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God? Anyone...?

Who is he?

Namxas75 3 Feb 12

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Curious on why you think god is a “he?”

WeaZ Level 7 Feb 13, 2019

no such thing, such absurd question. on the other hand, a good question would be how come you list yourself not only as atheist but antitheist and yet also list yourself as a believer?



It actually is a shortcut response to all the questions that mankind couldn’t answer. Pretty much a manifestation of the phrase “ just because “.


An imaginary friend for those that can’t make real ones


"God? Anyone..." - No thank you, I've had plenty!


Or was those magical being you ask about a [SHE] Attributing human characteristics to 'your' need for a deity only illustrates how primitive your thinking and how uneducated you are.
But then does not the same processes that Quantum mechanics and Relativity require also apply to magical thoughts. that is an [OBSERVER]? All matter is energy manifesting itself on a 2 dimensional plane as a 3 dimensional image. And that energy is nothing more than vibrations on that 2D .plane. It is all an illusion.

Ruadh Level 3 Feb 12, 2019

Quantum Mechanics and Relativity have NEVER failed in any experiment and today's technology rests entirely on the fact that Quantum Mechanics WORKS. God not so much.


Clapton is god! I read that. I believe that, as a guitar god.


A construct in the minds of those unable to see the world with clear vision.


Jerry Garcia


The word is only a symbol, but it can refer to various concepts from silly mythical gods to ultimate reality. There is definitely an ultimate reality but I shy away from labeling that as “God”. Some people do however.

Ultimate Reality is not a “he”.out there somewhere. We collectively are Ultimate Reality—not our bodies but our essence as conscious beings.




He is related to the Easter bunny, the tooth fairy, and Santa Claus.




Bow down.


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