump...just in the color blue. All these wannabes will cloud the worthy/worthwhile messages of those truly qualified with real time experiences. America may completely fall off the world stage but for laughter & pity should 2020 end up with another win by another "wild card" candidate. smh

(She's a wonderful woman. She's not, in any sense, Presidential. Not in qualification, not in experience.) ?

Ahem - she's served her country in more ways than any of the current batch of candidates. Also, she's a younger Bernie. Also, she called Trump "Saudi Arabia's bitch".

She's a female candidate that spoke up at the national convention in defense of Bernie. Warren didn't budge except to meet with and do some photo ops with Hillary.

Enough with the photo ops, kissing babies, and politics as usual. Want swamps drained? Tulsi will get it done.


She seems like a good candidate. Hey, the more the merrier!


Has she announced it officially?

It was on CNN that she said she will run for president. Formal announcement in the next week.


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