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Why do premonitions happen from a scientific point of view?

EmeraldJewel 7 Feb 25

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As animals out instincts make us much more observant than our conscious minds are aware of. Our minds process information subconsciously, and give us "insights" and "premonitions", out of what we subconsciously observed.


According to my mom, she says that blood is thicker than water. She says that the blood
can call out. I don't know is just mom. I know there were different things that she could not explain otherwise. I was in the hospital in emergency surgery, she didn't know why she had to get to me, she lives three hours away.
2 hours later my BFF called my mom and told
her that something happened to me and that I was in emergency surgery.
Strange that my sister never calls me, she was
calling my phone during this incident. She felt
a strong urge to talk to me, because according to her some thing didn't feel right. How can something not feel right three hours away ? My opinion I would say just intuition.


It has happened to me before, and it wasn't just a common situation . There was a very strange feeling associated with the occurrence ,and i had a knowledge of what was going to happen next and it did. Psychology perhaps has a logical explanation, but not everything has a logical explanation. Math can't solve the human mind and its capabilities. the human element is oftentimes immeasurable


many and varied reasons,
ever hear a loud noise when you are asleep crash, explosion.
yet you hear the beginning of it, the bit that happened before you woke.
Because your ears heard it, your mind puts it in the right place as it is important when you wake.

We are aware of many things subconsciously, we don't notice, but part of our mind does,
then there is the possibility of racial memory or genetic memory.

Often we can almost predict things, a mate it walking on rocked over a river, he is pissed out of his brain,
you can kind of guess that he will fall.


I actually have personal experience with this in the form of legit and specific predictions actually happening, but I don't think it's some sentient entity or anything...more like reading energy like hieroglyphics. To a certain extent I think it's like intuition, where your mind is quickly processing information that you aren't consciously aware body language, expression, etc...only sometimes it is stuff that the physical eyes can't see.


I suppose there’s a chance people have valid premonitions, but I think it’s likely that they’re subconsciously integrating a lot of data that leads to a good guess. It’s probably more likely that people just remember the times their premonitions came true and forget all the other times when noting happened.

That’s a very good and clever answer.



The amount of things we think and dream is enormous. It would be shocking if they didn't occasionally "come true." Being the patterns seekers that we, these occasional hits really stand out.

Also, our brains are not so perfect. We often remember much less perfectly than believe we do. It seems very likely that many instances are really "post"monitions. Something clicks and the present seems like a memory, but it's not true. That probably explains some of them, too.


There are more than 5 senses


confirmation bias, coupled with our brains being pattern seekers. is my understanding of this.


@EmeraldJewel Can you point to the facts that, you believe, back the claim that "premonitions happen"?

I don’t believe any of it, but I’ve alwaus wondered since so many people claim they’ve had premonitions about things.


I don't know. Possibly. More data needed.


Gohan Level 7 Feb 25, 2018

I am replying, but I don't know the answer, I have always imagined that we have more sensory ability than we think and it has been true for me that the hairs on my arm do stand erect and weird feeling at times, and I become more alert to y surroundings - I think at those times it could be something to do with the flight or flight response - We are part of the animal kingdom and animals do have acute sensory perception


Deja-vu is the phenomenon in which people feel as though they remember seeing an event before it happens. The fact is that it is a result of the memory not functioning properly. You feel like you remember something after having just witnessed it because your mind is "filing" that event as previously happening. I think that is as close to a premonition as you can get.


You dream something or think of something, then it happens and you think "oh - a premonition!" It's human to do so - our brains are wired to look for patterns and are so good at it we see them even where there are none. After all, how many dreams do you have that don't come true, and how often do you think of something that doesn't happen soon afterwards?

Jnei Level 8 Feb 25, 2018

Good point. I've had dreams about doing tasks that are routine for me. It doesn't mean I saw the future. It just means that I have engaged in that behavior previously and it manifested in my dreams. I've also had dreams about other events that are likely to occur at some point. That also doesn't mean I saw the future. I just dreamed of a plausable scenario.


This is how great conversations are started....if time is an actual illusion, and existence happens as a dot....maybe experiences bleed from one 'moment' to another...or we pick up cue's from our environment on a subconscious level that allows us to make references to potential outcomes that come to us as premonitions, also works for deja vu....


Story patterns are memories and dreams are memories. ....changing a dream or a pattern into a prediction is an alleged premonition


In my personal experiences some just can't be.

In others, mine included, it comes from an unconscious ability to predict the outcome of a given set of circumstances. For instance, perhaps I predicted a person was going to drop something because I subconsciously identified they didn't have a solid grip on it.


They don’t from a scientific pov.

But we do know they occur. We can't explain why some people could live for years after being treated for stage 4 cancer scientifically either, but it's not impossible.

No, we don’t know that they occur. What are you referring to? There is no evidence supporting these claims, as far as I know. What evidence do you have? @Kojaksmom

@NothinnXpreVails what scientific evidence do we have that supports that post-traumatic stress disorder exists? There's actually some scientific evidence that woman's intuition does indeed exist. The human mind is capable of a great many things that science hasn't even figured out yet

I did not make any claim about PTSD. You did, however, make claims about premonitions. Present any evidence you have, don’t try to shift the burden of proof to me for a separate subject matter. We were discussing premonitions, not cancer, not PTSD, and not female intuition (whatever you think that is) If you have any evidence supporting premonitions, now is the time to present it. If not, I can not continue this discussion. You’ll have to catch up with me on a cancer, intuition, or PTSD post. In the meantime, @AMGT and @VictoriaNotes are neuro/psychological discussion members, perhaps pose your claims to them. @Kojaksmom

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