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Where to post my Poetry

I would like to share some poetry I've written but I'm not sure which group it belong in ,or where I should post it or if anybody would even care to read it

Sharkymama 6 Jan 29

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There is an "Authors editors and publishers " group on this site that would welcome you...


Hey @Sharkymama I'm a fan so if u keep posting I'm gonna keep reading. U are amazing love your vibe....?


I would love to read your poetry in this forum (General & Hellos). 🙂

@bestwithoutgods thank you ! I will do that soon !


Wordsmith or a poetry group I have 2 on my profile just follow the links and join the groups you want to.

@azzow2 can I post the same poems in more than one group?

@Sharkymama You sure can.


Try this one, it has over 400 members


@ipdg77 thanks ! I joined ?


Check out Poets Corner, it's in the Groups lists.


You could post it in general but I'm sure there are poetry groups. And loads of people would love to read them, and they'll comment too (usually nice comments)

@ipdg77 , some may be lengthy, do we have character limits

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