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Movie Test! UPDATED** How many movies have you seen?

Do you consider yourself a movie buff?
Here is a list of 50 movies. Award yourself 1 pt for each one you have seen.

I have seen 37/50. Who can beat that?

**UPDATE: A couple of you noticed the fine print in the lower RH corner allowing an extra point for each movie in a series.
#13 LTR is a trilogy and #33 SW has a whopping 12. They haven't indicated additional movies for either #21 Jaws or #34 Alien, so we will just count the originals.
So I've updated my numbers now to 46/50.

BeeHappy 9 Feb 1

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26 that I can recall. But I've seen many more that aren't on the list, so...

  1. At least this has given me some Netflix ideas for the weekend.

#17 is my favorite movie of all time. I also highly recommend #s 23 and 32. ...and 44.

@orange_girl Those are all great films. I especially love me some Guillermo del Toro.


41 before I saw the note on the bottom 57 after

Great! Yeah someone else pointed that out to me too. I need to review my numbers (geez, I don't think I can remember how many of the gazillion SW movies I've seen! Lol)


only 14----


I've watched only 20 of these movies.

  1. I still haven't seen Titanic. So glad to see numbers 23 and 32 on the list.

You don't need to see Titanic.

@Hastur I know. ?


21/50 but my tastes are more diverse than the list, I have over 380 dvds, 6 flashdrives and about 30 old VHS tapes in my collection at present, all of different genres, etc.

Wow, nice sized collection. Yes the list is limited.

WOW, 380 DVD's! And I thought I had a lot with 86.

@jimdaughters I usually try to buy 2 new dvds every pension day, we can get them for $5 each at a store called Cheap as Chips, mostly excellent quality and some really great movies and docos available.




Only 26 😟


17 - more than I thought I would have seen.


Why doesn't The Godfather get multiple points for the series? The second one is in some ways better than the first IMO.

Sorry, I didn't make the list or rules. But I do agree with you, the second one was better.

@BeeHappy Well...apology not accepted. That makes you one of the "Unforgiven" [] 😀

@jondspen Yeah, yeah. ?

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