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LINK Kansas Republicans back bill requiring doctors to promote reversing medical abortion

Kansas Republicans! Two words that cause disgust in the hearts of thinking people

jerry99 8 Feb 17

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I would think that bill would be unconstitutional. The lawsuits would be boundless.


This is the stupidest thing they have come up with now a woman (child) who didn't want to be pregnant in the first place is now going to (potentially) have a child that may be burdened with any number of defects. SMH


I thought it meant after the fetus had been removed. After reading, I wonder about the kinds of birth defects that the procedure would cause.


Ridiculas and the wealthy rejectors travel to where it is legal for their's.


Nutcase situations like this are brought about by televised trials of illegal abortion doctors doing a 34 month abortion and EWTN broadcasts taking a religious stance and saying abortion is illegal. It is all a hypothetical situation that nutjob politicians feel they have to act on in order to keep their religious base. Meanwhile, the bible said nothing about abortion and even declared the child became a person once it was born.


Can't wait for the artificial womb to come on line. You haven't heard 'nuts' yet.


Trying to figure out how that one’s gonna work... ?


This makes me want a bumper sticker for my car that says "I escaped Kansas before the crazy party started." I can think of so many things wrong with this method, like the likelihood of mom dying or baby having horrible birth defects. There needs to be a sign on many state borders that advise women that "you're only a uterus with legs in this state." Jeebus I am so glad I got out of Kansas when I did, Nebraska seems somewhat more progressive now.

But the winters in Nebraska are so much worse than those in Kansas.

@Detritus Kinda sorta. I think Kansas gets more ice. I deal better with just snow than with ice. We escaped before Guvna Brownback started messing with the taxes and ruined the schools.

@HippieChick58 I skipped out of KS in 77. It was different then.

@Detritus I was in Kansas from 99 to 2005. I really like the KC area.


I wonder how the politicians would react to doctors telling them how to do their jobs.


Mother. Fucking. Idiots.


and then when the child is born, they don't want to pay for the education, clothing or food for it either.

Yep, pro-birth, not pro-life


You definitely can’t fix stupid. And sometimes stupid and republican seem interchangeable. Or would be if corrupt and republican weren’t already synonyms.


So now there is a bunch of Republican senators with their heads up their asses telling doctors how to practice?

This is not new, just the latest outrage.The global gag rule, is a United States government policy that blocks U.S. federal funding for non-governmental organizations that provide abortion counselling or referrals, advocate to decriminalize abortion or expand abortion services.

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