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Do you think Jesus actually existed?

Do you think Jesus actually existed? (If you don't like my options pick the best one and comment below ?)

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Chooseluv 5 Jan 11

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I’ve had few patients called Jesus. Of course in Spanish it’s pronounced ha-SOOS. Those of flesh are the only Jesus’s that’ll ever exist.


Absolutely not Jesus was an invented religion by the Romans during the Jewish revolt. It was an attempt to pacify the Jews who had in turn invented their religion after 722 BCE when the Assyrians conquered the region and exiled them. Until that point in history the people of that region had been Pagans and had worshiped fertility symbols (stone penises, boobs, butts, etc) and their largest structures were no larger than 20' X 20'. This is confirmed by both archaeology and the carbon dating of the Dead Sea Scrolls which are the first writings of Judaism. The dates of the first writings of and acceptance as a state religion of Christianity are very close and were obscured by the state on purpose. The bible itself is a confirmation of this as much of the history is faked and twisted to suit the needs of Rome itself. As was mentioned before the Romans borrowed and invented religions on a "needs based" basis and Jesus was a combination of Greek, Roman, and Egyptian gods with a name change, serial numbers filed off, a new paint job, and overnight a new religion emerged. Of course those gods had also been invented and were based on Hinduism and the Demigod Krishna (also known as "the Krist" ).


Dan Barker, former minister, author of Godless and president of Freedom From Religion Foundation, does not.


It’s interesting that there are so many differing opinions with in this thread. Everyone claiming them as facts, yet no one can deliver any source of knowledge, including myself.
Thank you for starting this post I’ve been reading and researching for days. There is a great deal of writings out there on the topic but differentiating fact from fiction is the difficulty.
I’ve yet to find one source I would view as credible.
Very interesting

I don’t think we can say there is no proof.
We need to look at everything and try to sift Through facts from fiction.

@Chooseluv and the article I just read says there were no followers ?

Nazareth itself was a town that didn't exist in the time when Jesus supposedly existed it was in FACT a cemetery on the outskirts of Jerusalem which would have violated their religious beliefs to live there as Jews. In point of fact it wasn't occupied until centuries later by Christians....


I don’t know.

I don’t know if there was ever a normal man who was named Jesus and these stories were twisted and exaggerated over the years to make it into the Bible. I don’t know if it’s just a legend made by a group of individuals who eventually wrote it down.

I highly doubt it was created by the Romans though. The Romans were organized in their justice system so if there was a man named Jesus tried for, I assume, treason then it would have been documented.

In the 3 first century after christ, it was 100 type of Christian but Constantine ordered to remove all teaching was against him. Only 4 gospel survived in Bible but right now we found different gospel even Judas gospel... it's very interesting because in this gospel , Judas claims that he is a true follower of jesus and Jesus asked him to sell him to romans???????
The most interesting of this group were gnostics... in 1994 a boy found some books in a cave in near Nile river .. it's called nag hammadi texts... the story in this books is the opposite of church's teaching .... basically these books are telling that Christian god is a fake god and he wants to use us????....
I think he was existed but his teaching was corrupted through time... I consider him as a human's teacher like Buddha, zoroaster, Confucius and ....


To answer the question, no the biblical Jesus didn't but there seems to be a few bits to suggest there may have been a person or persons with a bit more insight. That being said the region was probably so fucked up they'd have followed Kermit the Frog if he'd lived then.


The Romans put someone on the cross, but the Romans put a lot of people on crosses.


Yes of course he did. He is well documented and was a great Rabbi of his time.


@PalacinkyPDX where’s the proof to back up what you are saying? If you’re referring to ancient Greeks they were way before this time period.

Typically 4th century Greek is referring to Socratic times. This is nearly 500 years prior to Roman Empire and this time period.
I can find to historical reference to your claims, please provide proof.

@PalacinkyPDX you said Greek persons
Those aren’t Greek persons
That’s Greek language
And that still doesn’t mean he didn’t exist

I’ve never seen the queen of England
But I know she exists

If he was a holy man and Jewish that would insinuate he’s a Rabbi. There is a great deal of discussion about this.

@PalacinkyPDX you are both wrong Palestinian rebels were a dime a dozen zero were named Jesua Nasoret and the MATTHEW lineage is the longest fraud in the 500 year old fake King James bible. ..essenes retreated to a devils tower geographic shithole where they all starved to death or fell off the cliffs they climbed. ...real King Herod died 4 BCE making the back dated calendars of 800 CE 4 years before the alleged vaginal virgin birth in the dirty donkey stable that nevery existed in Bethlehem where zero persons were ordered to be taxed there by a real Caesar

@GreenAtheist toss up some links
Let’s see some facts

@darthfaja why ? All you posted is religious gibberish I already stated facts

@GreenAtheist religious gibberish? I didn’t learn any of that from a religious source. I was taught that in college from a philosophy class.
Facts? I’d like to see your sources so I can learn something.
If you don’t have sources then it’s all just gibberish.

@darthfaja you went to one of the handful of colleges without religious bias ? My Drake University had militant Atheists on the faculty who protected students from sophomoric faith folly citing source documents not wiki bullshit. ...Even my Diciples Religion Professor taught xian roots from MIDRASH tradition completely are mythical without lies reliant on forged Josephus "history"

I’m well educated with multiple degrees in various subjects. Philosophy is near complete opposite from theology. All of the universities I attended were non religious. I welcome and embrace all knowledge.
Please enlighten me with what you know. I’m happy to learn. However I would like some references so I may know the source of your knowledge. That way I may continue to learn and teach others.

@darthfaja having read already your "teaching" our poor Portland comrade, I decline your faux initiation. ...count me a 100% Materialist and Ethicist. the morals for 2 living rapist popes

@GreenAtheist save the morals?
I have no idea what you are referring to.
I’m simply trying to find what you speak of. I have been looking but I can’t find anything to confirm it and I’d like to read about it please.

@darthfaja try a good University card file for books rather than wiki faux sources

@darthfaja or is wiki cross referenced with Dewey ?

@GreenAtheist who’s using wiki?
I posted a PBS site but nothing else
You seem to have an issue with me wanting to learn something I didn’t know
That’s a little odd

@darthfaja television gibberish that has been censoring American Atheist scholars since 1963 ? You are the naive odd student

@darthfaja I was 11 When Dr Murray, JD was first paid thousands in HONORARIA @ many top Universities when public television had not yet won funding from LBJ

@GreenAtheist you’re just talking in circles.
You accused me of using wiki. I’m not even sure where that came from.
I simply asked you for sources so I could learn what you knew and you’re all bent out of shape and provided no sources at all.
Yet we are just supposed to take your word?
On what basis?
It does seem my information was wrong, so I’m trying to fix my mistake.
All you’re doing is trolling the thread.
For what purpose?
How about you help educate all of us.
That’s worth while.

It would be nice to have a conversation and learn something.

Are you opposed to helping us learn something we do not know?

Or should I base your knowledge on ‘faith.’
Because I believe all of us here prefer tangible facts.

Isn’t that what’s brought us all together?

@darthfaja fair enough response this time but you are ignoring my general citations of library catelogues and our historic teacher founder of American Atheists 1963-1995 during her tenure unto kidnapping and beheading with most of her family raped and identically murdered. ..NOR HAVE I once trolled as you falsely accuse. ..innocent as charged. ...again PBS is guilty of 6 decades of censorship against American Atheist scholarship so the ball is in your court to defend the false leading question PRESUMING any personage existed with one name common in the Phillipines and Mexico but zero in all of Palestine history. ...there is more evidence for the historic Pinocchio and Gepetto than geebush Jehobah yhwh ghostholes

@darthfaja I own the old book and memorized the Disney movie PINOCCHIO I first viewed for 20 cents in the RKO Orpheum Theatre DesMoines Iowa

@GreenAtheist I don’t see any citations

@darthfaja are you blind and ignorant of Dr Madalyn Eads Murray O'Hairs dozens of books, radio and TV productions by the hundreds and thousands of scholarly published American Atheist Magazine Articles or are you just committed to insulting your elders ?...This is not West Law or Supreme Court reports but it is a dating site for Atheists who are annoyed by children perpetuating religious fraud

Are you a dick all the time or is today a special occasion?

Jesus fucking Christ man, if I knew who that person was I probably wouldn’t be asking so many questions.

Not once have you mentioned that magazine and I’ve been asking repeatedly for a source to read.

I’m asking legitimate questions and you take every single response I make as an insult or a jab at you.

But after a dozen replies from you, thank you for something to read.

And Not everyone uses this as a dating site.

How about next time you say: check out American Atheist it’s a good source and a place to start.


I don't know if the Romans made him up, but whoever did certainly did it to control other people, just like the other religions.

Carin Level 8 Jan 11, 2019

You can know Romans are the source of the 3rd century tradions of fake xian claims....Constantine would not know Aramaic from Arabic nor Latin from Hannibal


I think there could be a possibility that there could have been a man who did some good things to help others, but that he might have had some loyal followers who could have exaggerated his deeds. I also find it more plausible that a lot of his feats were made up by the Romans in order to control the masses.

It does seem like that has been a common occurrence throughout history where you have had men who have been lionized into god-like/messianic figures by people who were either close to them or influenced by them.


I haven't studied the subject, but the consensus seems to be that he did exist []


The idea of christ isn't made by Romans..... This Idea exist for years in Egypt as Houros ,In Persia and Rome as Mitra.... too many of Christian ceremonies come from mitraism. Too many churches was built on the top of mitra temples.... 24 december was Mitra's birthday and it was holiday in Rome before Jesus. it was political decision to choose a religion for Rome and Constantine chose christianism because his rival was a follower of Mitra and arch enemy of christianism....
Here is some examples:
12 disciplines, born from virgin mother, going to sky and promise to return, using candle and music in temple ,Eucharist , the les super and .....


Although Jesus was undoubtedly a normal man, the Romans definitely took advantage of the nascent religion’s distributed beginnings, cf. the Council of Nicaea. So option one and two are both right, to a certain extent. And it’s hard to argue against option three as far as the miracles are concerned.


i don't know (or care that much) but if he existed and was even minimally as described (divinity aside) he was jewish and did not have a greek name. if the greek name (thanks to paul's unsuccessful attempts to convert the greeks to judaism and his successful attempts to convince them jesus was a god) was an attempt to keep his real name more or less intact, his real name was likely joshua or yehoshua. at any rate, if he existed he may have been an essene. if he wasn't an essene, he was surely married with kids. it is almost impossible to believe we could ever know for sure whether he actually existed, but if he did, he was almost certainly nothing like the person portrayed in the christian bible (ANY version thereof), again divinity aside. anything he is said there to have said or done that might accidentally be historical is probably a stranger's interpretation of then-traditional judaism (the last supper's being a normal seder, for example, or his being pissed off at money-lenders being in the temple -- it has always been traditional for money not to be brought INTO temple much less dealt with!) understood through the lens of his judaism, he was more likely a rebel against change than for it, unless of course he was an essene, in which case he was one of the first jewish monks (not called that of course), recruiting young men into the religion instead of marrying and having kids and perpetuating the religion and culture that way. again, we'll never know. he could be as fictional as ulysses, or just a real guy who got fictionalized, and it won't make a bit of difference to those who invoke his name in reverence.



This is a good read here. It’s long and for me requires a lot of rereading and some searches to look up things, however it seems well founded.



This may be worth checking out.
However it appears to come from the view point he definitely existed.
It’s supposed to be presented without any religious tones. It’s s place to start.



It’s so crazy what’s out there. I’ve read a dozen articles today. Some religious, some scholarly, some publications.
There is such an agenda with Jesus with either trying to prove or disprove his existence. This is going to take some time and a lot of reading.


Copy cat invented religion from Mythra Cult soldiers busy conquering evil Hebrews circumcizing baby boys


Though Jesus was a common name in those times, there is good evidence that a Christ-like figure known as Jesus of Nazareth did exist. There is also evidence that he could have been a composite of several Christ -like figures from the time. There is no credible evidence that he could actually perform miracles, or rose from the dead. And it has been established that the claim of him being born of a virgin is a mistranslation of the original Greek text. So he was just a mortal man with some good ideas, and some bad ideas, who was scientifically ignorant, and was duped into believing the primitive superstitions and fairy-tales of the Bible just like so many others.


I know Jesus.
He works in a boot factory in El Paso.
Very talented guy.


The use of giving the name "Jesus" was common in that area at that time. So, it is likely that many Jesus' existed but a biblical one never did exist.

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