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How should Jediism be considered in terms of religion/spirituality?

For my claimed religion, my introduction to it started out as purely interest because of my love for the Star Wars movies. However, as I’ve looked into it, I’ve decided that it suits me better than the Christianity that I was raised on.
But it leaves me wondering, because we don’t have a named deity (unless you consider a personality-less energy called “the force” to be a name/deity), we don’t have majorly recognized holidays, we have a relatively small following; however, we do have creeds, rules and set morals. We also allow the mixing of other spiritual practices, and we encourage other Jedi to be open minded about spirituality.
So would we be atheists, agnostics, or theists?

ErnestoVG 3 Feb 25

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I equate Jediism to Japanese Zen Buddhism - Buddhism - all schools - believe in Dharma/Dhamma - an force rather than a personal deity - Mahayana Buddhism - of which Zen is a sect - tends to being inclusive, open and egalitarian rather than the Abrahamic faiths that tend to be exclusive, closed and rigid.


Perhaps more philosophy than religion?


It's just as real as any other religion, and I'll take Jedi over Jesus any day.


It's good that you're thinking about these things.
It's very disappointing that George Lucas never really tried to expand or define the Jedi more than as a plot device.
Philosophically speaking, the Jedi seem to resemble the Taoists more than Buddhist. I would place them in the same family as the Bushido, the philosophy of the Samurai.


As a joke when asked which religion I believe in after I tell them that I don't believe in god.

Edit: I chose Jedi as my religion 2 censuses ago. I chose "no religion" in the last one so that atheists could e counted accurately.

RE: The edit Ditto lol


I am sorry, I have a hard time of thinking of it being anything other than full of shit.


You are way more advanced that other religions, with their so-called invisible man. The teachings of the force mirror in many ways the Buddhist and Hindu philosophies... do no harm, and when all this is over, the ONLY thing that will have mattered, is how we treated each other. Upon our short term visit here in corporeal form, a melding back into the "flow of the universe"... Most religions today pray to an invisible god and destroy a visible nature, never realizing that the visible nature they are destroying IS the invisible god they are praying to...carry on.

Fryan Level 5 Feb 25, 2018

Yoda couldn't have said it better...but, given his grammar...

You've just succinctly described the attractions jediism had for me twenty years ago.


It should be considered a made up fantasy version of admitting that religion is made up. Fantasy could very well be true (so agnostic), but why are you claiming a religion to get away from a religion? You would be considered theists for using a movie or set of movies as your god. you would not be considered Atheist because you are still conforming to a set of spiritual beliefs fed to you by a movie, which are probably christian if you were to dig deep enough or if not christian then they are probably derived from other religious texts. Jediism is more of a fan club, but I guess all religion could be considered fan clubs, but if that is your thing you are probably not an atheist, but you could be agnostic, christian, muslim, jewish, or spiritual and also be into jediism like everyone else.


Coincidentally, (and a little off topic) Mark Hamill is getting his own star on the Hollywood's Walk of Fame .

William Shatner tweeted him 2/22/18:
"Congratulations! BTW ask for a star on the south side of the street. I'm on the north side and don't want to devalue the neighborhood."

To which Hamill tweeted back:

"Thanks, Bill, It wouldn't be as special without a classic Shatner-burn from you! Live Long, But Get Lost- , mh."

Love it: "Live Long, But Get Lost"

cava Level 7 Feb 25, 2018

I, am an Internet ordained Jedi myself man haha 😀😉 (seriously)

I agree with you about the "Force" being the most logical form of an "all encompassing Deity."

Whether it's "Good" or "Bad" or a duality, doesn't matter; what matters is that it, to me, IS the Universe itself.. and WE are IT also.

The path, or, Way, one chooses, is how we tune into whichever internal spiritual frequency to be a part of.

Digging over the last 20+ years, I've discovered that the "Tao" predates even Buddhism, and in many ways, IS the code of the Jedi.

I read and collect any translation I can get a hold of, and compare them side by side, to uncover the general feel for what Lao Tzu was trying to convey...

I recommend it (the Tao) to anyone who finds the path to the Jedi the most applicable in a religious sense. I feel 100% positive that George Lucas modeled is character for the Jedi after it.
The Tao.
The Way. 🙂

I love this website.
Take care.
May the Force be with you. 🙂


"May the Fourth" is your national annual holiday. Get it?


Made up shit of less value than most religions, as even the "believers" know that it's made up shit from a make believe film.

Slightly more honest though and more of a philosophy than a religion.


Well, I characterize myself as a "Gray Jedi" (some Jedi / some Sith) ... But still seeking truth. I see a lot of Taoism and Zen reflected (as well as Naturalism) embodied within Jedi/Sith culture/tradition. I must admit your topic gave me a chuckle at first, but then really got me thinking. Which is always a good thing!


God mmmmm Resist we must. Leads that path to the dark side young ErnestoVG


I presume you're referring to Taoism which I'm given to understand is what The Force was inspired by.

If you embrace Taoism "because it suits you" that is intellectually honest and it doesn't sound like you're out to impose Taoism or its norms on others.

If by some quirk of history, the US were "a Taoist nation" instead of an allegedly "Christian nation" (in other words, Taoism were the dominant / majority religion) then you could take it to the bank that you'd have a nice diverse selection of Taoist holidays. One could start a whole other thread making them up, might be fun. As it is, you are choosing a tiny minority religion and you'll get no government endorsement for whatever rituals or customs you want time off for. It's just one of the trade-offs for choosing a hobby / club house that's not in the mainstream.

Personally my view is that if you're going to belong to a tiny minority and that's bothering you for lack of holidays you might as well belong to a less tiny minority (atheists) and just embrace the no-holiday thing loud and proud 😉 I mean what do you NEED religion for exactly? That's the question to ask yourself. Taoism (or most sects of Buddhism) has no god anyway, so you're effectively an atheist anyway, might as well be an areligious one.

Although it's possible to regard Buddhism or Taoism similar to deism -- that there is a hovering amorphous Something presiding over existence, but it's non-interventionist. Then you have to wonder -- how would you tell a non-interventionist god, an absent / indifferent god, and a non-existent god apart? You can't really. They all behave EXACTLY the same. Reality plays out EXACTLY the same. And to me it's no comfort and has zero explanatory or predictive power to choose to believe, without evidence, that some sort of deity is "in control" even in the limited sense of holding things together.

Well, you already said what I said, and said more.


Jedism is just the recognition that conciousness is a force of energy in the physical world. It is also a philosophy. I've. considered myself a jedi for 20 years and even put Jedi on any form that asks religion. But it has no god and doesn't have souls. Is there everlasting life of individuality, of the soul, In Jedism it is the wrong question. Individuality is an illusion, we are one entity. It is the only "so called" religion that claims nothing that science doesn't agree with. Unlike most where science is their enemy, Jedism has nothing to fear.

"It is the only "so called" religion that claims nothing that science doesn't agree with"

Except that science doesn't agree with the fundamental premise that consciousness is a force of energy. 😉

How does one measure consciousness or it's energy in the world? "recognized" forms of energy have measures and repeatable effects. I would like to know if you or this belief recognizes some unit of measure for this energy. I am guessing Midichlorians are right out?

@Fanburger Loosly based on the theory in the film, Not on the script. And read up on some Steven Pinker, Start with How the mind works. Ground breaking work, at the time.A thought is a transference of energy from one synapse to another. It can also be measured as an RF signal

@CapriKious Ever hear of an EEG. They know your dead when they can no longer read the energy that makes up conciousness. You see, to believe in a self seperate from the physical world, is to believe in religion, or magic.

@TheMiddleWay []

@Savage Indeed there is such a thing as EEG's and they measure electrical energy in the standard units. The claim was made that consciousness is a form of energy. My question remains despite your evasion. That you pretend that I have made any claims as to the separateness of a self another unsupported assertion.

From your link:

"No serious researcher I know believes in an electromagnetic theory of consciousness,"[18] Bernard Baars wrote in an e-mail.[better source needed] Baars is a neurobiologist and co-editor of Consciousness & Cognition, another scientific journal in the field. "It's not really worth talking about scientifically,"[18] he was quoted as saying."


"A thought is a transference of energy from one synapse to another"

That's like saying that a computer program is the transference of electricity from one transistor to another.

Both statements are grossly misusing the scientific concepts upon which they are based upon

In other words, I can no more point to a single synapse and say "that is me thinking about the Beatles is located" anymore than I can point so a single transistor and say "that is where the face recognition software is located".


Consistent. Ghosts and a poor kid from one end to the other. The individuals and who gets to learn it? Not so much. But then it is when the belief is strayed from that problems come up... Other than segregation of course. That's right in there.
Star Wars and many other films originated from Sand Dune. A group of books and movies that inspired much of science fiction today.

I wish I knew what the hell you were talking about.

@CapriKious I'm sorry it is only called 'Dune' The book written by Frank Herbert. It is the origin of 'the spice is the universe' as a spice from evil giant worm things on a sandy Dune planet. The spice was the only way to travel the universe. There is references to it within the original 3 Star wars.
“No my father didn’t fight in the clone wars, he was a navigator on a spice freighter,” is how Luke responds to Obi Wan’s off-camera assertion that Luke’s dad was a Jedi Knight and Galactic Army General.
In the book Dune, travel through hyperspace was only possible when alien beings consumed an hallucinogen that made them Clairvoyant-and presumably able to see through space-time. These aliens piloted the large Galactic Liners and were called Navigators and the Hallucinogen was a highly sought-after commodity commonly referred to as The Spice.
This is not the only films directly 'inspired' by Dune and it's movies. Which George Lucas worked on and 'read'.

@DragonDust Forgive me. I should not have said anything. I could not really care any less than I do.

@CapriKious Fair enough 😛 have an awesome day.


You believe that one bad deed forever sets you down the dark path and you can only be redeemed posthumously? Grim.

Ruzho Level 3 Feb 25, 2018

At least you can't deny that it is based on fiction.


I don't bother with these questions about what it is or isn't. I'm Agnostic so I can be fine not knowing.

Me too, agnostic, but I haven't figured out atheists either- why deny something that was never there in the first place, like man made gods? There may be a cognitive entity behind Nature but it has never come forward and revealed anything.


My first inclination is to say, "That's silly!". But it us no more silly than most religions.


Since they are all made up, rank it any way you please


I think there's just as much wiggle room for interpretation in the depictions of Jediism I've seen. I appreciate the ideas about balance, but I think it would wind up being just as bankrupt of a faith as Christianity in the end.

I have to wonder. What of balance? What is it, to be sought as a value?

I would argue that Balance is best expressed in egalitarianism and environmentalism: finding the points in society and nature where we do no harm and live freely from oppression.


You mean Jedism is a thing? It is a movie character! If you want to speak in German syntax, be my guest but a cult? A movement? Sounds like it was invented by and for 13 year old boys.

But that would denigrate 13 year old boys.

@Diogenes Can't be done. They do it themselves.


I'm glad you're here! I'm an "old school" jedi in that I see the possibilities, and usefulness, of the "force" as universal energy and other aspects of far eastern philosophies.

Sadly. it's become very sectarian. Which is yours? I took my ordination back when you had the option along with that of the church of spiritual humanism. I'm not sure when it split from them and when it split further...I have no inclination to chase down with which my ordination may exist.

I posted a collection of largely comical "hymns of jediism" some time ago. If you can see the humor you're my kind of jedi!

Hymns of Jediism

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