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Is there anyone here who has ever seen a UFO? And, if so, what do you believe you were witnessing?

I have, but I believe that the technology involved isn't really that advanced.

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mjcharles 5 Feb 27

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I have seen a UFO but I truly don't know what it was. Could it be aliens? Sure. Could it have been a secret government tool? Sure. If I can't find out what it was, I don't dwell on it. Do I believe in aliens? Yes. Do I believe aliens spend that much time around Earth? Not on your life.

Pretty much came here to say this lol. I have seen many things in the sky that I am ignorant of. To just to any conclusions would be kind of nuts.

Right?? Why the hell would lifeforms more intelligent than us bother with this backward-ass planet.

Agreed. Here is Neil deGrasse Tyson's take on UFO as aliens:

He starts his StarTalk video by asking SETI Astronomer, Seth Shostak: "...They think UFOs and alien visits are the same thing. So what's up with that?..."

@ReadyforaChange Class field trips, probably. Or time travelers coming back to watch their ancestors.


I have seen unidentified flying objects....if I knew what it was, it would just be a flying object, so...there ya go...


I’ve seen objects flying in the sky that I did not identify.


On a waterskiing trip in the Sierra Nevada Mountains a few decades back, I was compelled to sleep outside in one of the boats. With such an incredible sky from that vantage point, I became fascinated with the number of stars I could see. As I studied the sky, I noticed what appeared to be relatively quickly moving points of light; a few of those, in fact, moving at odd angles to one another as the arced across the expanse of space above me.

For years I wondered about those moving lights; what the heck were they? One day a few years back, it just dawned on me-they were satellites, plain and simple, satellites. But, up to that point, they were UFOS.

Yes, I wonder how many times the ISS has been reported as a UFO. Incidentally, you can use Stellarium to find which satellites will pass over your location and when.


@El-loco thanks, I'll check that out. Yes, I'm sure you're right about the Space Station.


I'm agnostic and I believe very little...I do however think any of the hypotheses you've mentioned are possibilities among many others.

My two encounters were decades ago but both would defy rational explanation of any craft today. One was in a singlar cloud, not so unusual in the southeast on an otherwise clear summer day. What was unusual was the large clearly metallic disc that could be seen within the cloud. It moved slowly across the sky as a cloud would and only by carefully looking could you occasionally make out the disc.

My second was very angular, a metallic rectangular cuboid I first mistook for a box kite. It was solid without the "struts" however, moved too far to be under any control and appeared to be under intelligent control. This was on an overcast winter day but the clouds were too high to obscure the object.

I've seen a lot of photos and read a lot of accounts. None of those had the impact of my personal encounters however. While the experiences removed any skepticism the gave me absolutely no insight into their origins.

When I was living in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, in 1968, when I was 15
yrs old, we used to see UFOs zipping around the sky every night about 7:30. We'd lie on our backs on the warm water barrels on the flat roof of our pension and watch for an hour or so, until bored. They would change directions, change colors, move with impossible speed, then turn partly sideways, and take off so fast, they seemed to shrink away.

At that time we MKs (missionary kids) didn't have telephones, so we used ESP to make beach trip plans.
I began to try to contact the UFOs in my mind since I wanted a ride, but stopped when I suddenly realized that every time I did that, I'd see a small cloud nearby, with a metallic saucer half hidden in it.

That made me back track a bit.
Hmm..hadn't I been reading for years about people reporting being abducted by aliens, and experiments done on them?

No thanks. So I stopped doing that.


My mother swears she saw a UFO when she was a kid. She said it pretty much hovered over the house and then took off faster than a bat out of hell.

I saw a UFO when I was in North Carolina. Now, I was drunk, but I know what I saw lol. I went out on the deck at my brothers previous house with my nephew, who was also drunk, and I saw a light in the sky off to the right. It made no noise and it went thousands of yards in like 2 seconds before going out of sight. There was no blockage because my brother lives out in the middle of nowhere pretty much. No big buildings, no trees were in the way, nothing. I turned to my nephew and said, "What the fuck was that?", but he wasn't facing the way I was. So there was a drunk person (my nephew) doubting and laughing at another drunk person (me) after I saw a UFO. Take from it what you will lol

...and to clarify, UFOs are just that, Unidentified Flying Objects. It doesn't mean, or is even always implied, that it's aliens.


If you think you have seen a UFO, then what you think you have seen is a UFO. By definition it is an UNIDENTIFIED object and must remain so until it is identified. You should not say "look a UFO, I have no idea what I am seeing therefore it must me X (god, aliens, flying spaghetti monster, swamp gas, flying pigs, fairies).


I saw a UFO once, but I can't vote in the poll because none of the options fit. Based on how the length of time I watched it before it vanished, its size and the weather that evening, I believe it was ball lightning.

Jnei Level 8 Feb 27, 2018

A few years ago in Birmingham (England) there were hundreds of sightings of a group of orange globes flying slowly in formation across the night sky. It was reported on local radio and in the newspapers.

A couple of years later, though, the sale of Chinese lanterns was banned because they are a fire risk so the fad for sending them up died out.


I have seen several Unidentified Flying Objects and all they were is objects in the air I could not identify, I doubt that any of them were objects that were either of a terrestrial origin or a natural phenomena.
I once witnessed a meteoric fireball zoom directly over me from the west to the east, a natural event, right? Well apparently not the to the others that observed it from miles away, as there was a dozen UFO reports and many were totally out to lunch. They show it hoovering, make insane high speed turns and a myriad of other strange behaviour. Amazing imagination considering I witness the event from the western horizon to the point it vaporized in the east.


I was in the armed forces in 1983 we were doing a night exercise on base on a clear night when all of us saw something big and dark fly in complete silence directly over us. Less than a minute later two f4 phantoms blasted off the runway and took off after whatever it was strangely nothing was ever mentioned about it.. If it had been an aircraft we would have heard engine noise and there would have been a report filed but we heard nothing as to what had happened


A bit pedestrian - but this is how they work.

Ionocraft are lovely, aren't they? However, there are two problems regarding them being used in UFOs. One: if UFOs come from this planet, the power supply in an ionocraft UFO would have to be extremely powerful, extremely efficient and extremely light. It's possible that governments have access to such a power source, but they'd be able to make so much money selling the rights to produce them to various industries that it'd be unlikely they'd keep it secret. Two: if UFOs are in fact controlled by advanced aliens that do have access to such a power source, they couldn't work in the same way as an ionocraft because ionocrafts can only produce thrust in a fluid such as air.

Still, they're really cool. There's no better way to get a classroom full of 12-year-olds to sit up and start paying attention in physics class.


I photographed a UFO over poole harbour. Not necessarily an alien spacecraft but not any aircraft I knw


I'm agnostic about UFOs. (But I think alien explanations are unlikely.)


When I was a child riding across southern New Mexico with my family there were several cars parked by the side of the road while the people stood and watched a moving non-airplane UFO light in the sky.

We didn't try to explain that White Sands missile base was only a few miles away. We just drove away shaking our heads.
Who knows? Maybe it was an alien flying saucer and we just didn't realize it. Lol.


I believe that they are both human-made, back-engineered UFOs, and alien ones. I have seen them so many times in Haiti, and some in the US, that I don't know how many times it was. One saucer shaped one followed our car for 300 miles when my ex and I were traveling to FL in the mid 1970s.

It once hovered so close, it stalled our car engine, but kept leaving us to frisk among the houses whenever we passed a neighborhood. It had colors running around the rim, but would also change from one solid color to another, or get as bright as a small sun, then go completely black for awhile. It acted like friendly dog, going on first one side of us, then the other, leave and return, etc.

When we passed a military base near Atlanta, it went off to hover above it. Then it seemed to turn sideways slightly, and took off so fast it seemed to blink out.


My mother and her friend thought they saw a UFO in CA. I was 4-5 years old and I just saw a glowing cloud ring in the sky. I had no idea why they were waving their hands and calling out.


I tend to make a distinction between alien visitations and the UFO phenomenon. As a pilot, I've been used to making observations regarding objects and distance. On one occasion, I along with several others witnessed an object that appeared to hover at about 10,000 feet. It was spherical and metallic and appeared to have some type of energy ring surrounding it. It stayed in one position for several minutes before exiting in a flash of light across the sky. My first thought was one of awe, but now thinking back it just reminds me of something Tesla might have been working on if he were still around today.


Yes, in high school. I don't know what it was, which is why I call it a UFO.


My vote is for a category you don't have: I have never seen a UFO, but I concede there is a possibility that some UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin, but clear evidence would be needed to make that judgement.


I once burnt my liver and onions so badly that I could not identify the remains




I have seen a UFO. And then investigated until I discovered the answer.

The encounter was astounding and convincing. I could not imagine a mundane answer, but there was.

More later...

A few years back on a Friday evening after work, we said, "hey, let's go to Shreveport and play some blackjack." So we did. We got on the road from Dallas to Shreveport.

As we were driving along (four of us), I noticed a pair of pairs of lights in the sky. So, two lights quite close together that move in harmony, and another pair that behaved similarly. The pairs of pairs sometimes moved together and sometimes did not.

Looking at just one pair, from our perspective, they would just "hover" in place, sometimes they would be straight up and down. Sometimes they would switch places and turn around each other.

The other pair would behave much the same. Sometimes they did this in coordination and sometimes they did not.

It was BAFFLING! What the fuck were we seeing?

I left he highway and investigated. Here is what I found. There is such a thing a night aerobatics. The planes go up with "large sparklers" on their wing tips. If you see their flight path such they are mostly coming toward and away from you, you can only see their vertical movement and the plane performing rolls.

So, imaging two aircraft with doing a show of loops and rolls. You see this from the end of the flight line. All you can see are two pairs of lights moving in "very unlikely" ways. I would have never have guessed had I not gone and investigated.


Also had no idea a launch could look like this: []

It was just before Christmas and I posted "Santa?". I mean reasonable assumption right? lol

Looks like God rubbed one out.

@Akfishlady I would have freaked. I have to admit. The booster rockets were a clue - but I've never seen a live rocket launch. And that bubble was just odd looking.


Years ago sitting in our driveway one night with my parents watching fireworks a few miles away - I saw something in the night sky that I suspected was a helicopter with a search light. I have no training in this but it looked about right.

I immediately said "Lay odds that the whole town is going to have reported flying saucers tomorrow?". Yes we all chuckled. We were too far away to hear any sound so it was indeed my guess.

The next day the town paper reported multiple calls to the Police Station reporting UFOs. In fact Flying Saucers.

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