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5 things..

Name 5 simple things that automatically put a smile on your face.

  1. When no one is home and I can pee with the bathroom door open.
  2. The tilt of a person’s head when they take a bite of a taco.
  3. Seeing people embrace one another at airports.
  4. When my cat yawns.
  5. Hearing my daughter’s big laugh in the next room.
AMGT 8 Nov 3

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  1. My doggies coming to the bathroom with me because I let the door open

  2. Your appreciation of tacos

  3. Kangaroo page on Instagram

  4. Misfits reunion shows

  5. Friday’s about 3 pm because I suffer from capitalism


Just about any damned thing. I'm easy to amuse.

  1. Children
  2. Sumatran dark blend coffee
  3. The ah-hah moment when I’m teaching and you can see the light go on.
  4. The conclusion of a difficult proof.
  5. Watching my daughter sleep peacefully.

I figured you would feel that way.


Because I have cats - I BETTER keep the door open - privacy is an unknown concept !

Ok , 5.

Seeing that a new spider is setting up house somewhere in, or on my own house.

Watching the chickens take their dust baths in the dirt - so contentedly.

Seeing little old folks holding hands.

Around dusk each day - a huge flock of Ibis fly over my house on the way to their roost trees.

Sliding under the electric blanket on a cold night ... ( not so many of them here, good thing !)

  1. My girl singing at the top of her lungs with headphones on
  2. My dogs telling me that water is boiling on the stove
  3. Interesting bugs
  4. Thick southern accents
  5. When i can make someone laugh
  1. My mother
  2. Strangers in public (you'd be surprised at how easily they will hug for no apparent reason)
  3. My cat's purr
  4. The sweet look on my grandson's face when I stroke his cheek
  5. The moon

Number 2 is funny..
your #5 makes me smile because I like hearing you laugh loudly from the other room, too, ma.
So I guess that’s my number 1.

  1. Hearing Zane make fun of his friends
  2. Someone offering to buy me food
  3. You offering to make me food
  4. Thinking about food
  1. Archer
  2. Spending time with Friends and Loved ones.
    3Seeing the person I crush on
    4 My cat Timmy
    5.Just telling Jokes with Friends
  1. Driving with my windows down & my music loud
  2. Seeing unity in the community when society says it doesn't exist
  3. Having one of my animals settle down for a cuddle on my chest
  4. Seeing my teenage daughter smile
  5. animals, in general....

Fabulous post, AMGT.

  1. When a pleasant memory comes to mind while listing to music.

  2. Sinking into hot, scented bathwater.

  3. Observing a bond between a parent and a child.

  4. Encountering cold, crisp air on a sunny autumn day.

  5. When a wild squirrel I've named Marzipan, visits me daily for a treat (looking through the window to see if I'm home).

  6. That moment when you feel a connection with another human being.

  1. Silly cute animal videos (especially since they don't know how funny they're being.
  2. Walking through my rose bushes and spotting a bloom opening at just the perfect stage.
  3. David Sedaris reading pretty much anything he's written.
  4. Great sex afterglow..
  5. My teenager commenting on some absurd religious or conservative political drivel he's just seen through. (Yes!)

meeting another atheist out in public.
puppies and kittens, and kids playing.
lithium. or nitrisoxide. lol
mile stone scientific discoveries.


1/. That first cup of tea in the morning
2/. When I'm wandering through the bush looking for wood, and I see a sculpture just asking to be made.
3/.When I see a fellow artist's work that really takes my eye.
4/. when it is falling dusk and the squirrellgliders are starting to fly from tree to tree.
5/. when I'm out sailing, and I see a family of dolphins playing tag around my boat.
Such a delightful post, thank you AMGT.

  1. When all of my kids gather around the table and laugh at the antics and misadventures of growing up in a house of 5 children with a teacher mom and a drunken dad (now divorced but still amicable). There’s lots of laughter.

  2. A really intense thunderstorm.

  3. When I cook a meal that my kids love, or one of them asks me to teach them how to cook a favorite childhood meal.

  4. Discovering a really cool place to eat and drink that has personality.

  5. My cat, Nymphadora.


I tried to think of stuff for a while, but everything I could think of seemed disingenuous. I guess that on some level, it feels like attempting to define my happiness will somehow break the foundation upon which it is built. But here goes.

  1. A dog running up to me, excited, licking. I freaking love dogs.
  2. My extended family
  3. Other people's smiles and laughter.
  4. Someone scratching my head.
  5. Playing any video game with my friends and fucking up a lot.
  1. Winter sunshine
  2. Summer breeze
  3. Scent of roses, gardenia or freshly cut grass
  4. Thought of my cat
  5. A random act of kindness spotted on the street

And if I may add one more, my perfect cup of tea 🙂

  1. The laughter that my almost adult children share with each other in their private sibling world.

  2. Any good community experience. Such moments make me want to hold a snapshot of the event within my heart, never to let it go.

  3. Moments when my pets embarrass themselves doing something poorly thought through. I have to wonder what blunders we miss that occur in nature.

  4. The bliss of a perfect cup of coffee, with a piece of smooth chocolate, slowly savored on a morning when I do not have to rush anywhere.

  5. The first really warm days of the year, feeling the sun kissing my skin, while a gentle breeze stirs my hair across my shoulders. Toss in the tang of salt air and I am in heaven.

Zster Level 8 Nov 4, 2017
  1. Just about everything to do with my daughter.... She is absolutely amazing!!
  2. Watching my fur babies do all the silly things they do or just about any video of adorable cuties doing the same.
  3. Patents and kids being silly, happy, playful, fun, loving, encouraging, supportive etc with each other.
  4. When I catch people being kind to each other.
  5. When I win a game against my sister on trivia crack... such a satisfying experience.
DeiP Level 5 Nov 4, 2017
  1. When my son is thrilled or happy or excited about something and can't wait to tell me or even getting one of his bear hugs.
  2. When my friends send me silly, funny, sweet texts, cards, e-mails, phone calls.
  3. Meeting another vegan who really gets why being cruelty-free is so important for all.
  4. Flirting
  5. The way little toddlers and children are in and view the world.
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