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This happened just the other day. A damn shame they weren't able to put this fucker six feet under.. Good try though ladies, my hat's off to you.

Captain_Feelgood 8 Feb 26

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Betcha more range time would have shortened this encounter significantly.


They are lucky they didn't get killed.

JK666 Level 7 Feb 26, 2018

After every mass shooting there is some story like this showing how guns are good. It's the usual exception makes the rule ploy. It is a ploy and stupid to let a single incident with a single person excuse dozens of kids and adults being murdered. This first question I always ask is, who benefits from this kind of propaganda? I think we all know.

erm, let me think ...............................................


This is most distressing...thank heavens, the gals were able to distract the robber and get to safety. But, this illustrates to me, how even a good guy with a gun is not always an equalizer. The mother, froze and did not go help her daughter, who was attempting to wrestle the gun out of the hands of the robber. The mother did not wound the robber enough to disable him. I am personally, sick of we will want to arm the youngest child to kill, because he will need to protect himself from the dangers of HIS society! That is where we are headed...straight into insanity!

We are already there.


There's a difference between being brave and being reckless. These women may have been brave. But they were also being reckless. What if they had hit the shopkeep? What about property damage? What if the robber had shot them? There's such a thing as buckshot. At short distances, buckshot can kill a lot of people at once.


I'm glad the ladies are alright.


How terrifying that must have been. Doesn't look like either woman had training for that kind of situation, that might have helped.

Betty Level 7 Feb 26, 2018

This is a perfect example of how LOUSY handguns are as defensive weapons.
How many shots did they fire and couldn't hit the target?
Do you see where the robber grapples with the mother and the daughter shoots at them? What would they be saying today if one of them had killed the other?
The robber comes back, takes the gun away, and starts beating them with it!
What would they be saying today if an innocent person had have been hit and killed outside? They both would have criminal charges against them and would probably be convicted and lose everything they own.
At the end of it, the girls leave the robber inside and run out the front door.
These women are STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!


This could have very easily gone bad. You can tell they weren't being careful or deliberate with their aims. The guy came back and could have just as easily killed them. I understand they were in a panic but IF you are going to have a store that is at high risk for robbery and IF you decide to have guns there for protection. Fucking learn how to use them! Way too many shots fired and missed. What if other people were around, someone else could have easily been injured or killed. What a mess.

Trouble is, you can not learn how to react in a crisis situation through classes and simulated exercises. The idea that a gun range and crime scene, or that a paper outline target and a menacing villain are in any way alike is absurd.

I laugh at these tiny-peckered imbeciles who spend their weekends practicing their drop, roll, and fire is ludicrous.

I notice the daughter is smart enough to walk away from that job. Good for her.


Those gals were all kinds of lucky. First luck: they did not shoot each other. Second, he didn't shoot them.


That he was able to disarm one shows how horribly wrong this could have gone.
If the other hadn't been armed, they both could have been shot with mom's gun.
If people are going to own guns, they should be at least able to be better at
marksmanship. Hit what you need to hit, and make it count.
Glad the criminal is off the street, but this could have easily gone the other way.


Saw this the other day . They've cut off the end of the video , where the women were having difficulty trying to get through the door to leave . This is not a one of a kind situation . I've seen several videos of robbers using guns to rob small stores. Sometimes they shoot cooperating victims , anyhow . Sometimes , other customers shoot the armed gunmen . Even saw a video of a couple who were pilfering items in a store , when a gunman arrived and tried to steal from the cash register , and the pilfering team , working together , caused a distraction then took the gunman out . In this particular situation , the gunman was responsible for some ten other robberies , and as he uses a gun , it's only a matter of time before he'd shoot someone .


So what are you trying to say that... good women with a gun are not good enough? I don't know what you are trying imply with the video. I am still against guns... PERIOD!!! Poor way of selling your agenda... nra. 2 guns against 1 and still took the Money!!! Robbery was a success. nra wins because robbed and robber need to buy more bullets and bigger guns. Only an Idiot see this video in a positive way. Noticed I kept my hat on.


Idiots he robbed them the left no one hurt, they start shooting he comes back they are lucky they didn't get hurt but they did make the situation worse by shooting at him .

How did they make it worse? A guy that persistent, you can't begin to project how that might have otherwise unfolded.

While what you say is true, how many convenience store robbers shoot the clerk and any close witnesses to avoid possible prosecution? I would not wait for him to indicate if or not he was going to shoot me...they should have shot him earlier in the confrontation. As it was, by waiting until he was leaving put them at risk of prosecution.

This woman not only endangered her own life but her daughter's as well. That's about as stupid as it gets. I would also add, although the woman couldn't have known, that I am certain that the thief's shotgun wasn't loaded, so he tried to grab her handgun. Consider what could have happened if he'd just returned fire at close range.

I own guns legally and have a concealed carry permit. I've also thought through every conceivable scenario in which I could find myself. Thinking through these ideas when you're not under stress can save your ass later.

The first scenario I considered is what I'd do if I were in a robbery. I know that I wouldn't want to kill someone to prevent a theft, but more critically, I would not start a gunfight in a public setting. I firmly believe that my responsibility is to protect lives to the best of my ability.

@Taijiguy as I said he was leaving and only came back because she started shooting

@SimonMorgan1 I'm conflicted on the "only because they were shooting" part. I would think if he's already leaving and they start shooting, going back wouldn't be a rational choice. That's what I mean, this guy is apparently persistent, unpredictable, and violent. He was off camera when they started shooting, he may have already been turned to come back. That's the problem with these vids, we think we know what's happening, but we end up filling in the blanks to suit our own ideas.

@Taijiguy fair point but I'm inclined to think he was about to leave but we will never know

@SimonMorgan1 I think her biggest mistake was too small a caliber.


This is why gun control is a bad idea. These criminals don't care about the law, that is why they are criminals.

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