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Should war only be a last resort?

War can at times create more problems, while attempting to solve a single problem. What do you think?

AustinSkepticus 7 Feb 27

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War should never be any type of resort. The only use of the word resort should be as a holiday destination.for those among you that believe in past lives I can attest to having had a few and most of them have included wars at some point last of which was ww2 so I say wars are utterly despicable and should never be the last or any other resort..


I am not convinced that war has ever been necessary or really achieved anything.

Even WW2 could have been avoided had the west not decided to crush germany completely after WW1 - all that was needed was a charismatic leader to motivate the german people to get back what had been taken from them....


War is the ultimate failure of diplomacy.


It would be the last resort I would choose. I like my resorts with beaches, palm trees, and dark rum.

I am with you. I want to relax in a resort, get a massage etc..,war would make that impossible.

@noworry28 True, war is very noisy.


If humans were reasonable, and not greedy, we could avoid wars.


War is an admission of failure. Sun Tzu said the best wars are the wars never fought.


I used to "teach war" at an Air Force college. We would essential teach that war is a continuation of the diplomatic process through other means. In other words, when diplomatic channels could not accomplish the objectives you were after, war could "encourage" your adversary to consider your diplomatic solution in a future negotiation. At least, when it is waged properly, with pre thought out political, diplomatic, and military objectives.

P.S. Hopefully nobody assumes I am a warmonger... I am all for avoiding war as much as necessary, but due to human nature, it is not always avoidable... WWII is a good example


Since I never been in a position to declare war... I don't know what to tell you but I had thrown the first punch a few times.


War always creates additional problems and I can't think of any war that was ever fought over a "single" problem.


I suspect, that as long as most people think we "need" rulers, to run our lives, and are willing to give their (and their children's lives) for those leaders' profit, greed, and childishness, any amount of reason from thinking persons won't help much...


War evolved to reduce the population in lieu of predators and other things that used to thin our ranks. Formerly, 11 out of 12 children died in childhood, plagues swept continents, and people starved to death, but when those means of death were reduced in modern times, war still continues to give the US its positive trade balance by our being able to sell weapons, while reducing competition for resources.

I read a study that every time there's a war, wildlife and the environment prospers, since it turns out that farming is most destructive force on the planet, and the first thing to stop during a war.
Some animals and birds thought extinct were found in Myanmar jungles during the conflict, due to guerrilla fighters keeping out the farmers, who clear land for planting, destroying the forest.

Now there's some sobering thoughts


War is a means of population control in my humble opinion. Although not a hundred percent avoidable due to us being human, but each politician that votes yes should have some skin in the game after that vote.

Count Level 5 Feb 27, 2018

War is horrible, but war has also inspired and created so much good in the world. Is it ever necessary? Yeah probably. Should it be a last resort? Absolutely. However to say that war has no place is difficuly, as there is so much good that came from the horrors of war.

War is ugly but some times, it's the only language people with small brains understand,therefore unavoidable.


War should never be an option and if it is, wars should be fought by the men who create it, not innocents.

Gohan Level 7 Feb 27, 2018

A long time ago a neandertal stood up, pointed at the tribe across the river and said, " They are our problem, go kill them "! He was the first politician.
The basic problem in this world is that a small group of people has convinced the majority of the rest of us to all hate each other.


Yes, war should be a last resort. No good reason for it.


Should never occur. True statesmen/women are capable of preventing and or avoiding war. What causes war, beside greed, stupidity, or trumpism... anarchy may become civil war.

Tomas Level 7 Feb 27, 2018

War should not be a resort. War is not the answer.

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