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LINK Trump Lays Groundwork To Ban Mandatory Vaccinations Across U.S.

By snytiger68
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Stop calling these nuts Anti-Vax.

These nuts are Pro-Plague.


This reads like the sort of propaganda used in Orwell's 1984, by the ministry of truth. Since when has big pharma had a choke-hold on vaccinations? They have a choke-hold on drug patents and prices, not on whether or not to be vaccinated. Now, if Trump were to allow cheaper generics into the US......

Petter Level 8 Mar 3, 2019

Vaccines are not done for profit. They are sold at cost or even loss.

@BufftonBeotch So that further destroys the "spin" in the article that this post is all about.


Thankfully looks like some right wing conspiracy theory site so presumably it’s a lie. Don’t think Trump really wants be associated with whooping cough and measles epidemic...


Vaccinations aren't mandatory across the US. They're only mandatory in schools and institutions, so you can't join them unless you're vaccinated.
People just want to be free of the consequences of their own choices, which is ridiculous. It's like fighting against the fact that you're not allowed into staff-only areas if you're not part of the staff.

kasmian Level 7 Mar 3, 2019

don’t bring your child to school — do time and lose parental rights in free America ?
I filled out mine on my own instead of doc knowing I was exempt from vaccinations in my birth country. Couldn’t get exempted in USA, but got around. Same done to children to void unnecessary funerals where I was supposed to be nearly 40 years back when recovery from DTAP took longer and substantially harder time than expected (including ICU). Then I lost ability to balance and walk and had to start again like toddler. Overall recovery from DTAP took over 2 years — much longer than disease itself and with same probability of death

@Antidronefreeman ^^^^^whoop^^^^whoop^^^^ We have a live ONE!
Jenny McCarthy Doctorate


Prepare for thousands of children to die unnecessarily of diseases that are currently nearly eradicated. The study that questioned the safety of vaccines was disproved a long time ago and the author of it was stripped of his medical license.

MizJ Level 6 Mar 3, 2019

Not just children...whooping cough will Not be fun for frail 88 year olds, German measles will cause birth defects in unborn children, Diphtheria will mow down anybody!


Trump is a fucking nightmare.


What we need is an anti-Trump vaccination.


Evolution in action. Too bad some innocents will suffer.

Detritus Level 6 Mar 4, 2019

We have no mandatory vaccines. There’s always an opt-out for them.

Vaccinations are mandatory prior to attending any public school.

@icolan not nationally, that’s for sure. And as far as I’m aware, there is an almost universally available religious exemption. I’m personally strongly in favor of mandatory vaccinations with only medical exemptions.


Good. The government should not tell me when to take a vacation.

RodLisht Level 4 Mar 5, 2019

Beyond the bounds of both sanity and morality.


Yet another egregious example of the catastrophic danger foisted upon us by ignorance – when an opinion is believed to be equal to fact. I weep for our children.

Deiter Level 7 Mar 3, 2019

They were never mandatory
Check US Constitution

Vaccinations are mandatory, at least if you want your children to be able to attend public school.

@icolan they are kinda mandatory, but you can bring excuses instead of immunization records for quite some time.


Another example of the dark-agers succeeding in continuing our medieval period.

Jacar Level 7 Mar 5, 2019

One more thing to add to the list of things the next president is going to have to undo

GwenC Level 6 Mar 4, 2019

I don't believe in the devil, but tRump is what I envision when I think of the anti-christ.
No compassion, no morals, just pushing all rhe negative groups to make life harder on the littile people.


He continues to cater to white trash.

godef Level 7 Mar 4, 2019

How is that I thought Vice President was pro life?

Jk1960 Level 6 Mar 3, 2019

He is only "pro birth" once you're born he doesn't think you deserve life or decent living conditions.


This article reads like a right wing propaganda site. It also cites the BolenReport website which is run by a very well known Anti-Vaxxer and promoter of quackery.

If you look at the source article and this one, they actually use direct lines from the BolenReport article but have altered the language.

"The Conscience and Religious Freedom Division gives many different groups a big tent under which to fight for our constitutional rights. Christians and libertarians, as well as freethinkers and people of other religious faiths, have a common interest in fighting against Big Pharma’s corrupt health establishment."

"It gives many different groups a BIG TENT under which to fight. I think it is time that Christians and Libertarians, and people of other religious faiths realize that we have a COMMON INTEREST in fighting against a FASCIST HEALTH ESTABLISHMENT." <emphasis theirs>

If you read the actual announcement from HHS about this new division ([], you will see it has been created to enforce existing federal laws. There is nothing HHS or this new division can do to override state laws mandating vaccination prior to attending public school.

Another thing that should be noted about all of this is that it is old. These articles and the creation of that group within HHS took place over a year ago.

icolan Level 7 Mar 3, 2019

Thank you. We need more people who can see through the fake news.


There's a get around. If you don't want to vaccinate in this state home school. Home school is popular anyway to get around being taught science and evolution. smile003.gif


putin's work. he wants us in distress, to put it mildly.


genessa Level 8 Mar 3, 2019

@heavenhug it's amazing how ignorant people can be. it's like all the folks screaming about cutting federal funding for abortion. there IS no federal funding for abortion.



New study: those vaccinated are less likely to be autistic.

Jacar Level 7 Mar 9, 2019

The data from teh first study that said vaccines cause3d autism faked its data and was discredited.


Vaccinations are not "science." They are "technology."


got sucked in. Sad reflection of my general attitude about stupid.

Jacar Level 7 Mar 5, 2019

This always happens when success is achieved.

Jacar Level 7 Mar 5, 2019
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